How to Envision

Yourself to Success

Ep. 188 with Lesley & Brad

“Ensure you’re not saying yes to things that take you away from the goal.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Do you have a BOHAG, a big big ol’ hairy ass goal? It’s time to stop making excuses, stand out, and see yourself achieving the goal. Once your goal is accomplished, your BOHAG can’t stop… this episode holds not only how to get to your goal but the steps to take after to chase your next thing.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The insider news on upcoming events and tour
  • The reason you only feel sit ups in my hip flexors?
  • What the hell is a BOHAG
  • Become obsessed with your goal
  • Why you have to stand out
  • The right people supporting you matters
  • How your envision yourself to success
  • What happens after you achieve the goal
  • Why you morning matters

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the trivia. They wanted to say trivial but it’s trivia convo. Yeah, it’s trivia. It’s it’s a multiple choice. It’s a it’s a fun game show. So game show conversation I have with Phil Barth. In our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview. Feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen that women come back and join us you guys. So if you are like me, you grew up with game shows. What?

Brad Crowell 2:35
She messed up my dad joke. It’s okay. We’re rolling with it… (Lesley: Oh, that was i) that literally was what are you supposed to read verbatim? Because it’s a bad dad joke… (Lesley: I don’t even)

Lesley Logan 2:44
I don’t even get it… (Brad: you’re good, you’re good) Okay. Well, anyways, I am nailing it. You guys. You know what? Sometimes you have to walk around and say I’m nailing it. I’m nailing it. So I I was so intrigued by Phil, when he reached out to me on the podcast, because first of all, if you if you listen to podcasts, he was on who wants to be millionaire. And I grew up watching that show and all of the trivia shows and I really, I’ve never been good at jeopardy. But I used to my my roommate, and I would set the bar and watch Wheel of Fortune. And then we would like practice because someday we thought… (Brad: Wheel of Fortune!) Oh, yeah. And we would see if we could get the puzzle before anyone else would. And I really we never applied to be on the show, which is probably why we weren’t on the show. But like, anyways, I just really what I loved about having Phil on, and we’ll talk about more is just like, he’s just so energetic and full of life. And like he’s doing really big things now and we had a fun conversation about it. It was great. It was just it was just fun.

Brad Crowell 3:41
His enthusiasm is contagious… (Lesley: Yeah, that’s two in a row). Two in a row.

Lesley Logan 3:46
Yeah, and if you’re like what’s two in a row? Well, you that means you missed last week, so you gotta go back.

Brad Crowell 3:51
Listen to the history… (Lesley: do a little Be It binge)

Lesley Logan 3:55
Wow, that’s fun. Uh, Be It binge.

Brad Crowell 3:57
Oh, it’s a Be It binge.

Lesley Logan 3:59
We should hastag that. Let us know if you’re … (Brad and Lesley overlapping: binge alert, binge alert) Okay, well anyways, Alright, before we get into the whole Phil Barth situation, we are in well, if you’re listening to this in real time, like you were on top of your episodes, it is the presale for the this workshop we’re doing an OPC about the rollout. If you’re listening to it a few days after it pops out well, you can still buy it for a short time only, but it’s a little bit more expensive. So you know, listen to things when they come out in time that’s a life lesson there. Or actually just get on our list. You hear about that?

Brad Crowell 4:34
So if you’re Be It binging this then you missed it but it’s okay we love you.

Lesley Logan 4:38
We love you anyways and there’s something for you. If you go to I bet you’ll find something amazing there.

Brad Crowell 4:45
Yeah, and if there is nothing there go to to get yourself on the waitlist for future events.

Lesley Logan 4:52
But if you are struggling if you’re like I hate the roll up or I hate tees or I hate anything with flexion then is going to take you to this amazing workshop that we’re having, it’s such a fun one. But you kind of it’s like one of those, like, be it. You better be it or you lose out on it. I don’t know, I feel there’s like a theater…

You better Be It Till You See It or…

Or it’s gone. That’s true. That’s how that’s going. Okay, the next thing I have a little thing I have to tell you, if you’re an OPC member, I’ve been teasing you a little bit, but it’s getting closer, you guys.

Brad Crowell 5:25
Well, let know that we should tell them… (Lesley: I can’t tell them) No, what we’re saying today is stay tuned. Because next month, we have a very, very exciting addition for every one of our OPC members. And that’s all we can say.

Lesley Logan 5:42
Well, can I at least say it’s not a human?… (Brad: Yes, you can say it’s not a human). When you can say there’s an addition to something people are gonna think…

Brad Crowell 5:48
You can let them fill in the blank in their own mind… (Lesley: Okay, well…) so they can explore and maybe it’s a thing.

Lesley Logan 5:53
Well, they tag me in your guesses on online and let me see if I’ll let you know if you’re right. And then finally, Brad and I are actually gonna be home for almost two months. I love how you said it’s, it’s a whole two months, it is not even close to whole two months, but it’s a good six weeks

Brad Crowell 6:09
from work. back from Mexico. Yeah. To tell when we go, maybe you’re, you might be leaving to go to Texas, maybe.

Lesley Logan 6:19
I’m not really sure where I’m headed. But I will say I don’t I don’t know if it’s a full eight weeks, but it’s close. And so we’re gonna we’re gonna be like really enjoying our routines. Because once it’s May, it is like

Brad Crowell 6:31
Yeah, the rest of the year from May this year is going to be like a rocket ship.

Lesley Logan 6:34
Yes, yes. Because Brad insisted that we go on two tours. So we’re doing two tours. And we’re super stoked about that. And if you’re like, what is the second tour? Well, guess what? This summer, we’re going to do The West Coast tour. So if you are a West Coast listener,

Brad Crowell 6:49
We’re working it all out right now… (Lesley: We are working it out). It’s gonna be sometime in August… (Lesley: Yeah. So hit us up. If you want) location to be determined.

Lesley Logan 6:56
Hit us up if you want to make sure you are on the TBD list we haven’t made yet. So there isn’t one to go to.

Brad Crowell 7:02
But what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna make it up right now. Oh, the Yeah, to get on the waitlist for the tour.

Lesley Logan 7:09
Yeah. Wonderful. That’s so fun. Okay. My team is taking notes. All right. Before we get into the episode with Phil Barth, we had a question from you, actually, because you complain about this all the time. So I just, (Brad: all the time.)what about the other day and you can put an extra (…) you know, everyone knows our listeners know how I feel about complaining. So what is your question, Brad?

Brad Crowell 7:32
Okay, so this is Brad submitted his own question. I don’t know about y’all. But whatever it is… (Lesley: I feel like this is nepotism. It’s like a Nepo. Baby?

Yeah, just won because I win. All I do is win win win in my hip flexors. So the the, every time I go sit up, I’m like doing it okay. I half feel like I’m whipping my body around. But when I try to like actually get into my muscles of my stomach and my core situation. By the time, if I’ve done like 20 or 30 setups, all I actually feel is hurt in my hip flexors. Yeah, every time. And it’s like, I’m really doing my damnedest not to be in my hip flexors. Yeah, yeah, I’m not doing it. Right.

Lesley Logan 8:21
And you also complain about this when you do the mat classes? With me (Brad: Oh, yeah) on the roll up, and the teaser and all of that stuff. So…

Brad Crowell 8:21
Actually, yeah, it’s teaser mostly, like roll up. I feel like I’m… (Lesley: getting better?). Well, yeah, cuz I’m starting with my upper body. And I’m not starting with my, yeah, I’m not starting with with my flexors, but the…

Lesley Logan 8:45
To the listener at home: we have three dogs.

Brad Crowell 8:48
Oh my gosh!

Lesley Logan 8:49
One of them is silently letting us know that they are here? If you know you know.

So here’s the thing. There are probably listeners in here who are like wanting to let you know about every single muscle review you’re not using correctly. And I’m going to just like make it really simple for all of us. If you’re doing situps, and you’re filling your hip flexors, it is a sign that you’re not really using all of the muscles of your center, you’re just not. And that’s not your fault, necessarily. Sit ups are a really easy exercise to bypass a lot of those muscles. Just use your rectus which is a very surface surface muscle. And then if your feet are moving around in your situps is a sign that your hip flexors are going oh, oh, you want to bring your chest, well your legs will bring your legs to the chest is the same thing, right? It’s not and it so what’s happening is the hip flexors are are pulling your back to the legs, because that’s what they do. They pull the legs to the back, they’ll pull the legs to your stomach. So um, so this is a podcast not a an anatomy class. So if you can’t picture that it’s just how it is. So what I do as a Pilates person, when I do sit ups is the same thing that I do when I’m when I’m doing a roll up or I’m doing teaser, I am pushing down into my feet, and energetically dragging them towards my seat. This is activating the muscles that I call the fast, which is your inner thighs, your hamstrings, your glutes. So when I come up, of course, though, there’s like a little bit of like a wanting to turn off. But I tried to keep this little technical term as well. Like a hug and like I put on some Spanx, right. And I try to especially keep that on as I’m a lowering myself down. So…

Is that like, when, you when you say you’re keeping that on… (Lesley: Yeah). You’re talking about… (Lesley: the hamstrings and glutes, inner thighs) Are you also talking about your stomach?

Yeah, I mean, yes, I’m not. I’m not like trying to

Brad Crowell 10:57
I’m trying envision doing a setup while I’m sitting in a chair. So it’s like…

Lesley Logan 11:00
you know, everyone who’s sitting right now, if you’re driving in your cruise control, you can do this too. So everybody sitting in a chair or sitting at your desk or sitting in your car, please make sure that you are with your eyes open. Press down into your feet, like like it could stand up. Obviously you’re not they do push down into your feet. Okay. Do you feel like you’re like you’re a little taller. Your booty got a little on? So that… (Brad: Yeah) yeah?. So now pull your stomach muscles at the same time. Okay, so that’s just like, that’s the feeling we want to have on the way up from our sit up. And then on that way down, right. So what I don’t want you to do is like bear down and grip anything. But you you’re feeling your hip flexors, because you’re not incorporating more muscles. And it’s not your fault. Your hip flexors are very strong from you playing soccer or volleyball or running or walking the dogs like that’s hip flexors, hip flexors, hip flexors. So what’s happening is the other muscles that are required to sit up, they are weaker, and they’re not participating as much. So there you go. That’s your anatomy, your science. And if you are interested in what I’m talking about with the fast muscles, they are very important when it comes to your roll up. And if you are a person who does Pilates and you hate the roll up, teaser pisses you off, you’re not even going to do hip circles on the mat, then come to the OBC workshop that’s coming up. Because you’re you’re gonna want to hear all the ways that I don’t sell my hip flexors in Pilates. It’s not because I’m not using them. It’s just because they’re part of a big orchestra of muscles.

Brad Crowell 12:28

All right, now let’s talk about Phil Barth. As a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, a speaker and an author Phil barth is the man who specializes in goal achievement. His journey began when he found success by trying something different. And surrounding himself with the right people. Today he helps others fried chickens and overcome their barriers to success through his books.

Lesley Logan 14:17
Don’t you just love that he’s just helped people find some chickens. Love it. I love it. Because when you’re not going after your goals, you’re essentially chickening out. So I’m in. I wonder if that’s what he meant… (Brad: I don’t actually know). Bill, let me know if I’m on the path.

Brad Crowell 14:32
Well, I’m curious to see if you looked at that New Zealand bird that you were telling him about?

Lesley Logan 14:36
Oh, he did… (Brad: Oh, cool). Yeah, um, he sent it to me. I forgot. You know, it can’t keep it all in but I’ll look it up. I’ll look it up while you’re talking about Phil.

Brad Crowell 14:46
Awesome. Well tell us let’s jump into what he said that you love today. And I saw that you have two points.

Lesley Logan 14:54
I know. Okay, well, there’s apparently a lot of birds that have expired. I put expired. It’s extinct, right?

Brad Crowell 15:02
You said expired? Oh!

Lesley Logan 15:05
I know, it, well when you, when you, okay, when you pass away, when, when your doctor’s office reports were paper you guys when it was like when you’re when your doctor had a chart remember Seinfeld physical chart he’d write a note and Elaine was like “what are you writing in there?” So I used to be a chart person at a doctor’s office and I would put the charts away like things like the library and putting the books away. It’s very specific the order that goes into that they can find the chart literally by a person who goes… That’s all your job is to pull charts. Okay, and then put the charts back. Anyways, if you die they put expired and the date on it in Sharpie… (Brad: Expired?) Expired! (…) All right, that’s an inside joke, guys. Okay, so (…)

Okay. Two things, I did have two things that I loved. So the first is the bo hag!

Brad Crowell 16:03
Bo hag? What the hell is a bo hag?

Lesley Logan 16:06
The big old hairy ass goal

Brad Crowell 16:08

Lesley Logan 16:10
And you have to be obsessed with it. Because you guys, I think a lot of times when we aren’t achieving a goal, it’s because it’s almost too easy to achieve. So we kind of want to do it tomorrow. But if you pick up really… (Brad: tomorrow) tomorrow, if you want to… (Brad: swap) you guys, we only get served the same ads and we stream we serve three ads. And that’s one of them. I can’t even tell you who the company is. I just… (Brad: Oh I can) Okay, well, we can’t say that I sponsor the shots. But, um, so if you know, let us know we can have… (Brad: if you know, you know) you now. Excuse me. So, if your goal is like really big and scary, and it’s it’s kind of bigger than you, it makes it easier to show up. Like when you hit an obstacle because it’s not. It’s not about you so and then you want to be obsessed with it. And what that means is like, it’s not like, like getting crazy and you just like, lock yourself in a room until it’s over. But like you, you really are making sure that you’re not saying yes to things that take you away from the goal. So everything that people ask you to it’s like, is this gonna get me closer to my bohag? Is this gonna help with my bohag? When you’re obsessed with your bohag? First of all, our friend Michael, he’s been on the show. He is obsessed with his bohag, he’s so obsessed (…) Yes, he is so obsessed with his bohag. He is always thinking about it. So when he meets people, he is able to immediately see how can this person connect me to like get me close my bohag or, and this is like next level bohag obsession. How can this person help someone else that I need to help me with my bohag and then it’s like reciprocity? I watch him do this. I’m part of the whole thing I’m like Oh, I see what you’re doing. Yeah, I see it and yes, I will help you because you helping me help me with my bohag so here we go. So get obsessed with your bohag. He also went into passion versus obsession so go back and listen to that he you know what is really cool he he also talked about standing out from your competition remember what the red marker so you guys at the the actual show and he would go to try out for for almost a jeopardy for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. they hand you a black marker and he brought a red marker so that he is card would stand out. This kind of like those who like I don’t really care. I don’t get how this helps me. Okay, my lovely ladies. I know we’re about the same age you listen to you watch Legally Blonde. You watch Legally Blonde, right?

Brad Crowell 18:40
I have watched Legally Blonde.

Lesley Logan 18:42
Remember her resume? Smells nice, doesn’t it?… (Brad: Oh yeah). Smells nice. Y’all have to find a way to stand up. She is one of how many people going to Harvard. Like that she’s fighting for like one of these spots. So her resume had perfume. Right? So you have to think about how do you how can I stand out amongst the crowd of people. When I was doing commercials… And when they call you in for a commercial, they’re like every redhead. Okay, so like, how do… I am a redhead, How do I stand out? Well I had the red lipstick. I also made sure I found a way to laugh out loud. Even if the commercial was something so depressing. I wanted to find because my laugh is something that people remember, you have to find a way to stand out especially for things that are very subjective. You’re getting chosen as one of these people… It’s pretty subjective right? So anyways, when it comes to your bohag, How can you stand out a little bit more so don’t be a tulip rise above sunflower style

Brad Crowell 19:37
Don’t be a tulip y’all!

Lesley Logan 19:42
You know, you know how the tulips are, the tulips are all the same height… (Brad: I did not know that) you’ve never heard of like the tulip problem, the tulips sit… like there’s like it’s a whole thing someone has to look it up but it’s like an actual saying that like there are people are raised to be a tulip but no one wants to stand up higher. So all the tulips are like you’ll rarely see a tulip like, up higher, you know what I mean? people, someone is nodding along with me.

Brad Crowell 20:07
I love it. I love it. I’m not this is a new new analogy for Brad. But that’s a great. I love I love that idea. You definitely have to stand out. And I think, you know what, like when Less and I coach pilates instructors, you know, a lot of people come in to the program, and they’re like: “Well, how is this person that I’m in this group with not my competition, because I teach Pilates and so do they? so wouldn’t it just be like, I’m actually empowering my competition. And our response is always no, you are just teaching Pilates. You are actually you have a very specific niche, you niche down, you have to get into the space where you know exactly what you’re doing for this one specific thing. The more you niched down, the more diehard your clients are going to be, the more you’re going to be able to help people fill out their schedule. So basically the, like if you were doing let’s say, you know you came from a back injury, right? And you were helping people get over a back injury themselves. It just so happens to be that you’re using Pilates to do it. You see oh, you’re not selling Pilates anymore. You’re actually helping people with back injury stuff or maybe whatever it is that your specific thing your niche may be that is going to help you stand out from the crowd because it’s going to be Pilates for back injuries.

Lesley Logan 21:31
I’m becoming more and more commenced with all these bots that are coming out that the more specific you are going to get on your website, the more likely that these bots are going to say this is the pilates teacher for you because of some, because now people are being told that they can say oh, I want a low impact workout with a female instructor who specializes in taller bodies. You better better have that that word on your site otherwise they’re not going to pull you up because gone gone gone are the days of the old search engines pretty soon so anyway I don’t know this is a theory I have.

Brad Crowell 22:05
It’s very interesting I know with the with the new chat bot searches things are going to shift here y’all

Lesley Logan 22:11
Don’t worry we will keep, we will keep our agency members… (Brad: agency members will know) they’ll be first. Before you go into what you love is the MOA. That’s the one that extinct

Brad Crowell 22:22
Yeah, magically got a text message from… (Lesley: from me) who’s truly…

Lesley Logan 22:27
Look at it, babe. It looks like, it looks like an ostrich slash a Brontosaurus.

Brad Crowell 22:34
MOAS… (Lesley: I might be saying that wrong) Oh, MOA sorry, Moas is plural. Moa is the singular. MOA.

Lesley Logan 22:40
Yeah, if you’re in New Zealand, and I said that wrong, you can let me know. I’ll work on my accent. Okay, what did you love?

Brad Crowell 22:48
It’s worth looking up… (Lesley: It’s such a cool bird). It’s pretty… (Lesley: I’m so bummed it’s gone). It’s like a tall. It’s like a it’s like a different type of ostrich but it’s not an ostrich at all.

Lesley Logan 22:58
No, I think it was a mammal. I don’t know. (…)

Brad Crowell 23:02
All right, here’s what I love y’all, we’re gonna get to it. I also had two things. So first is he talked about having an accountability partner? Okay. So he said, for him, it was his wife. And the reason that he had an accountability partner was so that he could get this scary goal, this like, potentially, like impossible goal of getting on a television show out of his own head and out of you know, in front of somebody else, because that helps with accountability. So having the right partner is really important, because his wife was very encouraging. In fact, he literally said, Oh, the last city that I drove to, so that I could be in an audition for this show, which obsessed y’all, he almost didn’t go it was to Cleveland. And he’s and his wife said, hey, you’ve been focused on this for so long, you might as well go. And he’s like, You know what, you’re right. I almost didn’t go. So he went, and then he was able to get on the show. Right? So you want to pick somebody who’s really going to have your back who’s going to be understanding, and that could be your friend, your parent, your spouse, your, you know, teacher, whatever it might be one of your classmates, you know, so having an accountability partner is super beneficial. And the second thing that I really loved what he said is, you need to see yourself to success, which is super be it till you see it, right. He practiced him, like, in his own home, he practice seeing himself envisioning himself in that seat on the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire platform. He practiced himself sitting there when the lights went around, and then the audience goes dark, and it’s just him and the host.

Lesley Logan 24:42
They put like very stressful music.

Brad Crowell 24:44
Yeah, the whole thing. I mean, and you know, it’s so, so funny because it kind of sounds hippie dippie. But I grew up in sports, and my coaches always used to say: See yourself putting that ball in the net. See yourself winning the game. See yourself, you know, like completing the past or getting the gig if you play volleyball

Lesley Logan 25:03
In softball, I’m sure the same as in baseball, that you want it, you watch the ball hit the bat, you didn’t look where you’re running next you like, you like we’re swinging and you’re like, I’m gonna see that ball and that bat hit even before they hit, and you’re gonna watch that you have to, you have to see that otherwise, you’re gonna swing and the ball’s gonna go somewhere else.

Brad Crowell 25:22
Yeah. And when because he was practicing that at home, when he was in the greenroom, and the stress was on, he was like, okay, deep breath, he closed his eyes and he’s like, just remember, it’s just me and the host. There’s nobody else there. And what I’m doing is I’m seeing myself in the seat answering the question correctly, I’m seeing myself in the seat answering the question correctly. And that helped him through a very stressful, you know, experience of being in the green room for two days before it was his turn to finally be on the show. And then being on the show, and he didn’t freeze up. So yeah!

Lesley Logan 25:56
I mean, I mean, what, you guys I’m sure… If you are like the hooligans, The Millionaire wife, she interviewed this person, but like, can you see all the different ways you’ve been until you said, like, I had to have him on to show like, like, this is how you do it. Like this is the roadmap. This is it. Anyways, I’m obsessed. We have to get to the Be It action because this one made probably the best.

Brad Crowell 26:20
Love it. Stick around!

Alright, right, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It action items. What bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Phil Barth?

Lesley Logan 26:40
I know you’re gonna jump in first, but I can’t believe you sold this morning. Because you’re not a morning person. But like this. This is (…)

Brad Crowell 26:49
This is hilarious. This is, I love this. Phil specifically said, hey, you know y’all have a bucket list. Love that you have a bucket list. But you also need a fuck it list… (Lesley: Yes). Yeah, a fuck it list. That’s right. And if you said if you’re not okay with that, just call it a chuck it list. Okay, the whole idea here of a fuck it list is basically look at you. Okay, and this is what I thought was really interesting. (Brad and Lesley overlapping) no, no, no, you need to be looking at yourself internally. This is what was very challenging for, well, everybody, nobody likes to analyze themselves, okay? But the things that go on your fuck it list are things that are no longer serving you, things that you no longer want to be, things that you no longer want to do, you no longer want to have. Right? And that can be tough to decide, you know, maybe it’s like, let’s pick something that’s obvious and easy. Maybe road rage, you get really angry when people cut you off. And you’re like screaming and yelling and cursing. And what happens to that it like, actually builds this tension in you, and it can affect the rest of your day. Right?

Lesley Logan 28:07
Yeah, exactly. It’s gonna be harder to go back into like, like, like dreaming up and being creative, that’s for sure.

Brad Crowell 28:14
Totally. And so maybe you, you want to get rid of that, that thing could go on your fuck it list, right? And that’s like, you know, it might take practice and time to like, allow that stuff to roll off of you. But when you identify it, and you put it on the fuck it list, now you’re aware of it, right? And that will allow you to let go of that thing. Whatever that thing might be. He actually said he had a volcano drawn on his whiteboard in his office, and everything that he didn’t want anymore. He wrote it into the inside of the volcano, it became a checklist. So cool, he chuck those things into a volcano!

Lesley Logan 28:52
This could be like and it’s like people that no longer serve you, things that no longer serve you. Maybe, maybe, like, Netflix binging is no longer serving you, like, you know, and maybe you have to get rid of streaming subscriptions just so you really don’t go back to them. But what are…?

Brad Crowell 29:08
Well, he specifically said, here’s why, obviously, it’s going to benefit you from that perspective. But really, it’s because you’re the things that end up in your chuck it list. They’re actually taking up space. They’re taking up so much space that they might be getting in the way of your bohag. Or your next bohag. Right? So when you are able to clean houses at work, it’s gonna really tee you up to knock the next one out of the park. Yep. How about that?

Lesley Logan 29:38
I love it. And then as if that wasn’t enough, like I mean, he could have just stopped

Brad Crowell 29:43
He could have totally stop there.

Lesley Logan 29:45
He’s like, yo, just start your day right? And this is a, you know, you know who I am. So he actually quoted a Harvard University study that said those who started their day with negative news versus those who start their day with a solution based news. So if you had three minutes of negative news, it lead you to have a 20% chance greater… (Brad: 27) 27% greater chance of having a bad day. Just three minutes.

Brad Crowell 30:09
Yeah, that’s that’s like a quarter like times a quarter more. You’re basically setting yourself up to have a bad day. Yeah, if you’re taking on negative news, right in the morning.

Lesley Logan 30:21
Right in the morning, so I love that that this one is coming after D thing. So like y’all, you can actually take this Be It action with last week’s action item and like, really, truly make sure that you are doing your 15 minutes a moment, your five minute meditation and then your 10 minutes of self development… (Brad: Yeah. So yeah, working on you) working on you, before you get all involved up in that new shit. Because you have to start your day out right so you can go after your bohag.

Brad Crowell 30:52
I can I can personally attest to this, that before the last election cycle, November last year, so it was like probably September, October, November. I was so personally invested in you know what was happening? Like with the news that was very seriously affecting my mental state.

Lesley Logan 31:15
Oh, we weren’t you weren’t? With work not getting done on time. Yeah, whenever there’s an election, I think we should have a team rule where all political podcasts and news podcasts are paused for three months. Like, we just might need to do that. Because of the bu… we have to put the fuck it list just for 90 days, just because it gets a little distracting.

Brad Crowell 31:33
Or maybe it’s something that happens during lunch instead of first thing in the morning because that’s, I was waking up in the morning, plugging right into the news. And that was what I was focused on.

Lesley Logan 31:42
Oh, yeah, yeah. So anyways, well, let’s check in with Brad if he decides to this, we have we have a year off of for before election. So you got a year to get on that fuck it list, but put it on that. Put it on next fall’s fuck it list page. You guys, Phil is so fabulous. I really like wish that we were like all related. And I bet you that salary unions are so great with him. Anyways, he has a book out already called Great Things Happen Every Day. And he has another book that he’s working on one called Fryer Chickens. So go check them out. Yeah, and if you if you’re like, Oh yeah, yeah, remember this stuff like, well, if you aren’t going after your bohag, then you need better reminders. So you just do. We all need it. We all have those days. I’m Lesley Logan,

Brad Crowell 32:27
and I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 32:28
Thank you so much for being here. We truly are so grateful for you and also to those of you who take time to hit the stars and leave a review over on Spotify and Apple. It is the reason why this podcast gets out. Here’s the deal, podcasts take a frickin long time to grow. This is a bohag I’m obsessed with. It’s true, but I need your help. I need reviews and I need you to share it. And if you don’t know how to share it on social media, I don’t care you can share it with a friend at lunch, (…) hear it is, text to them, all the things, and we can’t wait to hear how you use these tips in your life. What bohag are you obsessed with? Let us know and until next time, be it till you see it.

Brad Crowell 33:01
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘Bloom Podcast Network’.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, produced, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell. Our Associate Producer is Amanda Frattarelli.

Lesley Logan
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Brad Crowell
And to Angelina Herico for transcribing each episode, so you can find it on our website. And finally to Meridith Crowell for keeping us all on point and on time.

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