How to Align Your Actions and Results

Ep. 320 with Lesley & Brad

If you’re stuck on the ‘how’, you need to first think through the ‘what’ and the ‘why’

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Brad and Lesley dive into ‘pastor turned stripper’ Nikole Mitchell’s insights to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Discover how she overcame financial hardships and how to harness the power of manifestation. The conversation also explores innovative ways to utilize free resources for personal and professional growth. Tune in to learn about aligning actions with future aspirations and maintaining integrity in pursuing our goals.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The role of grit and tenacity in manifesting your dreams.
  • Understanding and aligning actions with desired outcomes.
  • The impact of mindset on utilizing available resources.
  • How to align actions with future goals and the person you aspire to be.
  • The importance of being true to oneself and one’s values.

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Lesley Logan: She said, when you really care about something, and you’re so passionate about it and your heart is screaming that this is meant for you, it doesn’t make sense that you’d be calm. So you guys, let it go. Let it out.

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 0:56
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life are going to dig into the aspirational convo and manifesting convo and just badass, amazing convo I have with Nikole Mitchell in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that one now, haven’t yet listened to that, well, you can go back and listen now. That’s a good way to finish (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 1:14
Now you can.

Lesley Logan 1:15
Now you can. It’s out. It’s been out. Or you can listen to this and then go listen to that you’re gonna want to listen to that one. And you’re gonna want to save it but you’re already here. So let’s keep talking and then you can go listen to that one. It’s also her second time being on the podcast and we recorded this one kind of right after the first one. Before the first one hadn’t come out yet when we recorded this one but I well if you listen to the first one you know that I kind of went over time and so I had already have her back and I wanted to make sure we had something for you in the new year that’s about manifesting.

Lesley Logan 1:47
So anyways, before we get into that today is I really should read these before I read these notes before they happen. So today is January 25th 2024. It’s also the day before my birthday yes you can tell me happy birthday. But apparently it’s Clashing Clothes Day.

Brad Crowell 2:07

Lesley Logan 2:08
Clothes. Yeah, I said that.

Brad Crowell 2:10
Clashing Clothes.

Lesley Logan 2:11
Clashing Clashing Clothes Day. You know, I have been to speech therapy classes you cannot put these words together I cannot do it’s two Cs and an S. On this day people are encouraged to dress in clashing clothes items from head to toe. Anything in a neutral color like white, black or gray is a no-go today.

Brad Crowell 2:31
It’s a no-go.

Lesley Logan 2:31
So if you’re wearing them now well you fucked it up.

Brad Crowell 2:34
Yeah. What are you doing?

Lesley Logan 2:36
Guess what? You You know what people you say to people? I’m taking messy action. That’s it. You say you’re being until you see it. Okay, so according to whoever made this day up, navy and brown also match with most colors, and therefore aren’t welcome on Clashing Clothes Day! Today is merely a day to have fun with your outfit and show up in the brightest, silliest of hues, without the fashion police raining on your parade. Mix colors, prints, and textures, and you’ll be clash-tastic in no time. Hold on. I want to get to this clash-tastic I need a snap bracelet. Oh my God. Okay, so as someone who doesn’t really match ever I think it’s

Brad Crowell 3:21
May or may not be why I picked this one.

Lesley Logan 3:23
This is funny. Um, I like it a lot. And I think Mindy will like this a lot, too. I really mean it. Just you all know, here’s how I operate. If it doesn’t match, it goes. In fact, especially if two colors don’t match, and you do it twice then it totally goes. Anyways. Apparently, also on my birthday. On my birthday, it’s tomorrow. January 26 is the last day for the Cambodia earlybird.

Brad Crowell 3:53
That’s right, y’all. I just found out too.

Lesley Logan 3:57
But if you were getting the emails because you were on the waitlist, you knew this already.

Brad Crowell 4:00
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 4:00
So if you’re waiting to the last minute because you’re a procrastinator, here’s your pressure.

Brad Crowell 4:05
Here’s your pressure save 20% save $600.

Lesley Logan 4:11
Oh my God. $600?

Brad Crowell 4:12
600 bucks.

Lesley Logan 4:13
That’s a lot of money.

Brad Crowell 4:14
I know. People should be on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 4:18
I should read these notes.

Brad Crowell 4:20
Go to In order to get on that waitlist but or you just go to retreat singular. And you’ll actually go to the page where you can sign up.

Lesley Logan 4:30
eLevate Four starts in any day now. I actually

Brad Crowell 4:34
Yeah like a week and a half.

Lesley Logan 4:34
Week and a half and I’m so excited. I’m so excited. Such a special group. If you are someone who has waited the last minute to sign up for a mentorship program for 2024 and there is spots, I would love to talk to you. And if there’s not you’ll get one of the 2025 spots that are already running out because people have been signing up for 2025 and I haven’t even picked dates yet, but that’s how bad they want in so you can go to if you can apply now then that means like if you you’ll just apply now and then you can you know, we’ll help you out.

Brad Crowell 4:35
We’ll get on the phone with you. It’ll be good.

Lesley Logan 4:42
We’ll get on the phone, I’ll get you on the phone if it’s with a face I like that it’s more fun. So and then you guys we are so close to Mini so technically we’re actually in

Brad Crowell 5:19
Mini is Profitable Pilates y’all.

Lesley Logan 5:21
Yeah so technically we’re in Nashville right now celebrating true are with our coaches in the morning exactly before my birthday. So, thanks Vincent, our app builder, for helping me do that. Friends in high places y’all. So Mini is our seven-day coaching program for fitness business instructors and studio owners, especially my Pilates lovers. Hello, we’ve been where you want to be, we’ve been where you are, we can help you get there. So we are we usually do two and we’re not saying we’re not doing two this year, but we’re not saying we are. So this is Agency Mini Number 10. Which means we’ve done this nine other times, we’re pretty freakin good at it.

Brad Crowell 5:56
We are pretty freaking good at it.

Lesley Logan 5:58
We are so good at helping you like, dial it down and really see possibilities in the goals you want to have. So you want to go to if I say it twice, I’m gonna screw it up.

Brad Crowell 6:12

Lesley Logan 6:15
And finally, the barrel stack.

Brad Crowell 6:18
Yeah, it’s coming up.

Lesley Logan 6:18
Actually, we had several questions that we could have chosen this week, and one of them was about like the decks and someone’s like, when is the barrel stack coming out? And I was like, I am working on it. Thank you. One deck a year people I have other things I have to do. I would love I have always wanted to do two decks in a year and we have tried.

Brad Crowell 6:37
It’s not happening yet.

Lesley Logan 6:38
It’s not happened yet. It’s not happening.

Brad Crowell 6:38
It’s not gonna happen.

Lesley Logan 6:41
It’s not gonna happen.

Brad Crowell 6:42
It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Lesley Logan 6:44
Oh, don’t tell me that. You can tell them that.

Brad Crowell 6:46
The dates, the dates for the barrels deck. We don’t actually know exactly the dates yet. But we’re going to be doing a presale. So if you want to get on the presale to get the best rate that we will ever offer for this deck. You want

Lesley Logan 6:59
It’s 30% off. Just so you know.

Brad Crowell 7:02
Just chat chat to us go to

Lesley Logan 7:04
Oh, we actually have a link for this.

Brad Crowell 7:06
We do.

Lesley Logan 7:06

Brad Crowell 7:11
No, that goes to the mat deck. It’s a lovely, it’s perfect link.

Lesley Logan 7:15
Oh, no, no, there’s an actual

Brad Crowell 7:17
Oh flashcards waitlist. It’s

Lesley Logan 7:20
Okay, it’s in Slack. Kevin. Check out Kevin our conversation with Kevin. Hi, Kevin. You guys, Kevin is has been editing this podcast.

Brad Crowell 7:29
Yup. That’s what it was And that’ll take you straight to where you can get on the waitlist for both decks that are gonna come out. We got barrels and accessories. Yes. But basically, that’s going to happen sometime here in the next couple of months. We’ll do a presale and then we’ll be shipping them this summer.

Lesley Logan 7:48
So when this deck when this deck, when this episode comes out, I should have already procured this special piece of apparatus that I have been waiting for in the most amazing color. And that is what we’ve been waiting for it to schedule the photoshoot for this deck. And I know that was more information you wanted to know. But you need to know that we

Brad Crowell 8:09
She’s very excited y’all.

Lesley Logan 8:10
Yeah, I’m so excited. And that’s why it has delayed the even start of this as I was really like, like, I you have no idea how many people I went to the head

Brad Crowell 8:19
The copy is finished.

Lesley Logan 8:21
Yeah the copy has finished.

Brad Crowell 8:22
The photos are not done yet.

Lesley Logan 8:23
Yeah. Here’s the thing. The head of Balanced Body, I have been talking to him about this fricking piece of equipment for two years now. For two years before the Cadillac deck was and the chairs deck. I’ve been talking to him. Like what how’s this barrel thing going? What’s going on with this? I was like, find, helping find old barrels for him out of selfishness for me and this deck. Anyways, I’m very excited because I thought it was me later in the year and it’s this month. So it’s coming out once photoshoot’s done that we just have to make sure the right photos on the right cards and then it’s presale time. And then we all get to sit and wait for the print. Welcome to this is how products are made guys.

Brad Crowell 9:03
It is it is but you know what you get to participate. What you know, by doing the presale, you’re actually helping us get it to the point of print. So, that’s the best thing. If this is something that’s of interest to you. Not only will you get the best rate, but you’ll also be helping make these things happen.

Lesley Logan 9:17
Yeah. So thank you for doing that. Okay, before we get into Nikole’s epic, epic, amazing interview. We have an audience question don’t we?

Brad Crowell 9:29
We do. This one was from Alexandro Harves Jarvis. I don’t know how to say it, Yarvis, on Instagram.

Lesley Logan 9:36
I think if you say Alejandro Jarvis it makes sense if you say Alejandra Jarvis that you know it depends. We don’t know

Brad Crowell 9:43
I think it’s Alejandro I’ll go with (Y)arvis.

Lesley Logan 9:45
But you have to sing it like Lady Gaga says it Ale-Ale-Alexandro. It’s an old, old Lady Gaga song if you know you know. Okay, Brad doesn’t

Brad Crowell 9:56
As a trainer, do you make more money if you have more experience?

Lesley Logan 10:03
So this is a great question.

Brad Crowell 10:05
It is such a good question, especially if you’re just getting started in the world of teaching.

Lesley Logan 10:09
So technically, the answer should be yes. And I would like to say that’s how it would be. But then there was this time where a bunch of experienced professionals stopped raising their rates or never raised them. And therefore, people who are newer didn’t actually have space to make a living. So here’s the deal.

Brad Crowell 10:32
I mean, that’s not like, we can’t just blame it on people. No, the reality is

Lesley Logan 10:37
Thank you. I wasn’t blaming them. But I will say when I became a Pilates instructor in 2008 and someone told me to charge less than someone else. And I asked that person, well, who are you charging less than? And she said, this person. So I said to that person, are you charging less than? And I swear to God, because I was in retail. And I also knew nothing about the industry. And I was just like, I wanted to make this I want to make a living, I lived in Los Angeles, I found out who everyone was like putting their price rates against. And I was like, well, how long have you been charging that? And I like, oh, forever. And I’m like, so we’re all just waiting. We’re all just waiting. So I can’t raise my rates, till you raise your rates? And this is a I work for myself, I don’t even work. So here’s the deal. If you work for a company

Brad Crowell 11:20
Right, if you’re a corporate, if you’re in corporate fitness, then yeah, probably, I think it’d be fair to say, you’re gonna make more money if you have more experience. And also you, you know, bring in more clients, convert clients, they’re gonna offer those things to you, etc. But generally speaking, if you have more certifications, and you have more tenure, you’re gonna pay more.

Lesley Logan 11:20
Well, if you work for yourself.

Brad Crowell 11:34
Well, that’s, that’s different. I’m talking about in corporate.

Lesley Logan 11:42
Yes, in corporate. Yes. And also, I say that for all the studio owners listening, you’re gonna hate me. But like, being an employee of yours for 10 years doesn’t mean that they just like keep, you should give like cost of living raises. But like, to me

Brad Crowell 12:03
Just because it’s another year gone by doesn’t mean that they are owed a raise.

Lesley Logan 12:07
No, people should be doing continuing education they should be there’s like other ways to show that they are worthy of other things. But cost of living increases, yes, you must do those. Those aren’t racist, by the way, that’s called life. It should be the norm. But if you work for yourself, this is where it gets different. And this goes back to my frustrating situation that I was in, because I would have happily charge less than all these other teachers if I knew that every year they were raising rates, and I could then raise my rates. That’s that that’s not how they were doing their business, though. They also weren’t business people, I just happen to come from a world where like, when the cost of gold went up, the prices of all the items of gold went up. So like I came from, I came from the experience that that cost of expenses goes into how you price things. And because of that, I actually charge the same amount as people who’ve been teaching several years more than me, because that’s what I needed.

Brad Crowell 13:14
Yeah, I mean, you know, higher level here, if you work for yourself, you get to set your own rates, it doesn’t fucking matter if you’ve been teaching a really long time or a short time you choose what you’re worth, you choose what you’re going to get paid, you obviously have to deliver the goods.

Lesley Logan 13:30
But yes, that, hold on. Very specific underlying that. And this is also the to the TLDR. You set your own rates, but you have to deliver the goods. Yeah, you have to and that comes from my the best advice I’ve ever given in my entire life of teaching Pilates, this is the best one. I’ve been teaching Pilates for like, as an employee for like a week. And this guy said to me, you get one client, and you make that client your priority. They never miss ever. And there’ll be a walking billboard for you. And he didn’t mean by looks guys, which I know from an L.A. person that he could be perceived. He meant, because they will talk nonstop about how they feel but he wasn’t wrong. But he wasn’t wrong. So you have to deliver the goods so you can actually continue to charge the rates you want to charge.

Brad Crowell 14:20
Yeah, deliver the goods. But but so that kind of makes me think about, you know, how do you know how much you should charge? You know, and that was a question that we, you and I had to figure out. And in order to understand that we built a tool for us when we “built” that tool. I put built in air quotes because it was a napkin in a coffee shop. And I pulled out a (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 14:45
I love that coffee shop guys, it was they had the most amazing matcha and then you could get it with this chocolate drop in it. It tastes like an Andes mint I’m just saying okay, go ahead.

Brad Crowell 14:54
Right. Okay, so so the point is we worked out a formula for how do we make a an attainable goal that would also allow us to make the money that you wanted to make with your teaching. And then we eventually turned that into a full-blown free tool on profit and, called the magic number calculator. Right? And so for those of you who are asking this question, wondering about this question, you should probably actually just join us right in Agency Mini, which is happening in just a few weeks here on the middle of February, February 11th. And you can do that tool right now. It’s totally free. And then come join us for Mini because we’re going to be diving deep into that tool, really, really diggin in so go to

Lesley Logan 15:40
Can I just like, say one more thing? I would love it. If when for whether you work for yourself, or you work for other people, if the more expenses you had, the more money made, I would love that, I’d love it to be the case. In fact, it would make everyone’s lives easier. But unfortunately, a lot of people set rates on emotions and not facts, and not expenses and not real, tangible things. And so because of that, there are a there is a varying range of what people charge for things for their services. And so may I just say that Brad is really epically amazing at something where he helps you realize, for those who have a hard time charging your worth, he is really, really good at helping you realize you’re a fucking expert. Because even when you’re a new teacher, you have hundreds of hours under your belt, sometimes thousands depend on how long you were practicing what you were doing before you taught it. And then for some you’ve been teaching for only a few years, you’re at thousands of hours. And then for some even teaching for decades, you have I can’t even count that high tens of thousands of hours. So sometimes you just have to get someone in your head in your corner in your little ear to remind you, you’re fucking badass. And too often people are undercharging in general, and they’re, I believe in accessibility for all things that are out there. But I also believe in getting paid for your talents, period. I’m good. Thank you, Alejandro that was a great question. Hope to see you in Mini.

Brad Crowell 17:12
If you have questions, we love to hear them. We actually, these are all questions, every question that you hear on this pod was asked of us, so just send them to us send a DM to the pod or send it to Lesley. And, you know, we’ll we’ll go through them and bring it up in another episode. Thanks.

Lesley Logan 17:30
We will.

Brad Crowell 17:31
Alright, stick around.

Brad Crowell 17:32
Okay, now let’s talk about Nikole Mitchell. Once a pastor, Nikole boldly reinvented her future self overcoming financial hardships. She has successfully transitioned from food stamps to a seven-figure earner, the extraordinary result of persistent action and manifesting your dreams. This is a very tame bio.

Lesley Logan 17:52
I know she’s anything but tame.

Brad Crowell 17:54
Yeah, she’s anything but tame.

Lesley Logan 17:55
Nikole if you’re listening. I know she loves that we said she’s anything but tame.

Brad Crowell 18:00
Yeah, she she’s known as the pastor-turned-stripper y’all.

Lesley Logan 18:07
I love this. I love this bio. It doesn’t include any of those things. But she is she she’s I you know I I love her so much. I love Nikole so much. I will often like I often love to see her posts because I think what she’s really talented at is like taking these beautiful posts that just show off first of all, she’s so sexy. She’s so beautiful. She’s all and she’s the kindest fucking person you’ll ever meet ever. And she has these beautiful pictures and then she’s like, here’s how you manifest everyone. So like, I what I love is I think so many people might judge the picture and not read the caption. I read her caption I learned so much about manifesting, money, lots of other things. So go follow her and then but but listen this podcast first. So something that I really loved the whole episode, but I actually really love that you talked about having a holy tantrum, a tantrum, I will I’ll get to the other part that I love but this one made me like really laugh out loud because she says when we have a holy tantrum or we have this like, like these divine fits, she call them, it’s because we’re let we’re telling like we’re getting out of our system and we’re letting the we were so committed to this thing that we get so frustrated that we have this like little tantrum moment this like fit that it didn’t work out. And she said a lot of people quit then they quit right before the thing. Like it’s so close and it’s like kind of on the other side. And so she said a lot of grit and tenacity is required for manifestation to happen and that’s not what people talk about. They’re like, the secret, you just put it out in the universe and it just comes. A lot of cults are born out of that belief y’all But, but she said, you know, you, you do need to have a vision, and you should believe the woo stuff is real. But you have to back it up with substantiated actions. And those ongoing actions are going to help the thing come true.

Brad Crowell 20:16
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, I was laughing when she when she talked about that too, because she’s she said, the universe can handle it, y’all. You know, the tantrums?

Lesley Logan 20:26
I know, they it can is that funny? What do we like (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 20:30
She said she screams and punches pillows and stuff sometimes.

Lesley Logan 20:34
Actually, they say it’s really important to do those things. And when I teach breath work, first of all, everyone’s muted. And I usually tell people, like, if you can’t scream in the space that you’re in, go get a pillow. So you can scream into it. Because if you have the urge to scream, you should scream. We, we, it’s so important that we like feel our feelings, everyone, like, as best you can. So anyways, I really, really loved it. She said, when you really care about something, and you’re so passionate about it, and your heart is screaming that this is meant for you. It doesn’t make sense that you’d be calm. So you guys, let it go. Let it out.

Brad Crowell 21:11
Yeah. Because if if you’re so passionate about the thing, and then the things not going the way that you wanted it to go, you’re allowed to get upset, you know?

Lesley Logan 21:20
Well, this was really helpful because like, we were going through some really not fun stuff earlier in 2023 trying to secure our house. And I found myself, like vacillating between, like trying to calm myself down about being so frustrated when things weren’t going right. And be like, no, I can be fucking pissed off. This is the thing that I want. The universe didn’t just give this to me to take the fuck away. So what the fuck is going on? Like, I so it was really interesting thing. When I when she said this, I was like, oh, I was doing the right thing. The universe can handle it and I’m allowed to have a divine fit. I’m going to start calling them that now. I’m going to have divine fits, I’m gonna tell the team.

Lesley Logan 21:22
Well, you gotta have a divine fit in your office.

Lesley Logan 22:04
Well, you know what, you are, holy, holy, what did she call them?

Brad Crowell 22:09
Holy tantrams?

Lesley Logan 22:09
Holy tantrums just shut your door because sometimes I hear them and I don’t really want you’re taken out on your mouth. And it’s not nice.

Brad Crowell 22:15
So one thing I really loved was she she said, she manifests better if she’s, if she doesn’t know the logistics around things. Right? Which I think is so

Lesley Logan 22:31
This makes so much sense to me.

Brad Crowell 22:33
Well, it’s so interesting. I literally was on a coaching call today. And I I told someone, you’re, you’re stuck on the how you need to first think through the what and the why. And then the how will present itself.

Lesley Logan 22:52
Yeah and also the how can change. You you can get the how wrong, y’all and you can find a new how. Yeah, like, (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 23:02
It’s a very amorphous thing to say, but it’s right on the money. In the tech world they call it pivoting. Right? Like hard fork. Yeah, we went down this road and then we pivoted to another road. Yeah, because you were doing thing A and you switched to thing B.

Lesley Logan 23:18
Everyone was just pivoting all the time that the meme with Ross like, pivot. Pivot.

Brad Crowell 23:29
She said the more so she she said the more she tries to figure out the how, the more she goes crazy, right? And what it’s what she’s come to understand is that when she’s focused on the what and the why, or, you know, the thing, the thing that she, you know, the goal, then it allows her to stay in that positive space. Right? And then, as she’s eventually figuring out the how, after the fact, right?

Lesley Logan 24:04
This makes me think so, so here’s where the how is a problem, you guys, this how is actually really easy for you to procrastinate on, because you’re like, I gotta get the how so I’m just gonna sit here and put it off till tomorrow and don’t do it. And so procrastination is not a character flaw. I actually did a bunch of sitting on this so I’m now an expert. I just did a webinar for Agency members. And I really thought, oh, I’m gonna come with all these like time management tools and all these different ways you get shit done wrong. Procrastination is because you are lacking dopamine in your brain. And so then you feel all the different reasons why you’re not good enough. And why you sometimes you’re depressed and sometimes things are overwhelming, and that’s why you don’t do something, you procrastinate. And you’ve told yourself a story that I do really, really well when I wait to the last minute. The how is all of those things. And what you really need is to focus on the why. And the what because the more you’re in that the more and she said it, it’s all built here. I’m elevating literally I elevate energetically. That shit is called dopamine. Dopamine is what helps you do the how.

Brad Crowell 25:12
Yeah. So or and figure out the how I mean yeah, she she said it’s less about me trying to chase it down and force it to happen. Yeah, it’s more like I surrender to this desire and then I let the universe surprise me. And I don’t think that I would ever say anything that woowoo. But I,

Lesley Logan 25:30
Nikole you gotta do a double woo.

Brad Crowell 25:32
That’s a double woo, y’all.

Lesley Logan 25:33
He’s double woo hey it’s the first double woo we’ve had.

Brad Crowell 25:36
If you translate that to Brad language, it’s less about me trying to chase it down to force it to happen. It’s more like I surrender to this desire, I let the universe surprise me. She’s saying that the like, when you focus on the why, and the what then the how will the how will figure itself out.

Lesley Logan 25:53
Also, if you focus on the why and the what you’re on, you’re actually looking for evidence for the why and the what to be possible, and therefore you pick up on things in conversations you might not necessarily do. And, you know, we have been working on the how for OPC for six years. I’m gonna tell you guys, we have you tried every single strategy from every expert out there. I mean, all of them. We’ve tried them all. We’ve even done the dumb ads thing. I’m gonna tell you right now we’ve done wrong. This last year, 2023, we actually did nothing. We, we had a couple of

Brad Crowell 26:29
We shut down the (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 26:32
No more challenges. No more launches. We’re like, okay, we’re gonna do these couple of little workshops, we’re gonna charge minimal amounts of money. And you’re not even going to be able to join for a year, you can join for 40 days for 40 bucks. You guys have the same fucking number of members doing that, than all the other things, and you want to know what? I don’t know if that’s a how.

Brad Crowell 26:52
But it was also a lot more fun.

Lesley Logan 26:53
It was way more fun. It was so much more fun. And you want to know what, it’s a lot easier. And so I fully believe that OPC is gonna have 50,000 members 50,000 lives. But I am no longer focusing on how that’s going to happen. I’m just going to focus on why we’re doing that. And what we do. What we do is community, accountability, consistency. I am we and we have done a really good job. Like we were like going to do like maybe a summer camp and like two events. That’s how guys. I don’t know, at this point in my life. I’m thinking we’re doing summer camp, like I’m not attached to the how because the how actually doesn’t matter. The more myself and the team are clear on what the why is and what we’re doing, the how come and it’s not lazy. It’s going back to what was her name? Joanna Vargas’ friend. Anyways, I can’t think of her name right now. She’s got a great name. It’s amazing. She’s got a pimp daddy pimp daddy house remember her pimp daddy house?

Lesley Logan 27:51
Oh, oh, God-like goals.

Lesley Logan 27:56
God-like goals. And you guys, her God-like goals were bigger than her. And she felt and then but she did what Nikole said. She backed up those God-like goals with actions. So she wanted to have pimp daddy mansion. Which means she’s like, well, if I was if I had pimp daddy money that I would know how to balance my checkbook. I’m gonna take a class on balancing my checkbook. That was her action step so focus on the what and the why and then take the first action that makes sense not the how the first action that makes sense.

Brad Crowell 28:29
Well, yeah

Lesley Logan 28:30
What’s her name? Is it with an H it’s an M, what’s her name? I can picture her, she

Brad Crowell 28:38
Hazel Ortega.

Lesley Logan 28:39
Wow. I said H. Oh, I’m so good. I’m so good. Leave that in. I’m so good. Hazel Ortega.

Brad Crowell 28:47
Episode 45.

Lesley Logan 28:48
Hazel Ortega. Yeah, so good pimped out imagined y’all. She really did God-like goals. So, but I feel like the I feel like Nikole’s episode really helped explain like validated Hazel’s ideas because it really is you got to know what you want and why you want it. You have to you guys you have to and also you can do a how that works. We did a how that worked in May of 2020 It’s (inaudible). And it has and we have changed that house since then because it needed to be changed and so we get so attached on this how and how are we going to do it? How does Santa get down the fucking chimney? He doesn’t your parents put the shit under the tree don’t get stuck on the how. Let let magic happen.

Brad Crowell 29:41
All right, so finally let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Nikole Mitchell. She said take action aligned with who you’re becoming.

Lesley Logan 29:56
Be it till you see it.

Brad Crowell 29:58
That’s right. Take action aligned with who you’re becoming, be it till you see it. She also talked a lot about integrity. And she, she, she shared her example about the flight. She was like, I want to fly first class did it one time, then balked the second time around, you know, ended up basically calling them back and upgrading. And she said, I wasn’t even sure how I was going to pay for it. But I knew that I was out of integrity with myself. And I thought, how often am I doing stuff? Like, this integrity alignment thing is very interesting to me, because it’s the opposite of how I was raised. You know, like, you know, basically.

Lesley Logan 30:43
Did you love the Hyatt in South Korea that we stayed in? Was that in integrity with you?

Brad Crowell 30:49
I really did like that.

Lesley Logan 30:51
Yeah, you’re welcome.

Brad Crowell 30:52
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we stayed in a really fancy hotel. It was lovely.

Lesley Logan 30:57
We missed our flight. And we had a stay in a really fancy hotel. Oh, my God. And then I’ll say the trip later with my mom. It was the most amazing thing. Why? Because I picked a hotel with an integrity towards how I want to do vacations with my mom and my sister. And yes, I use points on all those things, guys. But that’s I use the things oh I’ll go into my Be It Action Items in a second. You go ahead.

Brad Crowell 31:19
Yeah. So but she was talking about integrity. And the thing that how are, how are we doing? Like, what we’re doing? Now we are talking about the how, you know, the things that you’re doing? Are they in alignment with who you want to be?

Lesley Logan 31:35
Yeah, there’s this girl, I wish I could find her name, Claire knows her. Claire, if you’re listening, go ahead. Finish it.

Brad Crowell 31:41
Yeah, let me finish my thought. So with how do you know if it’s in alignment or not?

Lesley Logan 31:47
Well, you have to know who you want to be.

Brad Crowell 31:49
Well, first, is to know who you want to be and what you know, how, you know, how do you want to be living? Who do you want to be, you know, in but also to, like, what if you’re doing stuff that? Do you know if it’s in alignment or not, I think that there’s, this is where you have to be kind of paying attention to you, you have to be paying attention to you know, what’s inside you. And, you know

Lesley Logan 32:11
You know, if you’re frustrated by how you’re doing something, if you’re resenting the thing that you’re doing, it’s out of alignment.

Brad Crowell 32:20
Yeah. And that’s like, you know, that’s a very weird, open like amorphous thing. What does alignment even mean? Alignment with what, you know, and I?

Lesley Logan 32:30
Well, this became a philosophical question. You can interview Anthony, if you want to do that.

Brad Crowell 32:34
Well, I really think, but that’s, you know, I mean, it’s the same thing with this, like law of attraction and manifestation and all that stuff is feels very like

Lesley Logan 32:42
I don’t think it’s the same at all, I think

Brad Crowell 32:44
But but my point is that if you take the woo words away from it, and you’re looking at, like, what take aligned action with who you want to become, who do you want to become? And then what are the things that that person would do? How is that person who you want to become living, functioning, being, thinking, you know, experiencing life.

Lesley Logan 33:07
By the way, this not you like grabbing a credit card and overcharging it. That’s not what we’re saying. It is not at all what we’re saying it’s, but you do need to think about how that person makes decisions and that person, because we’ve talked about this before in other podcasts. The CEO is not getting frustrated. If the trash guy is an hour late. The CEO is not getting frustrated, because an email didn’t go out on time. The CEO is asking why didn’t the the email go out on time? The CEO is trying to figure like, they’re not getting frustrated with the small stuff. They’re, they’re really focused on the big picture plan.

Brad Crowell 33:44
Yeah, yeah. But going like how the person who you want to become how are they thinking, what are they doing? How are they functioning? How are they operating? Compare that to the things that you’re doing today. How are you doing that today? Are those two things aligned? Are they the same? Are they are you on the right path to be like to go down that road? Or are you like Nikole, when she bought her second plane ticket, she bought it out of fear, knowing that she was like, I don’t really want to be doing this other thing, but I’m just just I should do this thing right now. Right? And she said that really haunted her and so she did upgrade. And I I’m sure she probably didn’t just put it on her credit card. And we’re not we’re not endorsing that. We’re not saying that that’s what you should do. But there was the alignment. She knew this is wrong.

Lesley Logan 34:39
Well, there’s also there’s also this interesting thing you guys if you really, really want something you figure out to make money for it. We’ve done this before. You figure out how to make the money part you just do. And you put yourself on the line and you put your your you bet on yourself is really what she did she bet on herself. She’s like, okay, I’m gonna do it. And then she fucking me that money happened because she spent it and it would be out of an integrity if she didn’t make that money happen, that would not be an integrity for her. So it’s not like she’s someone very fabulous out of New York who shall not be named on this podcast who’s like, pretending to be someone who can be really, really awesome who has all these nice things. She’s like, I’m gonna spend this money because it’s out of integrity for not to be on the first class seat, and then she stayed with an integrity and figured a way to make that money happen.

Lesley Logan 35:31
And so I am, in my Be It Action Items, she said, we take for granted the things that are free. And this is really important because if you are thinking Lesley and Nikole, Brad, I can’t afford the first class ticket. Okay, maybe not right now. One of the things I was gonna say is there’s this woman, I want to figure what her name is. And Claire Sully, you know her, you did her class. When I was in my first mastermind group that I paid for, on the last day, this woman showed up and let me tell you guys, woo shit, like, triple woo, shit came out of her mouth. She was, she was 1000% saying that when she talks really fast, she was like downloading from God, and I’m not gonna lie. My little like, cool, little antennas went up. But she said this thing that I found very impactful, which is why you can learn things from people they don’t always agree with. She said, how you talk about your money is very important. If you say things like, I can’t afford that right now. That is actually not a good way to say something that you want to have. So for Nikole, when she didn’t choose to pay for that first class seat, and she’s like, I can’t afford that out of fear. The better thing to say to the universe is I’m not spending money on that right now. I’m not spending money on that right now, not making that money decision at this moment. Because you are not acting out of scarcity, you’re acting out of fear. It is a for those of you who can’t, like let’s say, you’re like, I want to be like, Nikole, I can’t buy the first class ticket I don’t have the credit card for it. Even if I could make the money happen. Instead of saying I can’t afford it right now. I’m not spending money on that right now. I’m not spending money on that right now. And that is actually going to be really great. But we we take for granted things that are free. I have been homeless you guys more times than you actually would guess. And before I can afford coaches, I treated podcasts. I got paid for it. I would stop at stoplights and write notes on the podcasts that I like was listening to like they were my coach, you would have thought they’re my coach. I was quoting them like I like I had a phone call with them. These podcasts are free, even if they tell you oh, you can send my Patreon. You do not have to send a Patreon. They’re making money on ads. Don’t worry, don’t cry for them. You you’re absolutely allowed to do that. And if you actually treat free stuff, like you paid for it, you would use that information and you would actually get the money you need from it. And I love that Be It Action Item because I think it’s actually a great thing for those people who are like if you’re like I wish I could afford all these coaches I wish I could afford you guys, there’s we’re giving we give free advice at the beginning of this podcast. Tons that’s like that was a $408 call. You’re welcome. She also said I want to give you this piece of wisdom you’re the only one who can save you. You’re it. And she said there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to coaching.

Brad Crowell 38:37
Yeah, I think I think the you know, making it to a seminar or getting to an event or whatever, we we put a lot of stock in that and I I think there’s value in things like that. But yeah, you know, for sure we do that all the time. But at the end of the day, it’s still you that has to take action, make the change, you know, you need to understand where you want to be going, remember the what and the why, you know that all that all stems from you, you can be inspired and get strategy from other people, but they’re not gonna do the work for you.

Lesley Logan 39:16
So there’s a book called The Power of Broke. And it was really it was a really you could actually don’t read the whole thing, the very few few chapters I read I got the gist. Basically people who didn’t have money, including myself when I start my business I did not have money to get the information out there with ads you know, with like hiring influencers and all that stuff. I had to do like knocking on door style kind of thing. And Brad will know that music label or was it a music label that like every single songwriter got on because they’re gonna like, like, stick at a Spotify in the man. There was a name for this music they it was like the fucking top Beyonce, Kanye, like

Brad Crowell 40:02
And it failed in like two years.

Lesley Logan 40:04
I don’t really mean a lot about how long but here’s the point was they had so much money. And they failed.

Brad Crowell 40:11
And it wasn’t a label. It was a, it was a streaming platform.

Lesley Logan 40:14
And it failed. And the and there’s The Power of Broke had many other examples of like times where like money, having money back in a project failed the project, because they thought they could just throw money at a problem. You guys. We take granted for things that are free we take for granted, when we don’t have money, we have to bootstrap the thing, like bootstrap your way and then be it till you see it. The two of those things combined, you would be surprised what you could take on in this life. And so I promise you that if you like don’t let money, the lack of money get in your way. And don’t let the how like not knowing how to get in your way. Because you you every single success that you’ve ever heard on how I built this I bet you hear how many times they went bankrupt and they still have made it they made it. Right, because they really cared and they acted as if they were going to be successful. And if you get anything out of this podcast with Nikole, I say you can do it. And you actually are able to tell the difference between someone who’s legit and someone who’s not, someone who’s not and you’re able to make your magic happen. And you’re allowed to have fits when it doesn’t. Just keep acting with integrity. Thank you, Nikole. We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you. Anything else, Brad? I love this episode.

Brad Crowell 41:37
Yeah, she’s great.

Lesley Logan 41:39
She’s fabulous. Well, obviously we’ll have to have her back. But you should follow her. And we want to know how you’re going to use these tips in your life. What was your favorite takeaways? Tag the Be It Pod. Oh, my God, we’re going into year three. This is insane. Let us know. And I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 41:55
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 41:56
Until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 41:58
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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