How Are You Creating

Your Reality?

Ep. 82 with Lesley & Brad

“How we think shapes our reality.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

There’s a wall keeping you stuck. How you climb that wall may be easier than you realize. Dive into today’s convo with LL and Brad to discover how and simple mindset shifts to change behavior.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Finding your mission
  • Creating your reality with your thought process
  • How to believe you are enough
  • Hypnosis vs hypnotherapy
    • The line between where your conscious and subconscious
  • The five fears and getting to the other side of the fear wall

Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:46
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the elevating convo I have with Taylor Carr in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen to that one. And then come back and join us. (Brad: Join us.) So Brad is going back to Cambodia soon.

Brad Crowell 1:07
Yeah, I’m really fired up. I can’t wait to be back there. And now that things are settling down with all the travel requirements and all this stuff, you know, plus being vaccinated. You know, basically I get to go fix everything that the jungle has destroyed over the past two years.

Lesley Logan 1:27
I know. I’m so jealous and also not because I want to go so bad (I want to go so bad.) But I don’t want to fix any doors. (Brad laughs) I just want to be there. So, I’m going to let you and made my Dad, go.

Brad Crowell 1:40
I think it’s a combination of doors, electricity, washing machine. You know, what has really gone incredibly well in the past two years as we have an incredible building manager who loves gardening. (Lesley: I know.) Loves it. (Lesley: It’s a freakin’ beautiful.) And she has turned our property into a jungle, all on its own. And it’s (Brad laughs) she was just showing us around. (Lesley: I know.) And it was like, “What? There’s a tree there now?” (Lesley: Yeah) How that… It’s only been two years.

Lesley Logan 2:10
Yeah, she planted it two years ago. So that’s what happens in the jungle things grow really quickly. (Brad: Pretty cool.) The ear flapping you are hearing is… (Brad: That one was Gaia.) Uh-huh. And Bayon did the ear flap. (Brad: Yeah.) And also… (Brad: He followed.) Oh, we have to put his bed down. That’s what’s going on here. (Brad: Hmm) Okay, there you go bud. So anyways, um, Brad’s gonna be going there. And I don’t know, I guess if we haven’t recorded episodes while you’re gone. I’ll just have to have like, past guests take your place.

Brad Crowell 2:38
Oh! Or I know, I know one person who volunteered.

Lesley Logan 2:42
I know, Clare.

Brad Crowell 2:44
Yeah, she’s (Lesley: Clare) so excited. She’s like … (Lesley: which is so fitting.) “He could totally take a break and I could take his place.” (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 2:50
Well, and it’s so fitting because today’s guests we’re recapping is actually a friend of Clare Solly. She’s the reason (Brad: Oh) why we talked to her. (Lesley laughs) (Brad: How about that?) Yeah. So anyways, well Brad can do that. And then we’ll hopefully be back to tell you about some amazing retreats we’re gonna have in Cambodia soon.

Brad Crowell 3:09
Yeah, (Lesley: fingers crossed) we’re planning one towards the end of this year. So stay tuned. If you’re interested in more info on that. Go to (Lesley: Mm-hmm, yeah) And you will be sent to the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 3:24
Wonderful. Did we have an audience question this week?

Brad Crowell 3:27
We totally did. Which is a really a great question. Somebody DMed saying, “I’m working on knowing my mission. Is there a specific episode on the @be_it_pod covering this subject? If so, which one? If not, would you please record one?”

Lesley Logan 3:43
Well, luckily, we have some episodes that are gonna be, really great. And, and again, this dogs are doing things they were sleeping until we hit record and then of course (Brad: Literally, yeah.) they are like, “Oh, we should make noise in all the rooms.” (Brad laughs) So anyways, here are the episodes for you who was wanting to know about know your mission. Sandra Chuma, episode 17.

Brad Crowell 4:06
Yeah, she talked about, “How do you know if you’ve been chasing the wrong thing?”

Lesley Logan 4:11
Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I really love how she discovered that for herself. And I think it’s a really inspiring story. And …

Brad Crowell 4:17
Well, I think it’s inspired how she discovered it was through a full blown breakdown. So that part of it not so fun, but, you know, the advice that came from that, fantastic.

Lesley Logan 4:29
Yeah, but I think also like, you’re not supposed to take anyone’s rock bottoms away. So you know, like that is, yeah, so I think it’s really great. I hope the person listening to this is not trying to hit a rock bottom to find their mission, but there you go. Okay, so then we have Kareen Walsh, episode 27 – “Is your hustle now just a hassle?”

Brad Crowell 4:50
Yeah, anything that comes to like business or mission or future, you know, like, like trying to figure things out. We we always go back to Kareen. She is one of our coaches. Oh, my goodness, she is just brilliant.

Lesley Logan 5:08
She really is. So listen to her on that and then dive into all of the two things like go to both those ladies on Instagram and just deep dive on them. And (Brad: Yeah) I promise you, you’ll be like, “Oh, oh, yeah, this will actually be …” (Brad: They’ll be like, “Oh.”) Oh, (Brad: Oh) Oh. Anyways, (Brad laughs)

Brad Crowell 5:25
I love it. All right. Now let’s talk about Taylor Carr. Taylor Carr is a clinical hypnotherapist and a success and manifestation coach. After healing herself from an incredibly incurable, an incurable disease, (say that three times fast) (Lesley: I know) in her early 20s, she dove into the world of natural healing and discovered the law of attraction, energy, mindfulness, sensual healing and the power of the subconscious mind. She now helps people around the world infuse their work with the feminine, and create the success, confidence and love they desire. So this was a very interesting episode to listen to her, talk about how she really felt like the, the, you know, life had pulled the rug out from her (Lesley: Yeah) in her early 20s. When she was like just getting to LA, it was just about to go do her thing. And then it was like, “Congratulations, incurable disease.”

Lesley Logan 6:21
I mean, but also talk about another week of like things happening for you. Because if she hadn’t gone through that she would never have made that video and then she wouldn’t be on the path that she is. And now she loved what she’s doing. And so it is, you know, you can like, “Woe is me.” And just like go, “have an incurable disease,” or you could take some action and, and go for it. And it’s just kind of it’s really inspiring.

Brad Crowell 6:44
Well, I mean, she said it, she actually said, it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. And I thought, wow, that … that is an incredibly powerful statement to to hear, “I had an incurable disease and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” (Lesley: Yeah. And I …) Changed her life dramatically.

Lesley Logan 7:01
We have an episode come out in a couple of weeks, where and another similar thing like, injury illness issue that like, basically put her on the path to her career. So super excited to hear that. So, I really loved that she taught … just about so many things. There’s so many things. Of course, I am a SHE-EO, working on it. (Brad laughs) You know, (Brad: Heck yeah) even though I’m not the CEO, but I want to be a SHE-EO. Yeah. But I really did love the knowing you are enough. You’re strong enough, you’re courageous enough and you can get through it. And I think like, if you are like, “Yeah, yeah, people say that time.” No, like, would help. Like, I just finished with Elevate weekend number two, and I had them, we had them on, we had them on mute and I did a breathwork session with them. I had them to say out loud because no one can hear them but themselves, “I am enough,” over and over again. And you know how hard it was for them to say it. Some of them were not saying as I can read lips. Either move your lips or you’re not moving your lips. And when they started even to saying that, “I am enough.” That’s when it gets really emotional. Like when you actually say the words out loud, not in your head out loud. And so I think, um …

Brad Crowell 8:06
“I’m enough.”

Lesley Logan 8:07
Mm-hmm. Yeah. And say it again, (Brad: I’m enough.) And again, (Brad: I’m enough.) And like, things change in your body like …

Brad Crowell 8:14
… (Lesley: Right) I literally feel like it does … that was weird. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 8:20
Right. It’s like, it’s like, it’s like, all of a sudden, it’s you are, and now you can’t unfeel that and you can’t unknow that. You can pretend, (Brad: Yeah) you can pretend and then that’s when things get out of alignment.

Brad Crowell 8:31
It’s very vulnerable.

Lesley Logan 8:33
Yeah, I know. I know. So, but, but that’s like, hello, St. Brené – vulnerability is the way. Like, so I just I really love that she brought that up because I think if if even if nothing else resonate with … in her interview with you like just trying each day to just tell yourself you are enough and remember that (Brad: Yeah) you are going to be, you’re going to be unstoppable, unstoppable

Brad Crowell 8:58
I think that’s where the lipstick on the mirror kind of thing comes into play, you know. When you wake up in the morning and it’s written right there, you literally cannot avoid it. You can’t, you can’t unsee that. And you know when I think that it will strike a chord with you again, each time you see it. You know, having gone through that vulnerability with yourself.

Lesley Logan 9:21
Yeah, yeah, and maybe I’m gonna change I was just thinking I was saying that like as I pour the water from our new pot that takes over a minute and I had to switch my morning routine because it takes a minute to pour this water. I don’t know why it takes a minute but it does. So I started doing a gratitude practice while I’m like, “Okay, I’m really grateful for this.” And I’m like, “Do you like know how many gratitude you can put in a minute? A lot even talk slow.” So …

Brad Crowell 9:44
It’s got the gooseneck, (Lesley: It’s really beautiful.) a thing. And it’s, it is but …

Lesley Logan 9:48
And it heats water up so fast. I love it. But (Brad: Yeah) anyways, I think I’m gonna write out a bunch (Brad laughs) of like these mantras and put them on the frigerator and then as I’m pouring to say those because (Brad: That’s cool.) that I think I’ve been doing my gratitudes and my morning pages. And so now I’m like, “Well, I already did my gratefulness.” And so now I’m just watching water pour (Brad laughs) We’re changing it up. Thank you, Taylor. All right, what did you love?

Brad Crowell 10:14
Okay. Well, okay, so she kind of glossed over this in the middle of the interview, but I, I latched on to it because I didn’t quite follow it. And I literally pulled up a bunch of, you know, “Doing what Brad does.” I Googled a bunch of shit. And I came back and I was like, “Okay, this is way more clear to me now. And I wanted to pass this along.” So she talked about stage hypnosis. Right? And then, and I was a little confused, because I thought, like, that’s what she was saying that she does. And I started reading stage hypnosis versus, you know, and then it came down. There’s hypnosis and there’s hypnotherapy. (Lesley: Okay) Right? And so the stage hypnosis is what you might see in the movies, it’s more of an entertainment kind of thing. And I copied all this down here because I’m not an authority on the subject. So according to – A stage hypnotist aims to put on a show for the volunteers and audience to have fun, have a fun, entertaining time and stage hypnotists give suggestions that only last for the duration of the show. And then they are removed after the volunteers are awakened at the end. Right? As opposed to what Taylor Carr does and what she is, she’s actually a Clinical Hypnotherapist. And so it’s, it’s it’s almost, it’s a similar methodology. But it’s got a completely different end game. It’s completely different purpose. Right? A hypnotherapist gives suggestions that are intended to remain beyond the session. Post hypno… hypnotic suggestion this is again, according to In order that the client experiences long term change in various aspects of his or her life. And as, as Taylor actually put it, hypnotherapy aims to take long term effects, it takes roughly 20 minutes or so to get into the wavelength right before you sleep, you feel really safe, you’re and this is where when your subconscious mind is actually able to come forward and really absorb the line, she says is at that point that the line between the conscious and the subconscious dissolves. And then what she does when you are in that state as her client, all the conversations that the two of you had discussed about the things that you’re struggling with or that you want to feel. She is then basically telling your subconscious, those things which are kind of like what we just did. “I am enough.” (Lesley: Yeah) “I am enough.” Right? But the point is to do it when you’re in that, that like phase between conscious and subconscious, so that you’re speaking directly to your subconscious and and it can be absorbed. Right? So she then regurgitates the words back into their subconscious mind that they’ve told her that they want to feel.

Lesley Logan 13:13
That is, um, I really am grateful. This is our second hypnotherapist we’ve had on and now I feel like I understand. Now, I feel like I understand hypnotherapy even more. And I mean, it does make me think of like the office, not the office. What’s the movie called? The Case of the Mondays. So also the office? (Brad: I have no idea.) Everyone listening knows but you know, like, he was put into hypno…nosis and the guy was like, you know, telling them like all these amazing things to remember. And then the hypnotherapist had a heart attack and died and like left them in that state. He like slept for like days. It was not the office the show, but it was like a movie – Office Space.

Brad Crowell 13:55
Oh, it’s Office Space. It’s the beginning of (Lesley: Yes) Office Space.

Lesley Logan 13:57
Yes, yes. So now I feel like I understand that whole scene more. (Brad laughs) I feel like … but life is complete. Okay, well, I love, I think there’s just go back and listen, if you haven’t listened episode, there’s so many other points in there because she really does like tell you a lot of things about what she’s doing and how she got there. (Brad: Yeah) I think people will resonate with different talking points. And so I love to hear which one you resonate with.

Brad Crowell 14:24
Alright, so finally let’s talk about those BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Taylor Carr? I’m going to jump right in and say she talked about evaluating your thoughts because they create your reality. So she said looking at your, look at your thoughts to change your reality because thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your reality. And this, I read this, resonated with me I really connected with this because when I was younger, I I had, like a whole sequence of like, you know, then it turns into what you speak, you know. So you’re like, your thoughts create your feelings, and then your feelings are creating reality. But your, your thoughts are creating your feelings, your feelings are going to change how you speak. Right? And your, the way you speak is what comes into existence and it becomes the reality that you’re that you’re creating. So it’s kind of, it’s kind of crazy to (Lesley: Yeah) think about that.

Lesley Logan 15:27
It’s like a whole confirmation bias, you just put yourself in a loop and you just stay there and (Brad: Yeah) you prove yourself correct. And so then it becomes a belief (Brad: Yeah) that is really hard to undo.

Brad Crowell 15:37
Yeah, so if you know, like, like, mull that over, like, think about that, how do we, how we think ultimately shapes our own reality. Right? And so what influences how we think?

Lesley Logan 15:53
Well, things that we hear, things that we see, people we hang out with, you know …

Brad Crowell 15:57
Yeah like everything that we’re influenced by, whether that’s from, you know, TV, to books, to magazines, to movies, to you know, people to where we you know, how we grew up, you know, the environments that we put ourselves in, all of that stuff shapes how we think. So it’s very, very, (Brad laughs) I mean there could be a whole podcast on literally this topic, (Lesley: I know. Let’s find the guest.) all by itself.

Lesley Logan 16:20
Anyways, I real… I agree, I like that one to. (Brad: Yeah) My BE IT action item that I loved is leaving fear behind and doing the thing anyway. She said, “You’re never going to be ready. If you wait to be ready, you’ll wait for your entire life.” I think, like that. I think that you wait so long that it goes by whatever you were trying to be ready for. And so you’re like, “Oh, I can’t do that. Now. It’s been done by a million people. No one wants it anymore.” And so then you, then you’re almost scared with another idea like you and going back into the (Brad: Yeah) this like vortex you put yourself in and you … (Brad: Right) The reality is is that like, you know, you’re just gonna be …

Brad Crowell 16:21
What exactly this, it ties in directly to what we just talked about.

Lesley Logan 16:30
Yeah, you’re you’re gonna be scared. You’re doing something that you’ve never done before. You’re going to be scared. If you’re not scared. You should go see someone I think you might be like a sociopath, narcissist, psychopath. Like, there’s something else going on there, you know, like to tell like, I know if you’ve listened to podcasts ever before. You’ve heard me say it. But like, I literally do things scared. I’m scared all the time. I’m afraid it’s gonna be like, like when Maya Angelou said that quote, like, “Someday, they’re gonna find out that I’m talking about.” I’m like, “Yep, all the time.” (Lesley laughs) And I’m like, “If Maya Angelou was afraid of being found out,” then like, y’all, like, she was one of those confident, powerful, like women in the world, right? So I think we’ve just need to get over the fact that you’re just not going to feel ready, you’re going to be scared and like, okay, but how, like, what is something you can do to get over that and practice doing that? Because everything you want is on the other side of fear. You remember that guy, Michael Goodman, I think we talked two years ago, and you talked about the five years, we were in that one coaching group with Lori and Chris. And he came on and talked about the five fears. And, and I think you’ve been said like, “I don’t think I’m afraid of anything.” I think like he figured out like you were and like because we all have it. But he said, “Literally think of fear as like a wall. And on the other side of that wall is everything you want. And all you have to do is face the fear and you can climb the wall, and you get the thing.” But like, we’re literally just sitting there on this side of the wall, like hanging out with our fear, instead of having the thing that we want to have on the other side of the (Brad: Hmm) wall. Seek to climb the wall. And then so I just I think like, please, please, please, whatever you’re afraid of doing, like just do it. What’s the worst case scenario? Probably that no one even knows you did it? Probably like, like, I mean, like, just give it a try and see what happens if as long as you’re not gonna die. You’re gonna be here another day to try it. (Brad: Yeah, yeah) That’s a really … (Lesley laughs) stiff type duck, you’re not gonna be dead. So you can (Brad laughs) still (Brad: So you might as well just try.) might as well try it. (Brad: … you’re not gonna die.) You’re not gonna die, (Brad: So, you know,) and then do it again because you didn’t die. (Brad and Lesley laughs) Well, they get it, they get it.

Brad Crowell 16:30
Yeah. I have 100% like, no recollection of that conversation with that guy. (Lesley: I know. I’m looking at you.) I don’t know who even that is.

Lesley Logan 19:15
Guys, I’m looking at him. And I like kept telling the story thinking that it would come. (Brad: No …) I was in Australia in a hotel room, you were in LA. And I’m going to pull up my notes because I took all these notes. He had the five fears. He’s five fears. You’re scared of fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of responsibility, fear of failure, fear of loss. And like …

Brad Crowell 19:36
Hmm. I’m impress she just rattle those up.

Lesley Logan 19:37
I share them all the time. I share them all the time, every single fear you have falls under one of those categories. (Brad: Hmm) You know what, let’s reach out to Michael Goodman say, “Hey, remember, like three years ago when you gave a free talk in another group. (Brad laughs) We want to have you back for a free talk on these things?” (Brad: Yeah.) All right. (Brad: We’re bring him on the pod.) Someone on the team needs to find Michael Goodman. I’m sure that’s a very common name. (Lesley laughs) We’ll get on it. (Brad: I’m in) Anyway. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 20:02
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 20:03
Thank you for so much for joining us today. We’re so grateful you’re here. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by send us a DM on the pod on Instagram. Tag us, tag Taylor Carr, text it to a friend. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 20:16
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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