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Ep. 233 with Lesley & Brad

“See the people that are achieving things that you wish were your achievements as an inspiration.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Filled with valuable insights and empowering lessons, Lesley and Brad examine the power of positive self-talk and the true measure of growth beyond financial gains. Prepare to be motivated and uplifted by Ripley Rader’s success story and be encouraged to kick-start your own dreams.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why positive self-talk is better than self-deprecating comments or humor.
  • The multifaceted dimensions of growth beyond monetary success.
  • How to foster a sense of community instead of competition by shifting your outlook towards others in your industry.
  • How to prioritize your mental health by setting boundaries.
  • Why true accomplishments stem from relentless dedication and hard work.

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Lesley Logan: Don’t let not knowing how to do something stop you from doing the thing. Do more yourself. You know, I think that that I think it works really well. But you need to know something about you. If you are someone who is going to do it all and then burnout and resent everything and quit. You need to you need at least someone to help you. Yeah. And if that’s someone doing your groceries in your laundry, okay, great.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the refreshingly authentic nonvo I have with Ripley Rader, in our last episode, if you haven’t yet listened to the interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen that one and then come back and join us. You’re gonna have to listen to this. First of all, I just love her. (…) I want to talk to her every day. It’s really what I want to do. And I feel like we could be sisters. (…) I really do. I think that like I want to see her in real life because I just want to take a selfie and see if we really do look like we really are but just the red hair and the big lips. So anyways, so we’re going to enter this interview recap in just a moment, before we do, today is July 6, which is virtually hug a virtual assistant day and I, thanks, team. I really hope that virtual hugs head all of my team members on this day and I probably will. Yes. Our entire team is virtual so and they’re not all assistants, but they all assist us in many ways. So big hugs to all of them, but you should hug your VA virtually as well today. And if you’re listening to this on a different date, you can, you know, send a belated hug, it’s always good to have a hug. This weekend…

Brad Crowell 1:44
it’s not like a trumpet announcement.

Lesley Logan 1:46
It really was trying to be something that it didn’t (…) that’s sort of like Star Wars and I don’t like it. So anyways, we have the OPC summer camp weekend. You guys…

Brad Crowell 2:01
It’s coming up this weekend. Like in two days.

Lesley Logan 2:05
Talk about like, like we are, I am so excited. It’s gonna be like a, what do you call it? like we’re gonna have our computers out we are these like central zone where the where the back where the producers of this entire…(Brad: we are the producers) what is that called? When you’re the back of the house, we’re the back, anyways…

Brad Crowell 2:25
We are the, were the virtual assistants.

Lesley Logan 2:28
Yes, we are. So our OPC teachers and contributors are putting on some incredible workshops and workouts you can check all out at the page. It’s the first time we’re doing multiple in a weekend. And to be honest, we just wanted to have a big…

Brad Crowell 2:45
Multiple workshops and workouts. Yeah, this is a two day event. This is the first time happening…

Lesley Logan 2:49
And you don’t need to be on Zoom with us all day long. You can buy the ones that intrigue you, skip the ones that don’t or buy them all and watch them on your own time, does not have to be this weekend. However, if you buy them before we go live, there’s always a special price. So just know that. So all the OPC teachers have their own individual specialty workshops. And then we have a team workshop on Sunday, which is all about the teaser. And we’re going to do a deep dive on how to help you with the teaser because so many people hit flexure it out. You know they’re, like, doing the vasana. And yeah, their toes are too high. Their quads are too strong. And they’re like I don’t like this and it’s actually not a peak pose but it’s a very great thermometer exercise in Pilates, barometer exercise. It tells…(Brad: thermometer.) Yeah, well it just tells you I believe it tells you what you need to work on. But hey, that’s me. So at any rate, you’ll want to check out that and get your tickets at…(Brad: Yeah, don’t wait up on that) well because once we’re live, it’s full price. So, just, there’s your threat. Okay, and then and then we’re going to be, we’re really soon going over to UK and it’s so exciting. We had the mullet tour so business workshops in the morning, Pilates workshops in the afternoon, so fricken stoked about this, if there are any seats left you can find that But we, last time I checked we only had three so by the time this is I mean there might be sold out, but you should check because this will be our last time that UK for a bit, you know? we’ll come back but I don’t know when. Then, we come back from the UK, we kick some ass with our eLevators and then we are packing up the van with the dogs…(Brad: This is in August) yes August the month not our dog but we’re also bringing him

Brad Crowell 4:33
He just moved. He’s like I heard my name. What is it?

Lesley Logan 4:37
Anyways we are going to be rockin up through California and Oregon up to Seattle

Brad Crowell 4:43
West Coast Summer Tour

Lesley Logan 4:44
Yes we are, we have the, like, we kicked off the sales with like 12 events which is, I think is the most amount of spot like opportunities we see

Brad Crowell 4:54
Actually the most we’ve ever decided to put in a tour. It’s definitely gonna be a whirlwind because we’re also doing it in only 15 days, I think. Normally we have three weeks and we do less cities so this is, like, dedicated

Lesley Logan 5:11
You know what I am asking you the team I want when I leave the van each day I want the city to like, I want to have the city in front like I know where I am. So when I come in I don’t go, What’s up wrong city like I want to be like, ah, touch this city. So excited you guys this is actually a lot of fun. So we’re hitting up some of those exotic cities. We’re hitting up Redlands (…) and we’re also going to be in Bakersfield and Fresno area. This is also called the Central Valley, we’re going through Sacramento and then all the way up through Oregon to Seattle is probably like the, it actually has an airport. So there’s that.

Brad Crowell 5:54
Yeah, and we’re, we’re looking at other cities to to add to this tour, other locations like Spokane, Washington.

Lesley Logan 6:01
By the time that this is dropping (…) still adding more

Brad Crowell 6:04
Hopefully we’ve already dialed all that in. Just go to And you can see the tickets will already be available. So if you’re in any of those, we’re even looking at St. George, Utah. So if any of those cities are where you’re listening from or near, come meet us in person, we’d love to hang out, will be so fun.

Lesley Logan 6:24
And also because the West Coast. Well, let’s just say it, space is expensive out there. So that means that there’s limited spaces in each of our classes and workshops to be nice and intimate. Which means like it’s been a lot of time with you. I cannot wait to teach you.

Brad Crowell 6:41
There aren’t that many tickets.

Lesley Logan 6:42
That’s exactly aka there’s not a lot of spots.

Brad Crowell 6:47
Join us on that September we’re going to Poland and there’s a conference there, it’s a Contrology conference, Bounce Bodies participating. You know, go to to grab a ticket for that. And then October we’re going back to Cambodia and you all know how much we absolutely love being in Cambodia (…)

Lesley Logan 7:14
Brad’s sister also our project manager is bringing her new husband and it’s not their honeymoon but I mean kind of, so we’re like Sam and I, my assistant, were trying to plan like their flights and I was like you know like you have to ask them when they will find out but if they want to find to this day like maybe I got a bat bond with them while Brad works (…) literally because it was all dusty. But you guys this is a, Cambodia is a special place in this world, you must visit it at some point in your life. And honestly, you if you’re going to, you may as well spend a week there and get to know yourself more, get to explore these temples in a way that no one else does. If you go on a regular tour, they put you on a bus they hit it and quit it. We explore we take our time and our tour guides they know how to use your phone better than you do, you’ll have amazing photos. I swear to God, you are no, when we run into people been on our retreats are like oh my gosh, Peach taught me this and so I’ve been doing this on my phone. So, I just, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Make sure you come, go to to snag one of the last spots.

Brad Crowell 8:37
Okay, now let’s talk about Ripley Rader. With 10 years of experience, Ripley Rader is a visionary fashion designer who fearlessly challenges norms and empowers women through her unique creations. Her authentic approach and unwavering dedication have made her a true trailblazer in the fashion industry.

Lesley Logan 8:57
Okay, I get to talk first. Okay, so I’m not getting like when she came across our, like, applications as like, I literally responded to, I was like, Is this the Ripley Rader whose pants I keep clicking on the ads just so they keep showing them to me? because I love being cookied, like cookies are my favorite thing about the internet. Like all of the ads, because I want to make sure they keep serving them to me. Because I never want to miss what her new stuff is. So, she’s, you know, she’s so, she’s as cool, she’s cooler than what I expected but honestly, like sometimes you like look up to these business people and you’re like, I don’t know if they’re gonna be like that in real life. And then sometimes you meet them you’re like, Oh, don’t meet your heroes. This is the hero, fuck yeah, I want to party with, I want to hang out with, I want to like go shopping in her closet. So one of the things that I loved that she talked about is you can’t chase the money because that is a cheap chase. So she’s actually more committed to chasing growth. And she is focused on why she does this, which is that she wants women to feel like a boss in their clothes. And she really believes that she can help reach all women to feel more armored up and sexier, the better, right? So she’s so much more focused on that goal. And then the money comes, which I, it kind of goes to we’ll have an episode with Rory Vaden coming up, and he talks about that, too. It’s like, so I don’t want to talk about what he said. But like, it’s, it’s really important. I think it’s really easy when you have bills to pay, when you’re like, you’re like, money’s going out and not a lot coming in to like, start going, Okay, well get money over here. And it’s like, every time we’ve chased money, we have been, like, that bit us in the ass, you know. So, so she also expressed in her beliefs and empowering women to give them permission to express themselves competently. And, for example, she says, like, it’s, like, people, people are more likely to say that they’re fat, like, I’m fat, oh, my goodness, like everything, like, oh my gosh, like, in fact, I had a client come to the house, she was visiting, and like, there was some things to say about herself. And I was like, you have to stop saying that here. That actually is not acceptable. And, and it’s like, we, it needs to become more common knowledge, and this is what she said, to say on gorgeous, like, why can’t we just say I look good? And why do you say I look good? That is that like, considered an arrogant thing? Or oh my gosh, that person’s like, really full of themselves? Or?

Brad Crowell 11:22
Well, it’s like, you know, it’s exactly somehow like, oh, I look like shit today is accepted. Where I look like a badass today is not

Lesley Logan 11:31
well, you know, obviously, I say this. This is like, total sidenote, I was working on like doing a keynote speech. And the coach was like, Okay, well have a self deprecating comment. And I was like, I don’t know. What do you mean? And they’re like, self deprecating. It allows you to relate to other people. And I was like, why on earth? Should I be going up going up, I just tripped and fell on my face. Like, like, I just wouldn’t, I couldn’t grasp. Like, I don’t like that self deprecation actually allows us to be more human around people. It can also, we can also be like, I feel really awesome in my outfit today. I look really good. And wouldn’t it be awesome if that was so normal? Some of those you do look great. And by the way, I love this shirt that I’m wearing. What if we just (..) I love the shirt that I’m wearing and people might go, Yeah me too.

Brad Crowell 12:17
With the positive instead of the negative.

Lesley Logan 12:20
Yes, we just started doing that because

Brad Crowell 12:22
I had the worst. And I say, Oh, me too. Oh my god. Yeah. Instead, I had the best night’s sleep. Oh, me too.

Lesley Logan 12:29
And even if you had the worst night you can go, you know, I had the best cup of coffee. Like what if we (…) them a positive stuff? It’s been really fun. What not when this stuff coming out. But prior to it. We’re recording this on June 22. And we still have not hit 100 degrees in Las Vegas. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s so crazy. And the commiseration of positivity every time we see like, can you believe this wheather?

Brad Crowell 12:53
We don’t know, everyone’s like, this is so good.

Lesley Logan 12:56
And then of course, everyone’s all someone who’s like, just think of how it’s going to be in the other end. It’s like, why am I saying that? So I just want to say there was enough of you listening, that if we can actually start like, admitting a positive aspect around ourselves that we do like, and there is something about you that you do like, and we could start saying that rather than like, this old thing, this thing’s gonna look fat. I’m gonna, fuck off all that stuff. You are beautiful the way you are. And I know that that person left here, rethinking the words coming out of her mouth, and I’m so fucking proud about that. So anyways, what did you love that she said?

Brad Crowell 13:34
I really loved that she said, the only person she’s competing against in the fashion industry is herself.

Lesley Logan 13:43
I thought that was really, I thought, I’m so glad she shared that.

Brad Crowell 13:46
Yeah. And, you know, it goes back to the bigger is not necessarily better like that. You were mentioning what lights her up. She’s chasing growth. But she had this really interesting comment that growth doesn’t, grow in the company doesn’t necessarily mean more money. And that’s interesting. That’s very interesting to me. Because, you know, if the only person you’re competing against is yourself, then it allows that like, well, they skyrocketed to the moon, you know, and how can we’re just, you know, the little engine that could that’s plodding along and we’re hardly, we’re not seeing that quote, unquote, hockey stick effect of growth. Right. But if you’re comparing you to you, then you just need to be better than you did before.

Lesley Logan 14:29
(…) Jr. It’s like, Am I Am I a percentage closer

Brad Crowell 14:33
(…) percentage better every day

Lesley Logan 14:35
Yeah. You know, I was it was do we should I talk about this? Like, I know, you’d hear I would hear people say like, oh, I had a six figure launch. And this and you’re like, oh, okay, and then you find out that they spent $90,000 on ads, and so they made 100

Brad Crowell 14:53
You didn’t talk about it

Lesley Logan 14:55
So, so you’ll hear people like you will think people are skyrocketing. Or you’ll think they’re king of a mountain of the mountain you’re trying to climb. However, you don’t actually know what the expenses that they are doing to make those things happen. And something that blows my mind is like, you’ll hear people say the six, six figure launch their $100,000 launch, but then they spent $90,000 to get there. So they made 10 grand. So if I spent $1,000, and I had a $35,000 launch,

Brad Crowell 15:27
or even a 10, you know, like, $11,000 launch, you made the same time

Lesley Logan 15:31
We made the same 10 grand, technically on the same fucking mountain, right. So. So I think it’s just really important that if you do only compare yourself to yourself, you don’t get distracted. And you also we all going back to like, (…) on negative stuff. We always put people on pedestals. Yeah. And they don’t put themselves on that pedestal, you put them there

Brad Crowell 15:52
Yeah, that’s true. I really loved her attitude towards, you know, people who are like, actually competition technically for her, you know? She said, Yeah, I guess we’re all fighting for the same dollars in some ways. But her respect for them is so deep, that she feels more than competition, that actually gives her like a camaraderie like that they’re all in it together.

Lesley Logan 16:16
Also, like, here’s the thing, if you see someone in your industry, having success, making money, it’s actually a

Brad Crowell 16:25
Should be a very good inspiration.

Lesley Logan 16:27
Means it’s possible for you, if you are in a place where you don’t see anyone having success. Yeah, that is probably, it’s like, it’s like you’re in the fax machine industry. If you are the, if you’re the best.

Got this new idea.

Like, you know what I mean? Like, like, it’s, you have to see these people that are achieving things that you wish were your achievements as inspiration of what’s possible for you. Yeah, almost like it’s opening the doors. Because, you know,

Brad Crowell 16:58
It also really reduces that community like that competition thing. You know, when you’re not like, first off, you’re not beating yourself up for not quote, unquote, being where they are, whoever they are. Yeah, you know, and secondly, it actually shifts everything instead of being an enemy. They can become community, a friend, right? So we were big, we’re super big on community, not competition. If you can look at the other people who are, you know, many of the people listen to this are in the Pilates world. And y’all know that we are facing this unbelievable, uphill battle of like, negativity, and like this fear based decision making inside of our own community, where people feel like, Oh, my God, you’re going to take my clients, like, Fuck you, I’m never gonna be friend, it’s a weird thing.

Lesley Logan 17:46
The studio owners who are treating their staff, like they’re already going to steal from them. And then their staff is feeling like they’re not respected by them or trusted. And so no one is actually excited to be there.

Brad Crowell 17:59
We are anti that attitude altogether. And we truly do believe that every single person out there who’s teaching and running a small business, there are enough clients to make the money that you want to make. And here’s the other crazy thing, what she mentioned, and I’m listening to a book right now that’s talking about the same thing called profit. First is why grow your business? Why? What is this idea of growth? Right? And like, growth, just for growth sake, okay, cool. So you had $100,000 in sales, but you spent 90 of it to get there, or you had maybe a modest $20,000 in sales, but you only spent 1000 to get there you made 19, they only made 10, right? Wouldn’t you rather have more profit, more growth in that area than, like, just growth for growth’s sake, right?

Lesley Logan 18:53
I think that also there’s like The Psychology Of Money, it’s like, you know, that there’s, that’s a great book as well. So we have to get both of these authors on however, It’s true, like, you need to know why you’re growing, and then focusing on like, I think also, like, you learn a lot about yourself when you go into business.

Brad Crowell 18:53
Well, with that idea in mind, you know, when we’re looking at our quote, unquote, competition out there, you know, and if we’re happy with our business and what it is that we’re doing, and we are making the money that we want to make, yes, of course, we should still continue to pursue growth, but, you know, instead of like freaking out that they, you know, are growing at a different rate than we are, we’re still in a good position, and we’re enjoying what we’re doing. And we’re growing, you know, yeah. And we also, like you said earlier, might not have all the big pictures in pieces of the equation. You know, they might be growing because they gave 50% their company to a private equity firm, who gave them $2 million and said, Go spend that on ads.

Lesley Logan 20:00
Oh, you don’t know, I think I just want to bring up this one point that is like she prioritizes her mental health by setting boundaries. And if you are aware that when you see other people having success, you’re like, you’re having this, like green eyed monster come out, right? You don’t have to block them. But you can, you can mute them and give like, these apps now allow you to mute people for 30 days or whatever. And like you, you can still be cheering them on as a follower, but like, not actually facing it. Because, look, let’s be real, there are certain times of my year where I’m like, honestly, I’m exhausted. And you’ve been struggling to get this thing to be finished, and you look like finished three things. It’s not you, it’s me, and I’m gonna mute you, because you’re not bringing me joy right now. But I want to have joy for you. So I need to like put you over there so I can cheer you on. So it’s okay to like prioritize your mental health and understand where you are in your space so that you can show up for yourself and strengthen that muscle where when you see other people having success, you can cheer them on, like, if you’re not in that space, acknowledge that and then go work on that without it being in your face.

Brad Crowell 21:11
Yeah. Yeah. She, you know, she did talk about that, stepping back, emphasizing that doing so doesn’t mean that you don’t love those people, or that you love them any less, it just means that you are prioritizing yourself right now. You know, you’re vulnerable. And that’s, you know, it’s okay. We go through phases.

Lesley Logan 21:29
Yeah. I mean, like, it isn’t even a business like oh, my gosh, if you like are in a recent breakup, and the people around, you’re getting engaged, of course, you’re excited for them. And like, you’re like, I’m excited for you. But like, it’s okay to be like to grow, oh, this is a sign of something that I want for myself. Sure. And so go look into that and explore that and put it in your journal. And you know, you don’t have to like, make it a big deal. But I anyways, can you get off of this? I could have let this interview go on longer. I just frickin loved her. And I hope I get to hug her in real life.

Brad Crowell 22:11
So finally, let’s talk about those Be It action items, what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Ripley Rader? She said something that I, I like, but I also, I’m 50/50 on this one. But she said, do more yourself. And I’m like, I think that it’s great to get started by doing more yourself. But I think that we should put boundaries even on that, or you end up in the Enneagram three, loves to sit, meaning, myself, of I’ll just do it all myself. Right. And so I think, like, I want to kind of put a little bit of a box around this, do more yourself, get the project, started yourself, understand it and decide if it’s something that you really need, and then figure out how to replace yourself in that project. But she’s, she’s talking about embracing that DIY mindset. And in her case, it was the website. And she said, I built my own website. I knew I only had to build it one time. And I was like, people told me oh, you can’t do that. And she’s like, Well, I sure can. And they did they build it. Now, I have a feeling today, she probably has people on her team who helped her maintain that website, who helped her add new products to that website. But when she was originally getting started, she did it herself.

Lesley Logan 23:34
I so I agree. I actually didn’t mind the do more yourself. I do think that some of our listeners that they will just do it all themselves, and then they overwhelm themselves and then they don’t know how to let go. But I do think that like, what becomes an obstacle for a lot of people getting started is they need, they’re like, oh my god, the website’s gonna be so expensive. Oh, my God, this is gonna be so expensive. And so they put an obstacle so

Brad Crowell 23:56
I think from that perspective, too, you know, like the like, well, I have to hire someone to build my website. That’s five grand, then I have to hire someone to do this, then that’s this, like, not necessarily, you can do these things yourself.

Lesley Logan 24:07
Yeah. So I think it’s really important if you are someone who has not taken on this, this idea that you have because you are waiting to have the money or to meet the person who can do the thing. I love it. Do more yourself. If you are Brad, hire more people.

Brad Crowell 24:22
I’m the opposite. I have the tendency to, to never let go of things. And so it’s actually…(Leslye: he becomes the bottleneck.) Yeah, I became the bottleneck. Yeah, yeah. So but what I really did appreciate about what Ripley said is that if you feel the call to do it, you’re probably intrinsically positioned to do the job.

Lesley Logan 24:46
I also think that that’s true. I think sometimes we see things and we’re like, oh, I don’t have the skill set. Like somebody was DMing me yesterday, like, because I want to open a studio. I’m like, Well, I don’t even know how to do that. And I was like, You’re gonna figure it out. You want to do this thing, people who are not as smart as you have done it before. So like, don’t let not knowing how to do something stop you from doing the thing. Do more yourself. You know, I think that that I think it works really well. But you need to know something about you. If you are someone who is going to do it all and then burnout and resent everything and quit. You need to you need at least someone to help you. Yeah. And if that’s someone doing your groceries in your laundry, okay, great…(Brad: Yeah, what about you?) Okay. So, she actually talked about, like, don’t be afraid to it’s like, it’s kind of like, don’t be afraid to do things on your own. So like, there’s do more yourself. And then also, on your, I find a lot of people want to have a business partner. And, y’all, that’s a marriage. And, and I think that is a cop, like there’s imposter syndrome there. And it’s like, well, I need or they want the accountability there. So. So she was like, Don’t be afraid to take something on. It’s not it might not be great or perfect, but you’ll get it done. And you’ll learn from it. And then the next time, I’ll get more perfect or be better. And you shouldn’t detour from taking action. You can gain valuable insights. And there’s knowledge, every failure in air quotes we’ve ever had, has provided so much. In fact, the things the biggest launch we ever had taught us very little. I will say this

Brad Crowell 26:20
Our biggest launch told us that we could do that but like the process of launching, no, it was a mess.

Lesley Logan 26:25
And also, and also, when we have like had things that we thought would go well do badly. We’re like, oh, well, we didn’t need like the messaging. Let’s look at the messaging. Let’s look at this. And it forced us to look at things and see like, where we could have done better. And then we’ve been better because of it. But the things that like just nailed it. They actually taught us very little. And so when they stop working, we don’t know what to fix. And so I really am with her like it’s really cool. To first of all, it’s okay to go it alone. Like you can be the business person, I don’t care if you don’t think that you’re a leader, you are, everyone’s born with these skill sets, there’s, go to Strength Finders, and that they found that there’s not one type of person that makes up a leader. It’s actually just how you use your skill sets. So don’t be afraid. And then it’s okay. You’ll hire people when you’re ready. But you will learn more from making mistakes. And if you are like, No, I want to wait till I find a person who I just met on the street and they have the same goal as me and now we’re gonna be in business together.

Brad Crowell 27:26
Yeah. I mean, it’s like, you know, the entrepreneur in me says, make the mess yourself. And then go back and clean it up, make it a systematic approach, and then replace yourself in that process, right? Because here’s, what we’re talking about here, don’t be afraid to do things on your own. One of the biggest takeaways of me, trying to figure out our bookkeeping, is that now I can have an intelligent conversation with our bookkeepers. Yeah, like I know what they’re talking about. They know what I’m talking about. I can make a suggestion like we can actually have an intelligent conversation. Am I a bookkeeper? I’m not a very good bookkeeper. But at least I understand the process now.

Lesley Logan 28:09
Yeah, I think so. I love that. Ripley, you’re phenomenal. Thank you so much for being you. And, Oh, you guys, I really honestly, like, I thought her stuff, her pants came on the market, like on the radar, like, I don’t know, a couple years ago and that she like just took off. And then in the conversation, I discovered that like she sold them at Fred Segal, US Fred Segal back then it’s, this is like, she’s been around a long time working her ass off to get the fame that she’s at right now. And so you guys

Brad Crowell 28:39
In fact, there’s a Forbes article about her saying I’m the 10 year overnight success.

Lesley Logan 28:45
Yeah. So truly, truly anytime you think someone’s an overnight success, there is an entire iceberg below the surface. You’ve not seen where they’ve just been.

Brad Crowell 28:52
Yeah, I love to hear it. Oh, geez. She said, we call ourselves the ducklings because on the on the pond on the surface we all just look like our heads are looking around. But underneath we’re frantically moving our feet and she said it’s not fear based stress base. It’s but we’re working our asses off down there.

Lesley Logan 29:09
I couldn’t agree more about that. Great. Yes, fellow duckling right over here. Ripley, thank you so much. Everyone, How are we going to use these tips in your life? We want to know and we want you to tag us, launch integrity at pod, tag Ripley Rader and tell her what your takeaways were. I know she’ll love reading them. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 29:28
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 29:28
Until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 29:28
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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Also to Angelina Herico for adding all the content to our website. And finally to Meridith Crowell for keeping us all on point and on time.

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