Defining Your Identity and Contribution to the World

Ep. 356 with Lesley & Brad

“You can change the environment you’re in, just by being a person who’s giving the environment what it needs.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Join Lesley and Brad as they explore the journey of self-discovery, inspired by Ryan Lang’s transformative insights. This episode dives into how a deeper understanding of oneself can enhance your contributions to society. Lesley and Brad share strategies for shedding limiting beliefs and spotlighting your true identity. Together, they discuss the power of minor, daily actions in creating significant life changes and a lasting impact on the world.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How self-improvement enriches your life and the lives around you.
  • Strategies to shift emphasis from external validations to cultivating your true self.
  • Why understanding your identity sets a solid foundation for achieving goals.
  • Insights on making small consistent steps to empower you to the best version of yourself.

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Lesley Logan: He said I believe that I and we, collectively, are so well positioned to help so many people who in turn are going to go out and help others. And I think this is like something that I always tell people like how is self-care not selfish care? Because if you fucking like yourself you’re just nicer people.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:58
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the redefining convo I had with Ryan Lang in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that now, go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us or listen to this one and then listen to that one. Whatever you want to do if this is your first time here, hello.

Brad Crowell 1:14

Lesley Logan 1:15
Brad is my husband. My name is Lesley I never introduced myself on this.

Brad Crowell 1:18
Wow (inaudible) just very rare. Spelled L-E-S-L-E-Y. What?

Lesley Logan 1:22
I don’t think I ever introduced myself on any podcast that we have. So, okay, anyways, thank you for being here. Thanks for being part of this, we are going to get into it. So today is April 18th and it’s National Exercise Day. About this day, it’s a day to encourage everyone to participate in physical activities. Exercise enhances our general health by giving us more energy, making us feel better, and even extending our lives by years. Regular physical activity and exercise have several health benefits that are impossible to overlook. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability, benefits from exercise. Build new habits. So you guys exercise does not mean like burn yourself to the ground and overdo it on this day. I was listening to some podcast and she’s like, yeah, you know, when you’re like feeling good at a workout, you just got back into it. So you just like I’m gonna do two more things. And it’s like, no, if this is your first day exercising this week, maybe like, intentional movement matters, okay? And I think if you don’t like the word exercise, or working out if those those things like cause you any stress or worry or guilt, then intentional movement is what you want. That’s what you want, intentional movement, get that blood flow going. Okay, so we’re in Nashville right now, we come back from Nashville, hang with pups for a few days, and then remind them who loves them, and then leave them again. And we’re gonna be at the Pilates on tour in Phoenix. So super, super excited about this come see us in person, April 26th to the 28th.

Brad Crowell 2:41
Big, big event.

Lesley Logan 2:42
It’s one of their biggest it’s more people than they’ve ever had in Pilates On Tour that I’ve ever been to. And there’s a big huge party on Saturday night because Pilates anytime so come see us we’ll have some flashcards and some other things. So come check us out. May Accelerator. So, the April Accelerator was so great. So many people loved it and also learned from it and so many people missed it. So Brad is doing another one. So go to this is where you’re, if you’re a teacher or studio owner, you’re going to learn how to grow your biz and particularly if you work for yourself. So if you’re an employee somewhere, if you, you can come if you’re wanting to not be an employee somewhere but it’s best for people who get to actually make their own decisions in their business. So and what day in May, Brad, do we know?

Brad Crowell 3:31
Sure. Just get on the list.

Lesley Logan 3:35
If you hit that it’ll tell you.

Brad Crowell 3:36
I do, I do have it somewhere I just don’t know off the top of my head.

Lesley Logan 3:38
And then also in May we are actually doing another earlybird for Cambodia because well we over we’ve sold out.

Brad Crowell 3:46
We definitely have a large group coming in October, which is just really amazing and exciting.

Lesley Logan 3:51
It’s so amazing. It’s so amazing. So (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 3:53
We actually have more interests. So we opened up February 25.

Lesley Logan 3:56
Yeah, opened up February and it’s a really good time to come. It’s going to be after Lunar New Year celebrations. And so it’s just at the tail end of what would be considered high season for travel there, which means it’s not a lot of people there. It’s before it gets too hot and it’s just a really lovely time also, I do really love the sunrises in February, so I’m just gonna be really honest, like October is amazing and the weather is phenomenal and everything is green. But in February the sunrises are just really, really cool. It will be about a month, actually like two weeks off of like, what would be the spring equinox which means you just have to turn your phone a little bit and then your sunrise is directly over in core. So go to Lesley Logan. L-E-S-L-E-Y as we talked about earlier (

Brad Crowell 4:36
That’ll get you on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 4:38
Yeah, they’ll get you on the waitlist which means if you’re on the waitlist

Brad Crowell 4:40
(Inaudible) announcement. Yeah, only those on the waitlist, get the early bird announcement.

Lesley Logan 4:44
Once you hear it publicly on the socials and stuff. It’s because it’s full price. Yeah. And then also coming up huge, humongous deal.

Brad Crowell 4:53
Big deal, y’all.

Lesley Logan 4:53
Big deal. We are doing the biggest ever OPC summer camp. I think it’s one of the biggest events ever. Definitely one of the biggest virtual events ever for Pilates lovers of all kinds at all levels. It’s only two days. It’s the first weekend of June. The workshops are all virtual and workouts and there’s a lifetime access to them. And so there’s no excuses to not get your ticket. But this time, you can buy a day pass or you can buy ala carte. If you’re an OPC member, you’re actually going to get the earliest of early bird tickets, which you may have already gotten those emails by the time this comes out. And then if you’re on the waitlist, you get a different early bird pricing, not as goes OPC members, but still really good, better than the public early bird. And then once you hear publicly, it’s the public early bird and then it’s full price.

Brad Crowell 5:35
It’s the recurring theme here, y’all even though we may already have your email, get yourself on this waitlist because we’re not going to add you to them. You have to add yourself.

Lesley Logan 5:41
You have to add yourself. Why? Because you have to raise your hand for the things you want in this life.

Brad Crowell 5:44
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 5:46
Hi, I’m an elder millennial and you gotta work for it. Okay. All right. So before we get into Ryan’s amazing takeaways, we have an audience question?

Brad Crowell 5:54
Yeah, we did. This was a great one from Meghan MBE on IG, I shortened your last name, Meghan. But she asked, hey, hey, how do you feel about music in a Pilates class? How about background music? What about choreographed Pilates class that goes to music? Is any of this frowned upon?

Lesley Logan 6:10
Yeah, so it’s not here’s the thing, legal, there’s legal things to think about here versus like, like, what’s going on? So is it frowned upon? No, I don’t put exercises to music beats because the reality is, is like that, I’m not a spin class teacher, I’m not a bar teacher, I’m not a dance teacher. If you come from a dance world, and that’s a strength you have, and that’s a style you like to teach, that’s fine. As a classical teacher, here’s what I love, we start with a hundred, we do push-ups, put a theme in there. And for me, I literally do not play any music on anything that is online for us. And that’s for a reason. It’s very expensive to get licensed music of any kind that anyone would recognize, ever. And so. And by the way, when I apparently when I was teaching classes at Equinox, I was illegally using music. Oops, I didn’t know.

Brad Crowell 7:02
But also too, I think your class has to be up to speed. You know, like, sometimes if people are learning any of the moves, and you’ve got like, okay, we’re gonna do this now. Now, now, because you got to choreograph, you might be leaving people behind (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 7:11
Yeah, yeah. That’s also why it works for a bar class or a dance class, because you can repeat the moves, whereas in Pilates, we don’t do that.

Brad Crowell 7:14
(Inaudible) to repeat the moves. That doesn’t happen in Pilates. So, yeah.

Lesley Logan 7:29
Maybe you do 10 reps, but you’re not usually going back to an exercise unless you’re replacing something you can’t do yet with something you can. So.

Brad Crowell 7:35
I was thinking about your the stint you did about step up classes that you’re doing.

Lesley Logan 7:41
Oh, my little stint. Yeah.

Brad Crowell 7:42
And they were but it was like, they would teach you the move. And then you would do the moves. And then you would do a second move. And then you’d merge those two together, and do both moves, and then you do a third and add it in. It’s repetitional until you actually like, get it.

Lesley Logan 7:53
And then at the end, they added the music. And then we did to music. We didn’t learn it to music. And so that’s another thing like, like, you just have to decide like, how you how you turn the music on and off. So I did background music, when I work in studios on tour, whatever background music they’re playing, that is fine with me. I hope they have the rights to it. I’m not involved. But also, like, we had an incredible webinar about music licensing. And just because you pay for your Spotif y doesn’t mean you’re licensing for business. And you can’t, y’all can get in trouble for doing this. Brad can talk about that. But I because I don’t know the name of these people. But like, it’s a real big deal. You wouldn’t like it if people were using your stuff for free.

Brad Crowell 8:33
So you know, yeah, they’re called PROs performance rights organizations, and they literally have people out in the field, you know, like secret shoppers, they do the same thing for music, it exists. You know, and they are the, they’re the in between the go between, for where music is played, whether that’s a radio station, or like a theater or something. And the artists themselves and they effectively represent the artists and they say, Hey, you guys gotta pay for the music. You’re playing in your lobby, because these guys over here wrote it, and they, you know, you’re using their product. So anyway, that’s what those PROs actually do. But it’s long and complicated to be honest. We just intentionally don’t record music because it just cuts the whole thing out.

Lesley Logan 9:16
Yep. Yep. Makes it easy. Anyways, I hope this was helpful for you.

Brad Crowell 9:20
Great question, Meghan. Thank you for asking it.

Lesley Logan 9:22
And you guys, just send in your questions, and we will answer them in detail on the podcast.

Brad Crowell 9:27
Yeah, do it. All right. Now let’s talk about Mr. Ryan Lang. He’s the founder of Whole Performance Coaching and co-founder of Empire Partners. Ryan brings over two decades of experience from building an eight-figure energy business to consulting for notable clients like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His approach to coaching is deeply influenced by his insights into identity’s impact on performance. Identity’s impact on performance, that’s an interesting thing to say. And I, I think there’s a there was just a really, really interesting conversation. I didn’t actually know any of Ryan’s backstory even though we know him I had never sat down and like just listened to him share so I enjoyed this conversation a lot actually.

Lesley Logan 10:10
Yeah I thought it was really fun I think it’s interesting is like when we meet people when they’re at like this new top of their life we like know this we know that the

Brad Crowell 10:19
We only know the today.

Lesley Logan 10:20
We don’t know the before Ryan and I don’t know the don’t, gonna be honest right? Not sure we’ve been friends. Not sure. Not in a bad way I don’t know if our paths may have crossed. I don’t think you wouldn’t like me either. Anyways, I love that he said this, the more internal work I did on myself the more I was looking at what I was getting back to the world. And this is when he was talking about how he was just like sucking badly at like giving back to the world. He just really wasn’t. And.

Brad Crowell 10:55
It wasn’t just the world. It was like his family, his daughters, his life.

Lesley Logan 10:59
Yeah, and you know and so I think, we were recently listening to someone else yesterday on a call. And they were talking about like, someone was complaining to her boss. And the coach was like, Well, what do you think your boss needs? Well, have you thought about giving your boss what they need? And it was interesting thing, because it’s like, of course, you’ll gonna go what a shit boss. Fuck that boss. And then it’s like, oh, burn, what have you been doing? But like, also, the idea is like, yes, there are gross narcissists out there. There’s terrible people, of course. But what are you bringing to the environment that you’re in, to people that are around you, and you can change the environment you’re in, just by being a person who’s giving the environment what it needs, and what the people around you need. And so the more internal work he did, he was able to look around and see what he was giving back. And you can, it can be a really nice mirror. And so I really appreciate him sharing that internal work. And I think we can all use more. I think it’s a really good time to step in and go, what am I doing? How am I attributing or contributing to the world and we all need contribution, we all need to contribute for to feel like we’re part of society, community growing in this world.

Brad Crowell 12:07
Yeah, he talked about how he like really hated himself. He said something that really struck a chord with me, I was gonna say profound, but.

Lesley Logan 12:16
I thought you were going to say poignant, (inaudible) you love poignant.

Brad Crowell 12:21
He struck a chord with me when he said, based on the actions that I had taken, I started to tell myself my own identity. Right? So for example, he said he was driving on sales, he was working remotely. So he’s driving around, you know, and he’s away from his family. And he’s like, I guess, because of my company that I started that I, you know, my partners and I have done, I guess, I’m just that dad who’s going to be absent. I guess that’s just who I am. And that I that really, really hit me hard. What because I remember with my, my ex-wife, thinking, I made the decision that we are going to be married. And so I guess this is just what marriage is. And it fucking sucks. You know? And I was like, okay, I signed up for this next 50 years. And I literally told myself this, and I was just like, resigned to this idea of like, this thing that I was, I felt very stuck in. Right? And that shaped me. That really, really made me sad. Because I wasn’t enjoying the relationship. I was shocked. I was actually more shocked that this was the relationship the experience of being married than anything else. I was like, this is not what my expectations were in any way. Right? But and I was like, I guess I’m in. I guess meant for it now. Because I went through with it.

Lesley Logan 13:47
Yeah, I feel like there’s some sentences like I just, this is just who I am. Whenever you hear yourself, say this is just the way it is. Or this is just who I am. That you are creating a obstacle, a block a limiting belief in that moment, that if you were able to step outside yourself and actually hear someone else say that about themselves, you would never, you would never here’s what I know, you didn’t say this out loud anyone. And he didn’t say this out loud anyone. And if you, because if you had something like no way, dude, that is not you don’t have to be this person. That’s not who you were.

Brad Crowell 14:19
Yeah, I bet my ex did say this out loud to her best friend. And she clearly wasn’t happy in the relationship either. Right? And so she’s the one that ultimately pulled the plug. And that’s where the catalyst of change happened in my life. Where is with Ryan, what I found really interesting is he, he actually said, I don’t remember what was the moment but I just remember there was a day that I said, I can’t keep doing this anymore. And that’s when the change started to happen. And it really shifted. That’s when he started working more on himself because he said I hated myself. I didn’t like who I was becoming. The story I was telling myself was shit. I felt like shit. And he got really, really dark, you know, internally. And then, you know, when he made that decision, alright, this cannot continue, or else what’s the point? You know, he started to work on himself and tell himself different stories and shift and change and draw lines in the sand and he contacted his wife and he said, hey, do you actually want to try to fix this thing? You know, and he said, I want to be a better dad. And you know, and I think the thing was, it was all rigged, in spite of the thing that he thought he had to do, which was his job, right, this company that he started and this thing he signed up for, and for me, it was my marriage, this commitment that I have made, right? And he said, when, you know, I’m going to make a change, despite my job. Right? And for my ex and I was, we’re going to make a change despite our marriage. Right? And so anyway.

Lesley Logan 15:54
I’m really grateful for your ex-wife. I’m just gonna say that. I think it’s so important for people to hear.

Brad Crowell 15:58
Yeah. You know what, me too, be honest.

Lesley Logan 16:01
Yeah. I mean, like, shout out to her for like, realizing like, I should pull this because now you and I are together.

Brad Crowell 16:06
Well, there’s that for sure. But also, I wasn’t, I wasn’t very happy. I really wasn’t happy. I was becoming a very dark person.

Lesley Logan 16:13
Yeah. Lastly, and then we’ll talk about what you loved. I think we can wrap this up with what he said. I believe that I and we, collectively, are so well positioned to help so many people who in turn are going to go out and help others. And I think this is like something that I always tell people like how is self-care, not selfish care? Because if you fucking like yourself, you’re just nicer people.

Brad Crowell 16:33
Yeah. And so this is the other side of his story, right? This is today, or now he is like, he’s a completely different person than he was, you know, 10 years ago. I don’t know what the timeline actually was, his relationship with his wife is healthier. He’s being a dad on purpose, all that kind of stuff. And today with his, with his company, he gets to help people help people.

Lesley Logan 16:54
Yeah, and I think that’s like, that’s the reason why I believe more buyers should do Pilates is because when you take care of yourself, you change the lives of the people around you, when you fill your cup, you are a completely different person than when your cup is drained. Brad, drained and pissed and in his last marriage, not a nice person to the barista, not, I’m sure not still not an asshole, because you were in the service industry, but just like not seeing like the potential out there. But you know, when you when you can change how you help people, and you can change how you see yourself. And you can start to see that when I take care of me and I give out to the world, it makes the people around me better and then they make those people, it’s a domino effect of the world being a better place. So anyways, I just love that. Okay, your turn.

Brad Crowell 17:40
Yeah. Well, what I thought was interesting, was the two of you went down this really cool conversation about the what, you know, versus the who. And at first, I was like, this is obscure, I don’t really I’m not connecting the dots here. But you kept talking about which I’m really glad you did, because it kind of brought it home for me. Ryan’s initial company, the job that he signed up for the job, the life he created, was in pursuit of money. Right? And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But that was the thing that was it. And he said, actually, what I’ve what I was pursuing was the what. And the what was how do I get paid? As opposed to how do I pursue the who? And the who is who do I want to be in what I am doing? Right? And I thought this is so profound. It made me go back to, this is so poignant. This made me think back to

Lesley Logan 18:40
It struck a chord with me.

Brad Crowell 18:42
This struck a chord. This really resonated with me, this took me back to high school, where I was like, what do I want to do with my life? That’s the fucking question that we all ask. What do I want to do with my life? (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 18:52
They ask little kids, what do you want to do?

Brad Crowell 18:54
Yeah. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lesley Logan 18:55
My sister’s response? An adult.

Brad Crowell 18:57
I love that response. I think that’s the wrong question to be asking, “What do you want to be?” I think it’s, “Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? How do you want to treat people?” And then the what will find itself. It comes together. I never fucking imagined in any way shape or form that I would be involved in Pilates. Ever. I didn’t even know what Pilates was until I was in my 30s. If you asked me when I was 18. I don’t know, I would have told you I wanted to be a pro soccer player or something. You know, but who did I want to be? What a profound difference my life would have had.

Lesley Logan 18:57
It would have had a poignant moment.

Brad Crowell 19:32
It would have had a poignant difference in the cultivation of Brad’s resonance with the, he said by not paying attention to who, and instead focusing on what, we literally become whatever it is we’re chasing, which is the what, and then we wake up one day and go holy crap, who the hell is this? Who the hell am I? Right? I really, really appreciated the conversation that you had around that.

Lesley Logan 19:59
Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I just thought it was a great, I’m so grateful for Ryan. We had a really great conversation. I came out of it going, I learned a lot today.

Brad Crowell 20:05
Yeah, I think we have an opportunity if we’ve not ever thought about the who. Why not start thinking about the who today? Because we wouldn’t, we most likely inadvertently dedicated our lives to the what? You know, what do I want to do, what do I want to be, how is it gonna go?

Lesley Logan 20:23
(Inaudible) like, what do you do for a living? So no one asked me like, who are you? And I was who was I with? Oh, we’re having her back on, Mel Dolman. She’ll ask people like, oh, how do you like to spend your time because like, it allows for people get out of the oh, I do this for a living, but it actually was at South by Southwest. And so it’s like a networking, you know, whatever. And everyone’s like, this is how amazing it is. And she was just like, oh, how do you spend your time if you’re like, what?

Brad Crowell 20:49
Right, exactly.

Lesley Logan 20:50
It’s like what do you, what do you do with your time? Like, what do you like to do with it?

Brad Crowell 20:54
But I, but thinking about this, like, you know, if you have never thought about who you want to be and you’re already quote-unquote resigned to what’s happening in your world might be finding yourself in a similar position as Ryan, right? And you know, so but

Lesley Logan 21:11
Don’t be old Ryan.

Brad Crowell 21:12
It’s not, it’s not too late to start asking yourself the question, “Who do I want to be?” You know, who would I want to be now?

Lesley Logan 21:19
I mean, that’s the be it till you see it thing.

Brad Crowell 21:22
Yep. Love it. All right. Finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. Say it with me y’all. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Ryan Lang? Again,

Lesley Logan 21:23
Why are you saying his name like that? Ryan Lang, come on down, welcome to The Price is Right.

Brad Crowell 21:44
So he said start with the who like we were just talking about. First and foremost, don’t do anything before you figure out the who. This emphasizes the importance of self-identity before taking action on the what? Before you even sit out on your annual goals ask how do I want to show up this year? Who do I want to be? I love this. I think this is fantastic.

Lesley Logan 22:07
I also think you can, by the way, you guys can start new a new year today. You don’t have to like oh, you know, it’s April.

Brad Crowell 22:13
Yeah, I guess I’ll start in eight months.

Brad Crowell 22:15
Just so you know, like it was just the combined new year. So it’s like there’s like literally a new year at different times of the day depending on like where where you are what religion you have, like you can have, you can have a, you can try the new moon. Okay, so like you could just start this now. And you can change how your trajectory is going by starting with who. Which leads to what are some small steps that I can take literally every day and hammer in that nail? Now just a side note, shout out to Anthony our yoga teacher do not hammer your actual nail don’t do it. It’s not pretty. Hope his palm is getting better. (Inaudible) I love him so much. I’m sure he doesn’t listen. Anyways, but what are like when you think about the who be it till you see it means work backwards. And what are some steps you can literally take every day but so if you’re, if the who is someone who is like bright and shiny, has great energy for their children, what do you have to do every day to have energy for your children? What would that look like? Is it more sleep? Is it more water? Is it more vegetables? Yeah, just just a shameless plug for you know, the ad there. But you know so think about that. And I think that those two questions are something you can ponder, percolate, pontificate on just using Brad’s ridiculous amount of words he uses to like, draw attention to a thing that he’s thinking.

Lesley Logan 22:16
Very poignant, babe.

Lesley Logan 22:18
It really is. To helping you figure out the who and how to make the who who you are today. It’s how to be it till you see it. I mean, it feel like he just like summed up how to be it till you see it right there in his action items. I was just gonna say, like, put that on the, on the board.

Brad Crowell 23:50
Well, the small steps, you know, what I thought was cool about this was he was talking about the what if you’re in a place where you just feel like you’re lying to yourself, right? Because he’s like, what do I, like, you know, I was, I started to smile about certain things, but I felt like it was fake, you know, and it but it’s a small step that you can take to start the change. There will come a point along the path that you believe it, you know, that you actually live it, you are it. And that is the be it moment. So when you look in the mirror, you actually believe that you’re becoming the person.

Lesley Logan 24:23
You’ll probably won’t actually see the day that it happened. It won’t be like ding-ding-ding-ding. It’ll just have like slowly happened, just like

Brad Crowell 24:30
You have arrived.

Lesley Logan 24:32
Yeah, just to say in the same way that it slowly happened the other way for him. Anyways, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 24:38
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 24:38
Thank you so much for listening to this podcast today. We are so grateful for you. How are you going to use these tips in your life? We want to know. Tag the Be It Pod, tag Ryan Lang. Make sure you share with him how his episode may have changed your life or what you what you were thinking about doing. It means a lot to our guests and it means a lot to this podcast. It’s how this podcast gets found. So leave us a review. Send in a question. What else can I ask you to do? Share this with a friend. And until next time, be it till you see it.

Brad Crowell 25:03
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
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Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at

Brad Crowell
Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music and our branding by designer and artist Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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