Unleash the Inner

Bad Girl

Ep. 81 ft. Taylor Carr

“You are always creating your reality.”

Taylor Carr

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Taylor Carr is a clinical hypnotherapist and a success and manifestation coach. After healing herself from an incurable disease in her early 20’s, she dove into the world of natural healing and discovered the law of attraction, energy, mindfulness, sensual healing and the power of the subconscious mind. She now helps people around the world infuse their work with the feminine and create the success, confidence and love they desire.

Show Notes

Natural healing to natural empowerment, today LL and Taylor Carr show how manifestations and archetypes can impact your reality.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Naturally healing interstitial cystitis
  • The importance of unlocking your bad girl to allow a fully multi dimensional human
  • Looking at your thoughts to change your reality
  • Taking pleasure in the small things
  • Stage hypnosis
  • Being HER now
  • The five archetypes
  • Knowing you are enough




Lesley Logan 0:00
Hey, Be It listener, how are you? Oh my gosh, okay, so we’re gonna have some fun. This is this is definitely for my ladies in there and Taylor Carr is our guest this week, she reached out to me and I just saw such a Be It Till You See It story that I wanted to have her on and share that with you. And she is really like not only did she now seeing what she was being before, but she is helping other women do the same. And so if you have been struggling, if you are like, “I get it, I get it, I get it.” But you are like, holding back, I think this will be a really fun interview to help you step into that power and help you step into that thing. And I really, I really think you’re gonna enjoy it, I had some fun, I learned a lot of stuff, I love it. And I just want to say like, it’s okay to listen to all this and, and have really good ideas and really good thoughts. And then either forget it, be overwhelmed, or not take the action. I don’t want any one of you to ever shame yourself for listening and then not taking action. Because the reality is, is that you’re actually putting all this really good stuff into your brain. And there will be a day when it just freakin clicks when you’re like, This is the day. And I think, you know, I think it’s a lot to put pressure on yourself, added pressure on yourself to be perfect and do the things we’re telling you to do that sound really good to you. We’re not perfect, and that’s boring. Remember, that’s what we say around here. Action does bring clarity, though. So what I would say is ditch the perfection, and take the action as you’re ready towards the person you’re wanting to be. And it doesn’t have to be a lot and you’ll hear a Taylor say that I asked her a question about like what to do when you’re overwhelmed when you’re busy. And I really loved her. I really loved her answer to that. So I can’t wait for you to hear it. But I just I just had to say that because I do think it’s really easy to start avoiding good, solid, awesome advice. Because you’re like, Well, I’m not doing it. So I’m just gonna, like I’m wasting their time, you’re never wasting our time. You know? And, and the reality is, is that all these doses of goodness, they get into your brain. And then one day, they change your thoughts which change your beliefs, which changes what you do. And so I’m so grateful for you, thank you for listening to each and every episode. Thank you for telling me your bold moments, you can always DM those bold moments, to the Be It pod on Instagram. We want to share those with people and inspire people how you’re being it till you see it. And, you know, thanks for sending this to a friend because we grow because of you. And I’m so so grateful. And today’s guest happened because of this podcast. She heard it, she had a story. And I was like that’s a BE IT thing. So I’m really grateful. And now without further a do, except for that little a do, that happens between now and the guest, Taylor Carr.

Lesley Logan 2:47
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and business fitness coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 3:31
Alright Be It listener, I got Taylor Carr here. And I’m really excited to have you because we have talked about hypnotherapy in the past with a past guest but the way you’ve used it has been incredible. And y’all I can’t wait for you to hear her whole story because what she has been able to do in her life is literally be till she sees it. And she’s she’s embodying it and teaching women how to do the exact same. I’ve been looking at what she’s been doing on Instagram, and it’s really cool. So Taylor, thank you for being here. Can you please tell everyone who you are and what you’re rocking out right now?

Taylor Carr 4:02
Lesley, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited especially to be kicking off the New Year with you. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hi, everybody. I’m Taylor Carr. I am a manifestation coach and a feminine success mentor. So what I do is I help women manifest the life that has been pinned to their vision board for way too long. And I do so using practices that are very spiritual, but also that are very scientific, like clinical hypnotherapy. And that means rewiring the subconscious to make money, you know, an easier more delicious thing in your life. To make love something that doesn’t seem so far away to make the success that you want completely tailored to you. And not this like patriarchal version of what we think that we’re supposed to want.

Lesley Logan 4:45
Oh, I mean, like, right? Like everyone’s like, “Okay, I’m so sorry, what? You’re gonna help me do take the vision board and be the thing”? Like, I think that’s really cool. Can you like, how did you start doing that? Because that is not something like first of all, that’s not on a kindergartener. like vision board, like, I’m going to be a manifestation coach …(Lesley laughs) You know, like so you know, and maybe it is if your mom was one but like, how did that come about? How did you come into this this role in your life?

Taylor Carr 5:12
So in kindergarten, I’m just kidding. (Lesley laughs) In Kindergarten I learned about the law of attraction. No. So what happened was long story short, in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with an incurable pain disease called interstitial cystitis, it completely affects the bladder, the womb, the Yoni all of these beautiful spaces, and it just completely took away. My womanhood is what it felt like, you know, like I was 21, I moved to a new city, Los Angeles, I was just like, I wanted to get out there, I wanted to date I wanted to do all the things. And I couldn’t do any of it. I couldn’t drink I had to be like a complete raw vegan, and even that, like was super limited, because I was allergic to citrus, and caffeine and gluten and like all the things, so I was like really eating just kale, if I’m honest, and celery, and then I was going through all these treatments. And, you know, through our, through our medical system, I saw that there was nothing there for me. I was going through really invasive treatments, my legs were open for all these different doctors that were poking and prodding at me. And I was like, like, nothing’s happening. Nothing’s working. I’m still in extreme pain. It was so traumatic. It was so shameful. And I just remember, like, I went into my doctor’s office on like, the fifth treatment. And it was so embarrassing. The liquid fell out of me in in the ah what’s it called? (Lesley: the examine room?) The waiting room waiting, (Lesley: oh, gosh) the waiting room in front of people while I was leaving. And they were like, you know, your treatments aren’t really working. We could put you on this medication, but you might lose your hair. And there’s no evidence that it’ll work. And I was like, “What did like that’s, that’s not, that’s not a result. Like that’s, that’s not helpful.” So I remember I came home and I like turned on my little HP computer camera. And I was like, Hello, YouTube. YouTube was like pretty new. At the time, I was like, Hello, YouTube. My name is Taylor Carr, I’ve interstitial cystitis, I’m going to heal this naturally, or I’m going to die trying. Is basically what my first video said. And I just documented myself trying to heal myself from this incurable pain disease. And what I found was not only was it the diet that helped me, but more so the mindset. It was like the deep rewiring of like my own feminine lineage. The trauma that was in my family, the sexual abuse, all of this stuff that was like literally causing pain in the place where my family had caused, like had pain and trauma, and shame and all of this stuff. So that’s where it began. And as I went through my journey, you know, I was just like seeing little elements here. And here, like, felt like full spiritual awakening definitely comes from, you know, being ill and not knowing if you’re going to survive it. And interstitial cystitis to be fair does not kill you. But the pain of it has taken a lot of lives. (Lesley: Yeah) And so and so I was just like, like, if I can heal myself from this, other people can do the same. And I was like, coaching people around the world for free. And I got my, you know, I started seeing a hypnotherapist because I became a hypochondriac. Every little pain was like, oh my god, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna get some other illness. (Lesley: right, right) And I saw the power of that. And then the spirituality, the manifestation portions, and all of it, I was like, life gets to be so much easier than what we’ve been told. So many of us are walking around with these illnesses and these pains, and the shame and the trauma and all of the things. But we’re never taught to be present. We’re never taught to be grateful. We’re never taught to be here and now. And as a women, it’s even bigger, it’s even worse, because we’re actually just told to like, sit down, shut up, be pretty, smell nice. All the things…

Lesley Logan 8:34
Don’t brag, dont’ don’t talk about those embarrassing things. Like don’t talk about your cystitis, because that’s gonna, like, make someone uncomfortable. Like

Taylor Carr 8:42
I had a man tell me you really shouldn’t talk about your illness so much because nobody wants to love a sick girl. And I was like, “nobody wants to love a sick girl?”. Like, this is my body. This is my life, you know, so so it’s just, it was quite the magical journey. And I’m so like, I’m so grateful interstitial cystitis was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because it opened me up to more pleasure, more love, more life.

Lesley Logan 9:06
Well, you know, that’s what’s so interesting is I think, you know, it’s really hard to say it to someone who’s going through something like what you’re going through, but like, truly trying to own it and believe that whatever is happening for you, right, like whatever’s happening is like happening for you and that you wouldn’t be on this journey, you probably wouldn’t, maybe you would have discovered some of these things along the way because you seem like a very curious person, but like to literally be living the life that you’re living and being this person and taking people on a journey. You would not have explored all of those things or even understood them to the depths you do because you had a hit, not a rock bottom but like a traumatic like a very painful space. And I do think like they always say like that there’s like it’s the darkness before the light right? Like the like the eye of the storm is like, like all those things. They’re not cliches for like, for no reason. They actually are because people have gone through this and what I think is so interesting is, you know what you’re doing now. Like what you what you proclaimed on YouTube, right is like you literally were being it till you saw it like, you’re like, I’m going to do this. I don’t even know …(Lesley laughs). I’m gonna do this and I think so many people get stuck on like, but I don’t know what the next step is and you didn’t really have a next step you just were like I’m marking this in the sand. This is what I’m going to start going as and then you took the next steps as you could. And I really hope people are having heard that in your story because it is, it is not easy to do that. Like that’s not an easy thing to do. It might have been the easiest thing you did, probably along your journey was proclaiming to YouTube, but I commend, thank you for sharing this because I do think there’s a lot of women who have something going on in their bodies that they’re either afraid to talk about, don’t talk about, think that someone won’t love them if they talk about it. But really, like as women, there’s so many things that as we talk about them, you know, I am had stomach issues for so long. And when I started talking about them, I found out everyone had stomach issues, and everyone is covering them up and everyone’s not dealing with it. Because I want to talk about gas and diarrhea and all that stuff. But like, and I understand when you said like, became a hypochondriac. I it took me a long time to understand that having a gas pain didn’t mean I was going to have same stomach issues again …(Taylor laughs) Actually, no, you just ate too much. Like that’s normal. That’s a normal digestive process. So I can understand becoming a little bit like on on the on the edge of it. So, okay. You your curiosity took you down this path. One, when you meet with women who are either I don’t want to say playing it safe or holding themselves back because I think they’re just being what they were told to be. But like, when you’re seeing women not step into their amazingness what, what do you tell them? Like what’s what do we what do you need to hear? You know, what does that look like?

Taylor Carr 11:38
There’s so many things you know, because I also come from a very traumatic background, of course, you know, this is the oldest piece and it was, you know, the abuse the drug addiction. I lost a parent at 15 to drug abuse, you know, like the codependency. We were homeless after he died. Like all of these things, I realized played into like the perfectionism, the being really small, playing it safe all of that. And so you know, it’s so funny. I my clients always joke that they have like a little quote. they’re like, “I spank you” cuz I’m always like, “I spank you.” But it’s, it’s, I always tell them like, like, who is your inner bad girl? And why have we locked her away? Why do we make her be bad? Why do we think that the things that she has to say, the feelings that she feels her desires? Why do we think that she’s bad? I asked, I asked my clients, let her out of the closet. Have tea with her, sit with her, find out why she wants what she wants. Because if our bad girl is in the closet, or also like to color the lioness, if she’s in the closet, then you’re not being all of you. You’re not being whole and to be the whole woman you want to be, to create the success you want to be to be multi dimensional. You have to be all of it. You have to be bad, good, sexy, dark, light, like all of it. It’s important.

Lesley Logan 12:46
Well, it is 100%. And I can totally understand like, you know, compartmentalizing, and going, “oh, well what will people say? What people think if I like…” all that stuff, and you know, you bring up you brought up the trauma. And I want to we’ve had some guests who work with those who’ve gone through trauma in different ways as guests. And one of the things that’s interesting is that people are starting to actually look at trauma, they’re actually starting to like, understand it in a different way. Like there an amazing book, What Happened To You, and like the more I read that I like, want to reread it, though I’ve just finished it. It’s like, somebody was asking my dog, like, what’s wrong with you? And I was like, it’s actually what happened to him. Like, we should really wonder what happened to him. And like, because people become people pleasers, based on what happened to them, people become perfectionists there because of what happened. And like, all those things happen. And there’s all the stuff you talked about, like ancestral trauma, like stuff that went through your parents that came into you. And so it is, it is not for, like random reason that this happened to you. It’s because of all of those things that happened. And because you’re a human being everyone else has a different times having those same things and they’re locking things away, like, Oh, when I did this, this happen, so I won’t do that anymore. I won’t be that anymore, because then people won’t like me or people will leave or people might pass away. So. So I do love that you have the bad girl they have to have tea with …(Lesley laughs) (Taylor: Yeah), yeah. So okay, so in your journey of doing this, what what have you seen women be able to do once they step into that power? Like what are some of the transformation stories you’ve seen?

Taylor Carr 14:16
I have seen women ask for a raise at work by multiple 1000s of dollars and get it. I have seen women rise into leadership. You know, I was just, you know, just having this conversation with my client earlier, I’d actually love to share it here. She had a very difficult meeting. She’s a manager at a tech company. And, and she had a very difficult conversation with a man in his 60s who wanted to challenge her. And she was like, I need to bring the spice and the lion and the fire and the bad girl and all the things. And I was like, listen, you’re powerful already. You know, like, we don’t have to be bitchy and spicy and all these things like your bad girl is for you. And you can unleash it however you want. But at the same time, like when you are calm in your power, when your nervous system is relaxed your power. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. And that’s the thing that I really want to like drive home is like, you don’t have to prove yourself, you’re enough as you are, you’re powerful, powerful as you are, you’ve done your training, you’ve done your work. You know, if you find yourself in a position of getting defensive, then you don’t believe that you’re actually (Lesley: Yeah) powerful. So

Lesley Logan 15:20
That’s not even Being It like that’s like playing another role. Is actually what that is.

Taylor Carr 15:23
Exactly. (Lesley: Exactly), exactly. So that was a really powerful moment for her today. I have seen my one of my clients left her teaching job, and then immediately manifested a trip to Mexico with her dream job where she got paid to, like be a photographer for these beautiful women on this on a business retreat in Mexico. And now she’s doing it full time completely. She was booked out through the end of last year …(Lesley: wow) Let’s see any anyone else… I mean, there’s so many, I’m like … okay.

Lesley Logan 15:50
Okay, those are, those are amazing …(Taylor laughs) So for the person who’s like, “Wait, how do I manifest”? Like 101 manifestation? What do you got? …(Lesley laughs)

Taylor Carr 16:00
Manifestation 1 0 1. It’s all about your frequency, right? It’s all about your energy. And and this is where your subconscious mind is really playing. It’s really at play. Because we have these programs, our computer, our brain is a computer. And it runs these programs every single day. And we become really, really used to, “Oh like, I look fat. Oh, I don’t look good. Oh, there’s not enough money. Oh”. Like these, these are on repeat. So the first thing that I would have anybody do is just take a look at your thoughts. Because your thoughts, create your feelings, your feelings, create your reality. And make no mistake, you are always creating your reality, which is like amazing, and also super sucks when we’re not super in control of our minds. (Lesley: Right) But it always comes down to like, look at your thoughts. And what do you choose to think instead? I can look in the mirror and think like, Oh, my pores are so big. And I wish that my my double chin was smaller or whatever, you know, or I can choose to think like, well, I’m good enough as I am like, I am beautiful as I am, and and focus on something else. It’s really where you focus is where expands in your life. So choose differently. And that doesn’t mean we won’t go through experiences that are hard. That doesn’t mean the shadow doesn’t exist. It absolutely does. But it’s how you choose to rise. It’s how you choose that you deserve something. It’s how you choose that you belong somewhere.

Lesley Logan 17:15
100% I mean, like we because thoughts become like we thought to become facts, but to be careful what we believe because whatever believe like, we’re like, that’s a that’s a fact, right there. It’s like actually …(Taylor laughs) like, you know, so I always like to look for evidence of what I believe to be true. And so like one of the things that I struggled with is like a fear of success. And we’re just like a thing that people like watching me for that I’m like, Well, it’s because the thing actually when you’re when you’re raised to think like don’t brag because people won’t like you. And then also like you don’t see people in your family or life like rise to these big things. You actually don’t see women create these. Now we do but I didn’t grow up with that. So I have to like really retrain like the thought. So I like look for evidence. So when I just heard Beyond Yoga sold for $400 million to Levi’s. Like female owned. I’m like way to go lady, I’m like, you know my friend (Taylor laughs) Jamie currently, and I’m like, whoo, $1.1 billion. Love it. Like, I’m like all the ladies like making billions. I’m like, Okay, look at all these women who started from nothing, who didn’t have that. Because like, you have to look for the evidence so that you can change your thoughts so that you can change your feelings, you can change your reality and, and it’s true. Like if you wake up feeling sick, then what do you say like, Oh, I I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. Instead of like, this part of me doesn’t feel very well right now. And we start to act like a like we’re sick. And then we don’t have energy and we don’t have we don’t have the capacity to make things. But if you’re just like, Oh, I’m actually having the sniffles right now this is not feeling really good. I have you can actually change. You can actually still have control over something, you’re not how you feel. So I love that because it makes the manifesting even easier, because it’s not like, oh, I want this. It’s like what are the thoughts that I’m playing in my head? What’s the program that’s running so that I can have the feeling so that I can actually take the actions from those feelings that make the thing I want to have happen. Love that. Okay, (Taylor: Yes) So, um, you said something earlier, I want to go back to and it’s not coming to my head right away. So we’ll come back to that. But you know, Taylor, I think for a lot of people, they get stuck in the, “Well that’s so nice for them. I’m really busy. I’ve got a lot going on. I’ve got all these bills to pay. I’ve got you know”. Da da da. For the very busy person for the person who’s overwhelmed and this sounds lovely but this sounds like a dream world. What is the five minute version of it? Like is there a small like it can they dip their toe in? Is there a way that like, you know, like, you know, you can knock the door of the first domino forward for them like what does that look like?

Taylor Carr 19:35
For you know, I think that for those types of people it’s it’s pleasure in the small things you know, so if you’re walking to your car, and you’re like running late or whatever, can you take a moment to like look around and see the cloud formations in the sky and get really present have like, that is really beautiful, or you know, smell a flower that’s you know, a common saying stop and smell the roses. Right? Or like a butterfly flies by and that becomes something sacred because the truth is, is that we are in a busy world and things are chaotic. And you know, and there’s a pandemic, and there’s all the things and it’s a lot and all the politics. But if you can just take a moment to remember why life is beautiful every day. That really could be enough.

Lesley Logan 20:13
Oh, love that. That is yes, because I, yes. I really can’t wait for like the sun to start rising earlier because my favorite thing to do on a walk is to watch the sun come up. No matter how low it is. I just love to see the colors. And right now I’ve been I’ve been doing my walks. I’m like, the sun is not up until I go on the peloton. This is not fun for me …(Taylor laughs) Like I don’t want to notice the sun on my peloton. I want to notice this when I’m outside. Anyways, this is my own thing that I have to work on. Okay, I know I remember when I was. Clinical hypnosis for the person who is still believing that hypnosis is you know, the quacking like a dog and all the stuff that we’ve all been seeing on whatever. We raised for raise without on like the Maury Povich show. What a clinical hypnosis and like, how do you know that you need it? What What Why would you seek it out?

Taylor Carr 21:00
Yeah, so so stage hypnosis is just completely different. It’s like a performance act. And it’s amazing. And it’s not the same process at all, it’s completely different. So what I do the clinical hypnotherapy piece of this, it really is like you’re going into the deepest meditation of your life, your whole body becomes very, very calm. So this is great for people who are like anxious, or they’re really struggling to like slow down, your body gets extremely calm your brains, which is into alpha, and then to theta wave length, which is like that, that wavelength right before you’re asleep, right. And when you’re in that wavelength, and you’re so relaxed, and so peaceful, and you feel really safe, your subconscious mind is able to come forward and really absorb in a new way. The line between the conscious and the subconscious dissolves. So what I do when I get them into the state, which takes roughly 20 minutes of like different visualizations and practices. I then regurgitate the words back to their subconscious mind that they’ve told me they want to feel. So most of the time I see the fear of success. I see like, there’s never enough money. I see, you know, like, I’m not lovable, or I’m not worthy. Like the amount of imposter syndrome in women, like every single woman has it. Right? So it’s that like, you, you tell me what you want to feel? And then I hope you feel it on autopilot?

Lesley Logan 22:20
Well, because the subconscious, like people for like, subconscious, so malleable, you can tell the subconscious anything. But the problem is, is we just, we just thought the subconscious tells us what we’ve told it before.

Taylor Carr 22:30
Yeah, and it totally is running the show. You know, it’s it’s doing everything, every single time that you think a thought that’s like, Oh, I’m not good enough to do this. It’s because you learned it somewhere else in, maybe in your childhood or in your teen years. And it got stuck in there. And you really believe it now because it’s been playing so much. So that’s why it does take more I mean, you can get results after one session, but I always say like three to six, because three to six times of me telling your subconscious mind how deeply worthy and beautiful and magnetic and radiant you are. You’re going to walk into any room feeling that way and you’re not even going to have to try.

Lesley Logan 23:02
Yeah. Oh, okay. Well, that I’m that maybe I need that …(Lesley laughs) I, so Okay. Pardon me. So you’re working. So I’m doing so many, many amazing things. I want to know like, what are you actually working on being right now? Like, what are you stepping into right now? Can you share?

Taylor Carr 23:22
Yeah, I’m so excited. I did you know, I’m currently sick entering this New Year sick, which I totally manifested. Because my word for this year was health. And so my body was like, let’s get it out of the way. Now. I was like, “Thanks, body” …(Taylor laughs) But what I’m working on Being is um, oh how do I share this? I haven’t shared this yet, actually …(Lesley laughs) This year for me is less about money in numbers, and it’s more about impact and influence. So my work right now is really embodying the celebrity archetype, which is something that I embodied at the beginning of last year when my business went from $0 to eight and $9,000 months within the span of just a few weeks. The Celebrity archetype is one of my five feminine manifestation archetypes. And it’s really about being the woman who is unapologetic about exactly what she wants and going to get it. And it’s the woman who’s not afraid to be spiritual and you know, connected to the universe and all of these things, bouncing my chakras, but also kind of being a bad bitch and wanting to wear sequins and glitter and drink champagne and be all of it at the same time and still allow that to be sacred. (Lesley: Yeah) And you know, I want to have the type of business that I want. I want to have the type of money that I want. I want to have the nice things that I want and not shaming myself for it. So this year is all about stepping into my celebrity. Stepping into that energy of like, I do more podcasts, I, I get on stages, I do keynote speaking, I get in magazines and articles. Less selling on Instagram, less of that hustle and more of being the woman I want to be and having massive impact.

Lesley Logan 25:05
That’s really cool. So I do want to type I don’t let me forget I want to the other archetypes are because I think of like, “Wait, what are there five? Let me know. But so, so what you’re doing it what you’re saying, I don’t wanna put words in your mouth, but like right now that you’re like, actually to, you’re actually making sure that you’re being those things like each day, you’re trying to do one of those things so you can continue to make your reality that Celebrity archetype. Is that what you’re doing? Yeah,

Taylor Carr 25:29
It’s being her now. I have this, this this little story that I tell. And I talked about how like, I was always chasing my future self. I was always like, trying to catch up to her. And the way that I see her in my head, is this woman is glowing, radiant woman in a room filled with people wearing black and she’s wearing red. I’m like the woman in the red dress. How do I become the woman in the red dress? And, and, and one day, I was like, “Oh, I just put the red dress on.” So every day I’m putting the red dress on (Lesley: and playing a song lady in red…) …(Lesley laughs)

Lesley Logan 25:54
I’m old …(Lesley laughs) (Taylor: I don’t know we might be close to the same age.) That’s, I love that. I love that. Thank you for sharing that I was just today in this moment, I was like, I’m just gonna ask people how they’re what they’re Being right now. (Taylor: Yeah) Just like I just like, yeah, why are we not doing that? Like duh Les. That’s like what this podcast is up. So other archetypes so that in case you were like, “Oh, that celebrity one sounds really great.” But like maybe what are the other ones?

Taylor Carr 26:27
Yeah, so they are made up of the Romantic, the Chemist, the Lioness, the Seductress and the Celebrity.

Lesley Logan 26:35
Okay. Very cool. So the one that stood out to me, what’s the Chemist? This one sounds really cool.

Taylor Carr 26:42
The Chemist, Yeah. So the Chemist archetype is actually the number one archetype that people get when they take my quiz. But the Chemist archetype is is the woman who like they know, manifestation is real. They know the whoo is real, but like, they really need that tangible scientific evidence. They’re more into like, listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza. And listening to like quantum science and like, really trying to understand the why that this is happening versus the magic is happening. And that’s wonderful. It’s like, no, I need the concrete evidence, but I know it’s real. But show me the evidence …(Lesley laughs)

Lesley Logan 27:14
So Joe Dispenza is on my audible right now and …(Lesley laughs) (Taylor: he’s all the way to Chemist) like, I’m like, I’m like, love this guy. Love it. He’s saying everything I believe, perfect. I just need a I definitely like, like, just give me that. Like, there’s a little bit of evidence because, (Taylor: Yeah) because I think like, sometimes I’m like, I’m like, Oh, I know this stuff. And then I find the book that actually validates that I’m like, Oh, well, perfect. Now there’s actually sign. So sometimes I just like to have the science because I’m like, I don’t want to be the savant. I want to (Lesley: laughs) want to really when someone tells him I just read Joe Dispenza. He’s like, really awesome. Okay, so the Seductress and the Lioness. Quick, what are those?

Taylor Carr 27:50
The Lioness is like the She E O, she is like loving, fierce, that ferocious energy. She’s all the way a leader. She’s all about compassionate, empathetic, feminine leadership. So that’s like, everything is done with love, no matter how ferocious it is. It always comes back to love. She loves nice things. She has the designer handbag, she likes the private jets.

Lesley Logan 28:09
I’m the lion. I want to be, well I am the Lioness. And I want me to be the Lioness because we’re saving for the… I am because I’ll just tell you, why. Not that you don’t know this about me already. Y’all. We don’t have a car because I keep telling my husband not until I can have the electric G Wagen that they’re gonna come out with. (Taylor: wooh!) we’re just gonna have that and I’m having fun party. And everyone’s like, you don’t even like to drive. I’m like, I’ll like driving that. I will love driving that so there coming a electric version. I want the G Wagen. I like to sit up tall and yes, I will have my Selena, my Louis Vuitton, with my with my sandals and my ripped jeans …(Lesley laughs) (Taylor: Yes! Lioness vibes all the way) Okay, so I think I think that that’s the one that I have to step into for this year. So thank you so much. I’m gonna have to look her up. You must have her on your website. Yeah. (Taylor: Yeah, the quiz is on there). Perfect. So then the Seductress and there was one other. What are those?

Taylor Carr 28:58
Okay, so the Seductress is what we call the highest level archetype. And it’s funny because you wouldn’t think that but you kind of have to go through all the archetypes to be comfortable in your Seductress. I believe that the Seductress is the closest to God. I believe that her body her sexuality, her experience, she leads with it. She manifests with it. She has the universe really like craving to provide for her and and this is the type of this is the type of woman who just she radiates confidence. She is all of it. She is orgasmic and proud. She is sexy and proud. She’s connected to God, she’s connected to her body. And she she really is she really is special. She’s difficult to get to she takes the most work to heal, and that’s why we call her the highest level. The Romantic is the other one and a lot of people go, “I got the romantic (cries) I don’t like like I don’t want to do love stuff right now. I just want money.” But I always challenge them because I believe that love is actually the center of money. I believe that love is the center of all things in the feminine experience. So for the woman who’s able to soften and see that love is a beautiful thing. And she would rather you know, take a beautiful stroll down, you know, the the block during sunset, like, drink her, you know her coffee and it’s slow and it’s beautiful and she loves the berries at the farmers market. That’s really the romantic, she’s very present. She’s very soft.

Lesley Logan 30:19
Very good. Thank you for walking through all of those, I think (Taylor: Yeah) you’re stepping into the Celebrity archetype. This year, I’m going to step into the Lioness because that’s really, um, it’s already calling to me, and I just need to (Taylor: Yes) take the next step. So we’re going to be that this year. Okay, so this has been really fun. Um, I think a lot of people are like, hold on, there’s more. There’s more. Alright, Taylor, where can people like find you work with you get to know like, they’re like, Okay, “hold on, I gotta step into the Seductress archetype.” Where, where can they go to learn more about this?

Taylor Carr 30:48
Yeah, so my website is upgradewithtaylor.com and you can find the quiz on the website. And actually, that is held with me and my colleague, Sarah D’Angelo. So you’ll see some emails come in from both of us. And there’ll be like a breakdown of all the archetypes and what you got. And it’ll be super fun. It’s a really fun experience. On Instagram, I’m at Tayfemme. And, and then on Facebook, I have a private group free group, it’s called the Activated Woman Collective. And we have lots of beautiful like trainings and challenges and devotions. And it’s a really beautiful place.

Lesley Logan 31:21
Cool, love that free group. All those will be in the show notes below. So at Tayfemme on Instagram, okay, so Bold, Executable, Intrinsic, Targeted steps people can take to Be It Till they See It.

Taylor Carr 31:34
Whooo… you know, I think the biggest thing is leaving fear at the door and just doing it anyway because the truth is, is that you’re never going to be ready. If you wait to be ready, you will be waiting your entire life, but when you put the red dress on and you go ferociously and powerfully in the direction of your dreams, you cannot miss. You will not lose and there will be times that are hard, and you have to be courageous enough to get through them and you are. And that’s the piece I really want to drive home too, is like you are. You are strong enough, you are courageous enough, you really can’t get through it. And on the other side, it’s really magical and I really really want you to get there.

Lesley Logan 32:13
Taylor, thank you so much. I mean I when you say that you have so much conviction and because you say from a place of experience and and you are living it as well and so I do think a lot of people can say just didn’t do it despite a fear but like you have actually done that with the with the things you’ve overcome in your life. So thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for for taking us on this journey. Like I am like filling my fem, I’m filling all my stuff. This lioness is like ready to rock. Watch this. (Taylor: Yeah) She E O over. …(Taylor laughs) Everyone do me a huge favor and Taylor, tag at tayfemm and the Be It pod with what your takeaways were, what your favorite part of this podcast was? How are you going to use these things in your life? We want to know. I know that we will definitely be cheering you on from the sidelines. And also, it’s how more people hear this message. And when all think about it, if all the women surrounding you were doing these things, wouldn’t it be so much freakin easier to do these things. So we have to change the collective that we’re in because otherwise we’re like surrounded by the people with the old messaging. So this is how you change your friends minds so you can change your mind and Be It Till You See It.

Taylor Carr 33:24
Thank you so much, my queen.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast! One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over at the @be_it_pod on Instagram! I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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