How to Allow

Yourself to Feel

Ep. 290 with Lesley & Brad

“Doing a celebration is more than inside your head. You have to talk it out loud.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

In this episode, Brad and Lesley recap their insightful interview with Tamika Robinson, the founder of Jar Fit. They discuss the significance of positive reinforcement, journaling, acknowledging progress in achieving one’s goals, and the importance of embracing your feelings.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why positive reinforcements create habits to get you closer to your goals.
  • How acknowledging your own progress can make you feel good about your achievements.
  • The importance of writing yourself checks to make financial goals more real and achievable.
  • Why feeling your “feelings” and crying is perfectly acceptable.
  • The importance of narrowing down your to-do lists in prioritizing your tasks.

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Lesley Logan: Positive reinforcement is actually how habits are created. No one gets anywhere being shamed. You cannot shame yourself to hit your goals.

Lesley Logan 0:50
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the motivational convo I had with Tamika Robinson in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened that episode, feel free to pause this now. Go back, listen to that one, you’re gonna hear Tamika and I giggle a lot, especially if you’re listening 2x like Brad does, then it sounds like chipmunks. But it’s a lot of fun. It’s quite motivational. I loved it, it was really great. And then you can come back and listen to this or you can listen to us now and then decide when to listen to that. Whatever you want to do is totally fine. I just want to like highlight for a moment that this is the first time ever I have not tripped up on the intro of the recap. And we should just take a moment because it’s what 200 Episode 290. After 145 times of trying here we are celebrating.

Brad Crowell 1:34
I also did not interrupt you. So yeah.

Lesley Logan 1:36
You didn’t interrupt me and I didn’t fuck up. And you gotta celebrate when you do things so your dopamine kick happens. And this is now a habit.

Lesley Logan 1:45
Okay, so today is November 16. It’s Useless Stuff Day. That’s so crazy. I think that my FYF for tomorrow is about how I cleared out my closet. I didn’t even know that, so great. So the day was created to spread awareness around the clutter of unnecessary things in our homes, especially during the busiest shopping months of the year. It encourages people to adopt a minimalist lifestyle where only the essentials are bought or kept. Keep that in mind as we talk about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, most everything that we’re about to talk about is digital. So not gonna take up any space. But I agree, I do think that like, we probably have a lot of things. So maybe pick a room one of the things that Brad and I do on the New Year, which we’re going to do this time around Thanksgiving, because we’re never home on the New Year’s anymore. So I picked a new holiday. So on Thanksgiving weekend we are we go through room by room, like clean out a closet, clean out a drawer and just like get rid of stuff. You’re like i What is this? It’s taking up space.

Brad Crowell 2:41
And it was a hell of a lot easier when we lived in an apartment.

Lesley Logan 2:44
Yes, now we don’t. But now we have a whole weekend to do it, Brad, because we have Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Brad Crowell 2:50
That’s true. That’s true.

Lesley Logan 2:52
Also, it’s it’s even if you just start with one room and just do the one room and you go, Okay, I have not used this in so many years like do you really need it, give it away to someone give it to someone. You can sell things on Facebook marketplace, you can make some money so you can actually get paid. Then what’s going on. So next month is December. So we’ll be on tour for our winter tour. And we’ve got tons of cities and lots of opportunity. Bring your friends bring your family, there’s classes that anyone can attend. And then there’s workshops that I designed them so that whether you’re a teacher or a client, you can enjoy them. But there are CECs if you are a teacher. So go to to see what cities we’re going to be in. Look we’re driving 7000 miles, you can drive two hours. I’m just saying.

Brad Crowell 3:36

Lesley Logan 3:36
You can be part of if you are like oh my god Lesley, it’s a holiday I have a family. I bet you they (inaudible), but you need a break. Or you can bring them and let me entertain them. So You’re gonna want to be there. Next week is a holiday.

Brad Crowell 3:50
It’s a crazy tour. We’re going to be hitting something like 20-plus locations on this tour.

Lesley Logan 3:59
Yeah. I want to light I want to lighten the van that’s like you are in Denver and like, hello Denver what’s up? Like, then I was like okay, Lesley, you are now in Austin, okay. I’m in Austin, okay, like I need to, I need a flashing light anyways, but let’s get back to today. Next week is the official Black Friday Cyber Monday situation. So I know your inbox is full of people who celebrate all month long. But here at our household, we really like nostalgia. And so the earliest we kick things off is next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, there are lots of opportunities for you to save on mat flashcards, on Pilates workshops, on business workshops.

Brad Crowell 4:45
And my special upcoming live webinar.

Lesley Logan 4:48

Brad Crowell 4:49
We’re gonna be doing. We’re gonna be selling tickets for that over BFCM as well.

Lesley Logan 4:54
We might as well go into what that webinar is.

Brad Crowell 4:57
What your website needs.

Lesley Logan 4:59
You all, websites are not going anywhere. I don’t care how important social media seems to be in your life. And no matter what your be it till you see it is I bet you need a website.

Brad Crowell 5:09
I’ll be catering it specifically towards Pilates instructors.

Lesley Logan 5:12
Yeah. But if you’re in a service based business

Brad Crowell 5:14
If you’re yoga or anything like that, that’s super good, you know, it’ll be super applicable for you too. And I’m going to be really digging into things like, let’s say you actually have no interest in doing the website yourself. By the end of the webinar, you should be able to have a comprehensive, you know, conversation with your web designer, web developer person, so that, you know, you don’t feel like they’re talking over your head.

Lesley Logan 5:40
Well, and also you want to be able to know like, you don’t need them to sell you things you don’t need. So when you know what your website needs, you can be really clear, like, this is what I want, how much is this and that way you can really price compare, and you can find if someone’s not listening to you be like, oh, like you’re gonna have a lot more competence in those conversations. So super huge, you’re gonna want to make sure if you’re in the service-based industry, you’re gonna want to make sure you’re watching for our Pprofitable Pilates emails, because the best deal is going to be around the Black Friday, Cyber Monday. So we have discounts on OPC and on Profitable Pilates. So you’ll have to go to the website specifically to grab all of those. There’s options if you’re not an OPC member, but you’ve always wanted to try it out. There’s a deal for that. I mean, we are doing all the things most of them are digital so you can still clean out your house and be clutter free and get these things but you’re (inaudible) flashcards just saying. Anyways, okay, so that is all the updates for us. Before we get into the episode with Tamika, do we have an audience question?

Brad Crowell 6:36
Hey, we sure do. What a coincidence. This week.

Lesley Logan 6:42
I just got this question today on Instagram.

Brad Crowell 6:44
What microphones do you use to record your Pilates workouts?

Lesley Logan 6:47
Yes, so okay, um, in all honesty, I don’t know. But Brad probably does. What we do

Brad Crowell 6:54
We use whatever Nate tells us to use.

Lesley Logan 6:57
Yes, so Nate is the most incredible, most amazing salesperson at Sweetwater sound, and you guys. Sweetwater is like one of the coolest companies because they’re like, they’re kicking ass when it comes to selling microphones in all the spaces they’re just like they sell more than microphones.

Brad Crowell 7:14
It’s basically that like in the 90s and early 2000s They were competing with Guitar Center which was brick and mortar and they were a mail order catalog only. And then they went online and then now they actually give Amazon a run for their money for music distribution or for music gear distribution.

Lesley Logan 7:33
And they have warehouses now in different places, which is a huge new thing for them (inaudible) yeah, and so they can get you stuff so quickly. So Nate is our guy and so here’s how you can find out all the information on anything that we use to record for our YouTube videos and our on demand workouts you go to Brad made a fancy guide and has literally all the things you need to level up your live stream you it’s free it’s free guide just go to

Brad Crowell 8:06
Yeah and if the if the gear, gear changes over time so you know there’s there’s direct connection to Nate right in the on that guide.

Lesley Logan 8:15
Tell him what you’re doing and he’ll tell you what you should get.

Brad Crowell 8:17
Just reach out to him just email him and tell him that you came from us. Tell him what you’re looking for. And we’ll help you out.

Lesley Logan 8:24
He did our podcast mics, he does he helps us with our Pilates mics.

Brad Crowell 8:26
Even this lighting.

Lesley Logan 8:27
Oh yeah. And speaking of Pilates mics we have to get a new cord because we’re at a year and yeah, these cords just so you know, everyone they’re not made for filming Pilates. They’re made for maybe filming a spin class.

Brad Crowell 8:40
They’re not made for rolling around on the microphone cord. No.

Lesley Logan 8:43
Correct. And so basically like my cord lasts a year. That’s all, that’s pretty much all it is. And it’s annoying and it’s frustrating and yes, it’s but it costs money. Guess what? It costs money to make money. I don’t, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, it costs money.

Brad Crowell 9:02
The cord’s not that bad.

Lesley Logan 9:04
It’s like 100 bucks.

Brad Crowell 9:04
No, the cord, it’s like seven.

Lesley Logan 9:06
Oh, okay, well spent. But yeah, but like when you invest the first time for the microphone, it’s like 100 bucks.

Brad Crowell 9:10
Yeah. The microphone is more expensive. Yes. Yeah, the cord is fine.

Lesley Logan 9:14
Anyway, so, you guys send your questions in, we answer questions ranging all host of things. So send them on to the Be It pod we can answer your questions on the next episode.

Brad Crowell 9:26
Okay, now let’s talk about Tamika Robinson, founder of Jar Fit. Tamika shares her journey as a personal trainer, focusing on 80 women to achieve their body goals. She’s committed to empowering her clients celebrating their small wins and fostering self-belief through each step of their fitness journey. And I don’t know if you’ve gone to her website to see pictures of her competition body. But she’s amazingly impressive. When it comes to, she competes. And I think she’s won titles and stuff. So it’s amazing to see. You know, so you can do that. Her husband, I believe also competes because he’s massive.

Lesley Logan 10:13
I know. But you know, like that, that means that parts of the year they only have rice and salmon. And like, that’s a whole world of life. We didn’t really dive into competitions, just because I wanted to be, yeah, no, yeah. Because I want it to be like what you can be till you see it. And I really like. So we had on James Patrick a while back and he hosts an amazing event every year about getting like booked for gigs. Hello, August. And getting booked for gigs. And we are one of the media outlets that they can get booked on. And he has been on the show. So he knows what we’re looking for. And out of the like 500 people he’s like, here are the best people I think you’d like. So take a look at all 500. But I think you would love these. And I did look through about 100. But I looked at the five that he sent me. And Tamika, I just like I really so which what came through on her stuff is very much this. Like she said, if you get better 1% every day, that the end of the year, that’s 365%. Now I’m sure there’s a mathematician who is actually going to say, well, actually, if you start off at 100%, it does compound, so it’s even more amazing. It’s even more amazing. And I loved it because it made me think of Allen Stein Jr. But how he’s always like, did I get 1% closer to my goal today? And so I think like, especially because the women who listen to this podcast, hi, I see, you might type a perfectionist, we tend to think it’s all or nothing if I didn’t improve 100% I did nothing today. And it’s like, actually, what if you do just one thing, one thing today that got you closer to your goal, at the end of the year, it’s 365 things, you probably are going to surpass that goal. You know. And so when we make it up so hard, so she, she does this a little bit more specifically, we got into like, how she does with her weight training and like helping people. But I want to like more importantly, I want to talk about how she like, uses positive reinforcement to motivate her clients, you guys positive reinforcement is actually how habits are created. No one gets anywhere being shamed. You cannot shame yourself to hit your goals, period. And I’m sorry, you might be able to shame yourself to get out of the fucking bed a couple times a week or maybe get to the wherever the place but like you cannot shame yourself to achieving anything because it doesn’t work is the same thing as like motivation. Like if you’re waiting to be motivated, like that’s going to come on you I was motivated at 4am this morning. That is not a consistent thing. It’s just because we got home and we’re still working on getting up at 5am. But I was like motivated and ready to go. That’s you know, you can’t just wait on motivation. It’s going to come up with the worst times, right. And she also talked about like, how she really encourages her clients to journal and on their experiences and reflections. And I think this is really great. We listen to a guy on his podcast and he writes everything down. He must write his everyday down. Because he remember his his stories he’s like on this day, 23 years ago, yeah, this thing happened to me. And I’m like, What the fuck? Is he reading his journal? Like, how does he know what happened on this day to himself in 47 years? Like, what is happening?

Brad Crowell 13:27
Well, yeah, obviously he has it all catalogued too, so he could flip through? Yeah. And like immediately reference like, this day, on all these years previous. I mean,

Lesley Logan 13:38
What if we just did that for that recaps instead of like, it’s this day in the world right now. Like, okay, on this day, 27 years ago, in my life, I went on my first date. No, but like, if you can take whether you want to journal in the morning, or in the evening, find a time to like, talk, like write down your experiences from the day write down three things that happened to you, and then reflect on like, how did you like that? What was your favorite part about that? Because those kinds of things help you really understand yourself. I with Brad and I were in a coaching session today with our coach. And I was like, Oh, I journaled today. And I became extremely aware of like, how I’ve been holding myself back this year. And it’s not like in a negative way. It’s like, oh, aha moment. Whoa, like, these things are really important. So I love that she does that and then she really encourages them to acknowledge their own progress. So they can feel good about their achievements. So just I think more coaches like her affecting more women out in the world she does it through weight training, but like my goodness, you guys don’t You don’t have to wait train with her to get this you can actually like take these things and like apply them to your life the way you do them.

Brad Crowell 14:42
Yeah, totally. And, you know, when when? Well, she said a bunch of things that I also dug. One I thought it was really fun that she mentioned. She and her partner both share similar personal goals and so that’s why they started working together. And that was fun. Because that’s how life is for us. And it made me think about that. But I really loved when she was talking about, like her transition into becoming a coach. Becoming a trainer actually. And so she said, if you’re planning on starting your side, hustle or leaving your full-time job, you must know what it is that you need to make, so that you can enjoy

Lesley Logan 15:31
I knew you’d love this.

Brad Crowell 15:32
Yeah. So you can like enjoy being, you know, in your new role. And because she, it was really interesting to listen to her talk about like, the idea of being a trainer. And that being her profession, right, because she comes from like, she went and got a Criminal Justice background degree, like master’s degree. She was like, trying to work for the FBI, like three times she applied and wasn’t getting the FBI.

Lesley Logan 16:02
I mean, their fucking loss, because she’s amazing. And also, like, she’s so sweet. I feel like the FBI would like just like…

Brad Crowell 16:08
Yeah. Let’s she, you know, so she had this preconceived notion of like, who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life, and then she just enjoyed the training and then started, you know, she got certified and then started training people. And but I still think even she mentioned that even after she started taking clients, she still wasn’t like, convinced herself that this is her job, her profession, right. And it took a long time for her to settle in and actually did really lean into it. And, you know, so I think, when she was first starting out, she was a little unsettled, like, I’m not, you know, making my insurance or I’m not making my, my, you know, the money that I think I should be making or whatever. And so she then reflects on that and teaches her clients like, hey, you know, know what you need to make before you quit. And she said, also, what I thought was really nice is that it was messy. It was a messy process, I thought that was really cool that she was so transparent. You know, it didn’t happen overnight, she didn’t like immediately start making her goal income right away all the things. In fact, she, she started writing herself a check for 10 grand, every single month, even if she wasn’t able to cash that check, she began to visualize this concept of like, this is the amount of money that I know that I want to make. I’m gonna write myself this check until I can cash (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 17:38
I’m obsessed with this and so many reasons. reasons. One of the reasons is a too often people who work for themselves don’t pay themselves an actual paycheck, they just like take from the bank account. Like, they don’t actually get the same paycheck every month. Right? And the other reason I love it is like she’s practicing writing down $10,000 paid to, to make it like the reality.

Brad Crowell 18:00
I think she started talking about like, Monopoly money, though, because she was like, I don’t have a checkbook.

Lesley Logan 18:04
Yeah. But also okay. But also like seeing that, or this is something I talked to, like people who like, that’s too much money to charge. It’s like, say it out loud all the time. So it doesn’t sound foreign. It’s like, you the those these things can be come a little esoteric, or, or I guess it’s the best word for this. Yeah. If you if you only think about them in your head, but if you actually, like, write the check, like we’ve had, or like, when we got this house

Brad Crowell 18:31
It doesn’t feel real like it’s you know, it’s like, telling yourself, good job, but you don’t, you know, doesn’t really benefit you.

Lesley Logan 18:40
I think like, the best you could do is like write yourself the check. Even if you don’t cash it or, you know, grab Monopoly money,

Brad Crowell 18:46
You got to associate it with an action, llike doing celebration is more than, you know, you inside your head saying I did it. You have to talk it out loud. You have to like, actually do something.

Lesley Logan 18:58
And say, say these prices andthese goals out loud, because $10,000 might seem like a lot. If you’re like me, you came from no money. Oh my god. Like, that’s a lot of money. But if you start to say it out loud, and you talk about these numbers with your friends and things, I think it’s so important for men to talk about how much money they make. And not in a boastful way. This is not like an arrogant way. This is a we have to start seeing these numbers as normal. It is normal to make $10,000 a month. It should be normal. And I know that like if you’re like, oh my god Lesley, I barely make $2,000 a month. I’m like, so poor. Yeah, but talk like talk these numbers out so that 10,000 doesn’t seem so far away. It seems one, you earned it, you deserve it. You deserve more than that. You’re worthy of that and two, when you say your prices, it’s not about your budget, right? It’s about what you’re worth of the effects that you make, that your talent has on these people’s lives.

Brad Crowell 19:52
The impact that you’re having.

Lesley Logan 19:54
You’re not charging for the 55 minutes you’re charging for the impact it’s having. And so Danny J, whe should have Danny J and Joel on the pod. We should just do that. Okay. If you’re listening, ladies, just text them out for this. But Danny J had us, like, take what we charge and double it and go around and say how much does it cost to work with you? And I’m like, okay, so I took the OPC most expensive membership. And I said, okay, it costs $1,400 a year to take. And I said, How many classes that that membership included was like six times 12 is 64, 66, 64?

Brad Crowell 20:31
I wasn’t actually paying attention.

Lesley Logan 20:33
So how much is 12 times six?

Brad Crowell 20:35
You get 104 classes? The most expensive? Okay, so 152.

Lesley Logan 20:39
152. So 152 for $1,500 It’s only 150 We don’t try to generalize guys, but the point was to take what you charge and double it. And so if you think holy, that’s fucking $10 cost well guess what, my rates are actually half that. So it’s five dollars a class to work with me for a whole year. That’s so cheap, right? But we think about oh my god $700. Like we think about the bigger number, right? Breaking it down. So Danny J had us like, take the money, double it. And then walk around saying that so that when you say your actual price, it sounds so inexpensive.

Brad Crowell 21:16
Well, in that same vein, I she recommended a book.

Lesley Logan 21:20
I can’t wait to read this.

Brad Crowell 21:21
Overcoming, called Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny. And, you know, it was interesting to listen to her talk about that. I think that would have been really beneficial for me. When I was first getting started, you know, too because I was like, Oh man, if I can only make $100 today, you know, or if I can only make $30,000 a year if I can only make $50,000 a year. And you know, I think it’s really important that we, like you said talk about the money side of it. But also it is expensive to live in a city. Period. So doesn’t matter which city you’re in. It’s expensive to live in a city. And you know, to make 50 grand in a city. You’re barely paying your bills. You know, 50 grand seems like so much fucking money for me.

Lesley Logan 22:18
Yeah. Because I mean, I knew what my parents made, like my mom. I’m gonna say this because you want to know how schoolteachers make. My mom taught private school and in the 2000s. And I guess they call it the arts. I don’t really understand what that comes from. In the 2000s. She made $22,000 a year as a full-time fifth grade school teacher. What the fuck? That is McDonald’s employees back then made more money in a year full time. Okay, so she’s the college-educated person who was making that. My father was making a little over 40 something at some point when I heard his salary. Me getting paid $50,000 I was like, I’m slaying right, I’m killing it. No, I could barely pay my bills, like where I live? Because I live in a city like you did. And so it’s like, but because my mindset that seemed like, that’s so much money, it was I did not have a mindset that was like

Brad Crowell 23:14
Oh, my gosh, I was like, if I can make 75 I’m going to be rich.

Lesley Logan 23:17
Yeah. If you move to I don’t know, I don’t even know where you can live for 75,000 anymore. Maybe Alabama? I don’t know.

Brad Crowell 23:25
But, but I think but so this book, it was interesting to hear her talk about it. And so, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re gonna check it out, too. We haven’t actually checked it out, but Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny. Yeah. So, you know, she, she also talked about when, you know, identifying her current situation and desired goals, she created a plan, saying I’m going to calculate all my clients figure out what I’m paying rent what I need, and then I’m going to figure out the plan. So for those of you who have worked with us in Agency, that probably sounds really familiar. We obviously talked about the magic number calculator, and it really helps create that clarity for what you need to set for your rates to help you work backwards, just like she was talking about here. So that you can make the money that you need to make to include time off, sick days off, you know, all those kinds of things. And I just thought it was really aligned with what we are all about. So yeah, great stuff.

Lesley Logan 24:28
Yeah, I’m in love. Tamika, we love you.

Brad Crowell 24:32
All right, so finally let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Tamika Robinson? She said if you are stressed cry, it’s okay, you’re allowed. You’re allowed to do it. She said feel your feelings crying is perfectly acceptable. So you know this is interesting. I was never really taught this.

Lesley Logan 25:00
I cry all the time. Yeah, but I had to remind myself it’s okay.

Brad Crowell 25:08
All right. Okay, I’m still talking over here. So my so what I was never really taught this and my, my feeling my feelings. I would wait, wait, wait until it became anger. And then I would feel my feelings in an explosive way. And that never benefited me. Anyone else around me none of that stuff. So I thought it was really helpful to just hear that. You know, you’re you’re supposed to feel your feelings that’s being human. And if that, you know, turns into tears, that’s okay. It’s allowed.

Lesley Logan 25:46
Yeah. Yeah. Well, I’m really glad that you heard it now. And I think

Brad Crowell 25:52
Would have been really helpful. 20 years ago.

Lesley Logan 25:54
I well. Isn’t that the, I think…

Brad Crowell 25:56
Even 10.

Lesley Logan 25:57
Well, can I just be honest, girls are told not to cry. And especially

Brad Crowell 26:01
So are boys.

Lesley Logan 26:02
Well, girls can, but not at work. Don’t let anyone see you cry at work. And it’s like, okay, but your passion is actually super. Like, if you if you’re crying all the time, like maybe go take your hormones, but like, if you are so passionate, something you’re so fresh, it makes you cry, because like the like, it’s okay to like have those feelings, because if you shove them down, there is a really great book. I want to say it’s called Burnout. It’s like two sisters. I don’t know that Burnout. I heard them on Brene Brown’s podcast, but they said like that it’s so important. To let

Lesley Logan 26:03
It is Burnout. Yeah, Emily and Amelia Nagosaki.

Lesley Logan 26:08
Yes. So they said like, sometimes in the moment, it’s not appropriate to feel you’re feeling

Brad Crowell 26:19
No. Nagoski.

Lesley Logan 26:43
Yeah. It’s not it’s not. It’s not always appropriate. So like, for example, you may be walking on the street and somebody like, calls out like, I’ll just say, I’ll, I’ll do an actual example in my life. I was run in LA I used to run and this guy who was dressed like a gnome, I swear to God.

Brad Crowell 27:08
A gnome?

Lesley Logan 27:09
Yes. You heard me say it. He (inaudible) hobbit. He had a foil, little cap on

Brad Crowell 27:14
I was thinking about the Seven Dwarfs.

Lesley Logan 27:16
Oh, he, maybe but like really sort of The Hobbit like kind of like the like the bigger guy with a braid on his beard? I’ll be running with my own, and he’d go you’re a whore.

Brad Crowell 27:27

Lesley Logan 27:28
Right? Because He’s cray. He has he has mental problems. Okay, so he has more problems than I have. It doesn’t feel good to feel be called that, right? So when I was out of arm’s reach of him, I would laugh out loud because like, if I were just to like, shove that down, and every Sunday, this man would call me a whore. It is actually not Oh, you don’t want to be called that doesn’t feel good to be called that there was another guy that Eric used to hear. He would like, he was this other crazy dude on Wilshire, and he would call it something. And I just started going, you know, may the Lord open, blessed be like, oh, but I would like to make a joke about it. Because I had to let out I had to have a reaction to let that out. And their whole point is like, maybe in the moment, you can’t let it out. Like, in my case, I was in an area where I could like, let like joke about it or laugh it out. But if you do have to, like hold it together, because maybe someone says something in a meeting and you can’t say anything in the meeting, you can’t cry in the meeting, then you need to actually get home, get to a pillow, scream in the pillow, like let it out. Because if you don’t, if you don’t feel your feelings, they bottle up and they actually do cost stress on the body. And they can keep you from becoming the person you’re meant to be in this world. So I love that Be It Action. Mine is she said to write down 100 things on your to-do list. And I swear to God when she said that I was like maybe we are editing this Be It Action Item. Because this is not aligned with my values. But then she said, then after the fifth thing, cross everything out.

Brad Crowell 28:59
She said, Yeah, she said take the top five and cross out 95 of them.

Lesley Logan 29:06
Yes, yeah, yes. And I love this actually just kind of a book club meeting with Agency members called do the book was like, Do the One Thing or The One Thing or whatever. And I love this because it’s so true. We put all these things on our list. But really the first five things are the most pressing things so they’re top of mind the other 95 you’re just like, look at me, I’m so busy. Look at me, like all these important things to do. So I thought that is so fun, because then you can get all that shit off your head, anyway.

Brad Crowell 29:33
It’s brain dump total, brain dump.

Lesley Logan 29:34
Such a great brain dump and then you know what your top five priorities are boom, way to go. It helps to underscore the importance of having clear tangible steps and a pathway to achieving your personal goals. So way to go Tamika, you’re so fun. I’m so glad that James introduced us. I’m glad you put yourself out there so that you could be on this podcast and I’m excited for what you’re doing.

Brad Crowell 29:54
Yeah, it was great.

Lesley Logan 29:55
It was great. We love it. All right, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 29:57
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 29:58
Thank you so much for being here. You all, we could not have the show without you. You just heard the episode 290 which means (inaudible) that means in less than three weeks, we’re hitting episode three fucking hundred, holy moly. We have an epic week of episodes for you that week because we got Michael Unbroken coming back. So we want to know what your favorite part of this episode was. You have to actually tell us that.

Brad Crowell 30:20
Yeah, you actually have to like send us a DM.

Lesley Logan 30:22
I’m gonna call you out, I need you to either email or DM or if you have our phone number, whatever means of ways (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 30:33
Chat to us.

Lesley Logan 30:34
Whatever, we want to know so we can actually continue to provide guests that you want to hear from but also we continue make this podcast better because holy fucking moly episode 300. Thank you so much for being here. Have an amazing day. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 30:48
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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