How to Power

Wash Your Brain?

Ep. 215 with Lesley & Brad

“You need to sleep so you can power wash the brain.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Experience a journey into the mind with Lesley and Brad as they share key takeaways from an eye-opening talk with The Brain Prophet’s Dr. Philippe Duoyon and Douglas Mapp. Discover the value of good sleep in combating dementia, the synergy required for body and mind for optimum output, and how AI affects our cognitive well-being.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • 90’s songs and movies that fill Brad and LL’s cups
  • Practical tips to get good sleep hygiene.
  • The connection between lack of sleep and dementia.
  • How the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) cleans your brain during REM cycles of sleep.
  • How taking care of the body and brain results in peak performance.
  • The effects of using AI on your brain in the future.
  • Benefits of taking cold showers and things to do to challenge your brain.

Episode References/Links:

Lesley Logan: Years ago I heard Seth Goden say parents’ jobs is not to like get their, like think that school’s teaching their kids. It’s to like actually teach their kids when their kids come home. And you do that by asking ’em questions. They can’t Google. Or ask them questions, then don’t let them Google. And if they answer a question, not telling them what if it’s right or wrong, but ask ’em how they got to that answer because that is actually challenging the brain.

So, you know what? Ask yourself a question. Don’t let yourself Google. Try to come with an answer and then, you know, see what happens.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


And stick around to the very end because we got some outtakes that’s been happening. There’s always outtakes. Um, and the team does collect them for bloopers on the YouTube, but uh, we’re adding them into the end of the pod because you know what you need to know that we are not perfect. You’re not perfect, and we’re enjoying the process and we are enjoying that.

So have a good laugh on our behalf. Love you.

Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap, where my co-host in life, Brad and I are ready to dig into the cognitive combo I had with Dr. Philippe Douyon)and Douglas Mapp in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen to that one, and then come back and join us.

Also, if you’re listening to this on the O P C app, oh yeah, you don’t even have to like go back. You can literally. Just see the list of, of latest episodes and you can go, I haven’t listened to that one yet. That’s true. And you can listen to it all for free on that app. Just a shameless puck. Okay. Yeah,

Brad Crowell: not only that though, uh, this one was, was like, there was a lot going on in this episode, so I actually listened to it, uh, slower than I normally would cuz they were thrown out like of, of science, a lot of science and a lot of stuff that like medical stuff.


Lesley Logan: poor brain was like, not catching up you guys. I failed the cognitive test on the air. I did laugh. I laughed out loud. I like, okay, in my defense I just did not understand the instructions and also I clearly, I did go get my brain checked, but

Brad Crowell: I can see how he can like mess with you as the person running the test because.

I could see the logic behind why you would want to answer the way that you answered. Yeah. And then I could also see how he was talking about modifying it to mess with people even more. I, I thought it was pretty cool. So, so do you,

Lesley Logan: so I just wanna know. Pretty cool. Test everyone who listened. Do you think that he made it harder because I’m so amazing?

Or do you, do we think my brain’s fucked? Drop a one in the comments on Instagram. Anyways. Okay, before we get into their conversation, let me just announce that today is international Skin Pigmentation Day. Cause I got some, and y’all all probably have some. And you know what? It’s okay. Like get your cancer checked.

Absolutely. But own the skin pigmentation. It makes you who you are. When I was growing up, they called them freckles, and now it’s called malama. I do not like that. You hit a certain age and you go from having freckles to skin picking mutation. But at any rate, I see you. Happy International Skin Mentation Day.

Show it off,

Brad Crowell: um,

Lesley Logan: this week. We are on a plane right now. Yeah. Right now. So as you, as you’re listening, if you’re listening to this in real time, we are on a plane. Come back from Korea. Um, Brad’s probably sleeping. I am 1000%.

Brad Crowell: Well, hopefully we are getting. Very deep, amazing. Multiple rem cycle sleep on this plane ride home.

Well if

Lesley Logan: we have a, a row to ourselves, absolutely. You will always. And I might, um, yeah, I sleep

Brad Crowell: sitting up y’all Not normally, but I can’t, I have to lie

Lesley Logan: down. And I have been known to have my legs up the wall of plane just to make room for me to sleep lying down because I have to sleep lying down. I have slept in a rolling, like a ball position just so I can sleep lying down, um, with the seatbelt digging in cuz I don’t want them to wake me up cuz I’m not wearing it.

So I like. Loosen it up and get myself in there so I can sleep lying down. At any rate, if I’m not

Brad Crowell: sleeping, you can imagine it. It’s hilarious.

Lesley Logan: Don’t worry. I am watching whatever movies they have because Flights to Asia have the newest, hottest movies and I’m so excited. It’s true. Um, but next month, next month, um, lots of It’s June.

Brad Crowell: Yeah, it’s June.

Lesley Logan: Yes. Yeah, so in June we’re actually staying in town. Brad’s gonna go do some camping stuff, but I’ve got two Elevate Weekends happening. I’ve got one for Elevate Round two and one for Elevate round three. And if you’re like, that seems like a lot. It’s not cuz I’m awesome, but I’m, it’s a, it’s a,

Brad Crowell: that’s why it’s

Lesley Logan: not okay.

Okay. Yeah, no, I mean, thank goodness for our team. Uh,

Brad Crowell: um, unbelievable. You can’t see me on ca uh, rolling my eyes on the audio side of this, so

Lesley Logan: don’t worry. Um, and while it’s amazing, um, we’re also gonna go to Utah and do some vacation with our BFFs, uh, what do you call, like, couples who are BFFs because we’re, where BFF was the

Brad Crowell: couple.

Yeah, I don’t, uh, maybe we’re c

Lesley Logan: BFFs couple B BFFs. Anyways, someone will tell me, um, we’re gonna go to Utah. Um, it’s gonna be hot this month, supposedly in Vegas. But we’re, we’re not worried about it cuz we love it here. Um, and, uh, yeah, so anyways, lots going on in June at home in Las Vegas. I hope you can come and see the beautiful

Brad Crowell: place.

All right. If y’all can have an answer to that question cuz my brain is still trying to figure out is it like best couple friends forever? Is it bc fff it, whatever you think it might be. Make sure we know, oh, you know what Kareen, you gotta drop us a line. You what on Instagram? And tell us what you think it should be.

Do you know what Kareen

Lesley Logan: calls me? I don’t. A T F. Trusted friend forever. That’s me, trusted friend forever. Uhhuh, it’s better than b fff tf F. Um, okay, so then, uh, July, we are gonna be in the United Kingdom. We are teaching an amazing mullet tour of a weekend,

Brad Crowell: so please literally called the mullet,

Lesley Logan: y’all. Oh, we have mullets on the flyers.

We have mullets on the notebooks. So I, I don’t have a mullet, but we are gonna figure this out. Um, people

Brad Crowell: think I have a mullet, but I

Lesley Logan: don’t. Well, you can make it look mullety. I

Brad Crowell: can make it look like a mullet, but it’s not

Lesley Logan: actually a mullet. I think you do that, but I mean, whatever. Whatever we do for art. Um, so anyways, uh, at the time of recording there were a few spots left.

Are there now you should check. Yeah. Um, you can go to It’s gonna be in the show notes in August. We are doing the summer West coast tour. You guys, we are so. Bricken fired up for this. We are, we have amazing partners with this tour. We do. So we are leveling up this tour. Big. Yeah, it’s gonna badass way.

Uh, if you are somewhere between the bottom of California and the top of the United States, you’re gonna wanna come. Yeah. You’re gonna wanna get in your car.

Brad Crowell: Come, come in our car. So if you’re not sure where we’re gonna stop. We’re still dialing all that in, but you will find out by getting on the list. Go to

September. Yeah,

Lesley Logan: Poland. Poland. You guys, there’s an incredible conference happening in Poland. I’m speaking. Brad’s gonna be there. We’re having flashcards. If you have not wanna pay for massive shippings, use that money to go to this conference and enjoy incredible speakers. There’s opportunities to take private sessions, which is never a possibility when I travel, which

Brad Crowell: means you have to sign up early.

Yeah. Cause those

Lesley Logan: will go, yeah. So, uh, KR pilates If you’re like, how do you spell that? It’s in the show notes. Yeah.

Brad Crowell: KR pilates And you can, uh, it’s easy to get there from anywhere in Europe, um, or even in the uk. So, uh, come, come hang. It’s gonna be super fun. Yep. And then looking forward to it.

Lesley Logan: And then we go to October.

Brad Crowell: Gonna go Cambodia. Cambodia. Can I wait to go back? It is filling

Lesley Logan: up so fast. And um, we are so excited to go back. Yeah. We have so many people who are excited. They’re like, which friend can I bring? It’s just a ba it’s just a wonderful place to truly retreat yourself. And then you will enjoy Pilate sessions.


Brad Crowell: work, come stay, come stay in our village. Mm-hmm. Either with us at our house, um, or uh, at our neighbors. Yeah. Well,

Lesley Logan: it’s gonna be so fun if our house fills up, we have our neighbor’s house and, but when I say that, it’s not like an Airbnb where you’re sharing a room in a house with other people. No,

Brad Crowell: they have their own guest house.

They’re all, and they’re literally 15 feet across the street from

Lesley Logan: us. We all like, we’re all we, you all have your own rooms. It’s your own doors and your own bathrooms.

Brad Crowell: And it’s, well tu a room. Yeah. For some of ’em it’s right. Yeah. We’ll work it out. Yes. But anyway,

Lesley Logan: my point is my, is.

Brad Crowell: You’re not like in a Yeah, you’re not down the street from us.


Lesley Logan: like literally crossing the path. You’re in like a house where like you’re sharing a living room with random people. You’re in a guest, you’re in a like a bed and breakfast. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Uh, that, that links in the, by the whatever you call the things below. Show notes. And then

Brad Crowell: actually Leslie

Lesley Logan: Iactually just got off a call with the lovely Erica Quest.

Brad Crowell: Yeah, you did. I heard you two. I can hear you outside. You, you two, like make each other laugh so hard.

Lesley Logan: It’s hilarious. I know. And we’re, we came up with that and with, uh, the, what we’re gonna, what I’m gonna. Uh, pitch for our workshops for, uh, what’s happening in December, but in November, uh, we’re bringing back our very tried and true amazing workshops that people have loved.

That we’ve never brought to Miami, and we’re gonna do some workshops before p o t. The P O t Miami stuff has not been released yet, but we will be at Miami, p o t. So just get yourself to Miami in November. Um, if you haven’t gone to Cambodia, Poland, or the UK or a West Coast, I’m just saying yeah, come hang out.

See you in real life. Get your fasts there.

Brad Crowell: Get your fasts there. Next up is an audience question. Who is it from? It’s from Erica Donahue. Sorry I said that wrong. It’s, I’m reading Erica Quest. It’s Erin Donahue, our dear friend from Bethle,

Lesley Logan: Pennsylvania. We love Erin. Yes, she’s a badass. We actually get to see her at uh, and Katie Donnelly every December, which is just like a true.

Bless them. They even like did an outdoor adventure with me when I was definitely negative from Covid, but we still did outside so no one would get anything before Christmas Eve. Yeah. Uh, so we love them. Um, and this is her

Brad Crowell: question. Yeah. So she said, you often talk about small things that fill our cup. As a fellow nineties lover, what is your favorite nineties song and or movie that you cannot turn off when it’s on mine?

Are TLCs? No Scrubs and Empire Records. Okay,

Lesley Logan: Aaron. Okay, so I love this question so much and I do think that like little things do fill our cup, right? So for 90 songs, I will just be completely honest, my parents raised me on focus on the family and my grandparents on the oldies channels. So I was at the Drifters concerts in front row.

I forget who we were just talking about where they were like saying that, and I was like, oh yeah, no, me too, me too. Drifter’s baby. So, um, luckily for me, pretty Woman is from 1990 and it is.

Brad Crowell: Absolutely. Oh, that’s your, that’s your movie. That’s my

Lesley Logan: movie. That is your movie. 1000% my movie. I don’t care. I don’t care if I, I watched it every day for an entire summer with my best friend.

Um, it was our favorite thing to do, and my mom was always like, hi mom. My mom was always like, Leslie, you should be. Watching this every single day, it’s gonna like, make you grow up to be a prostitute. And I said, uh, actually mom, she’s an entrepreneur and she never takes less than a hundred. So, um, thanks Julia Roberts.

Love you. Um, so that’s my favorite movie that I cannot get enough of. I don’t know. When did the League of your own come out? Because when I’m flying, uh, cuz pretty women’s not on the planes, but a league of your own. Of their own. 92. 92. And then also Sleepless in Seattle. That movie, those another

Brad Crowell: two

Lesley Logan: I 93.

93. Thank God for that. So when I, Aaron, when I’m on a flight, literally the last fight to Cambodia to fall asleep, I put on the lee of their own. And then when I woke up, Which I do on a plane. I went on to sleepless in Seattle, fell back asleep, missed the whole movie, woke up at the end, went back to the league of their own, and like that was my night.

It in between two of ’em and I fell asleep. So love them fills my cup so much in so many ways. For songs, this is actually a little difficult because again, as I mentioned, like. I grew up with focus on the family as one option and like the drifters as another option, and also Chuck Berry’s my Dingling, so

my Dingling. If you know you, it’s h hilarious. It’s a hilarious song. Bell Wood Ring. I just wanna play with my, and then he’d have the whole audience sing that part anyways. Um, so, uh, I did some, some stuff because I wanted make sure I got some songs right. Um, because I don’t remember all the Christian bands.

Brad probably does, but like, we probably had like clays of whatever it’s called, jars of clay. Like just those, yeah. That,

Brad Crowell: that, that’s the first thing that came into my head was the entire album. Their, their first

Lesley Logan: album. And there like, there was a couple of bands that like, My parents would let me play in their earshot, but whenever they would leave, and also I had some friends’ moms who drove me to school, so it’s an ironic, of course.

Alanis Morrisette. Thank you so much. Um, of course, Mary j Blige, of course, anything by Macy Gray and, um, Whitney Houston. Shout out. I mean, like, how can you not? I remember, do you remember this, Brad? We were walking the dogs in LA and someone’s blasting. Um, I just wanna dance with somebody in their car. I just wanna dance with somebody.

Yeah. And they stopped at the stop sign by our house and we started singing with them. Like,

Brad Crowell: it was like, oh gosh, Whitney.

Lesley Logan: Anyways, um, So, uh, so Erin said, no scrubs, Erin. Um, and there’s an O P C workout called No Scrubs coming up for you. Um, that just have some fun. But I love salt and pepper. I love Lauren Hill.

I loved, I mean like, uh, I don’t think there’s a 90 song that would come on now that I would stop playing unless it was like, who, weirdo Yankovich. That shit doesn’t do me anything. Um, so I’m just into it all. I, I just, I don’t, I can’t even pick a fave. I really, really cannot. Um, but also I feel like I should have gone to the, um, loveth fair.

I think I missed out on an opportunity to like really just like, I don’t think I was like the 1999 um, shit festival, the Woodstock thing. I think I was a little affair girl all along with my glasses and my perm bangs cuz my mom did that. And, uh, my braces, I think I would’ve filled it. Fit. Nailed it. Yeah.

What are your

Brad Crowell: favorites? All right, so, um, I definitely, uh, remember. Uh, being impacted seriously by Green Day and their album Due. Your parents, sledge? They certainly did not. Uh, but I listened on the bus, uh, and I got really into that. Um, do I play it over and over and over again? Not so much. Um, I’m trying to think about like, what would I play over and over again, uh, from the nineties specifically

Lesley Logan: six PE on the Richer.

You didn’t play that over and over again. I mean,

Brad Crowell: um, on, no, I played like, um, like, uh, lit and a couple of other punk bands, like whatever. But who in the Blowfish did you Sure. A big bad Voodoo Daddy. Like, I mean, come on. But, uh, yeah, I mean, definitely, um,

Lesley Logan: There was this Australian band that would go, um, oh, I can’t think of it, but like I, um, it’s gonna come up in this podcast.

I will come back to it

Brad Crowell: and they’ll just be like, good thing. Well, movies. Okay. So I just was looking, um, the Big Lapovsky is in the late nineties, and that movie is amazing and I’m like super into that film. Um, uh, and the, uh, uh, the ne the other one was I, I kept looking up, like trying to figure out, um, Uh, is diehard.

It’s from 1988 and I’m like, no, no, because that one, like if it’s on, I’m watching it, but diehard two is 1990, so I don’t know if I have that same affinity for diehard two.

Lesley Logan: Oh my God, dude. Okay. Just, no, maybe people listening remember this, but back when cable was a big deal and I was in college, um, there would be like, I love the nineties.

I love the eighties. It was on e and like, was it on e What? There was like a, a cable channel. There was a bunch of ’em. And like, anyways, uh, okay. So, but Savage Garden, truly, madly, deeply. Uh, the chorus is unbelievable. It’s super fast. It’s like, like you have to, like how to lick. Well, it’s dun. I can’t do it.

I can’t do it. I have to listen to it. At any rate, that’s the commercial. You can’t play it on the air. Oh man. Right now you cannot play it. We don’t own the right, but you’all, just go. Those Savage Gardens truly, madly, deeply get to the chorus. And like you will be like, every time I see you, close my eyes da like that.

It’s like so fucking good. Anyways, I own the cd, I own the single. I bought the single, single and I played it over and over again. There you go. Aaron. That is the one Fills my cup first. Play it all the time. And Brad’s like, no, I think that they’re from Seattle. I’m like, they’re, no,

Brad Crowell: I was saying sound garden.

You said Sound Garden. They’re from Seattle. Yeah. This is Savage Garden. Savage Garden. And they’re from Queensland. Queensland. I didn’t know

Lesley Logan: that. And they’re actually from Brisbane. And you know Brisbane. I fucking love you and Mr. Your faces. Let’s go.

Brad Crowell: Anyway, this has been fun going down memory lane way into it. Great question, erin. Thank you so much. Um, I hope y’all have had a lot of like ohs happening during this time.

Anyway, stick around.

Let’s talk about Dr.

Phillip Du and. Douglas Map, uh, two extraordinary individuals who are all about the power of the brain. Both are experts in their fields, uh, and they firmly believe that understanding how to harness the capability of our brains and changing our thinking can also change our lives and the world. Pretty, uh, pretty crazy.

Uh, listening to them talk about, um, just. Stuff that is kind of everyday things that we probably need to be doing to take care of our brains. Um, and I, I really enjoyed the conversation. I think before you jump into. Uh, before you jump into it, just the concept of working, quote unquote working out your brain.

Um, I really liked the idea of that because we obviously know we need to work out our muscles and, you know, like be moving all the movement and all that kind of stuff. And in my, in my mind I was like, oh yeah, you know, I work out my brain by playing a puzzle video game on my phone.

Lesley Logan: Oh, don’t work. Do you not remember Philipp Dion’s whole thing?

Soduko is not gonna work.

Brad Crowell: Yeah. So, uh, but they’re, they gave us some pretty practical tips on how to get your brain, um, working out anyway. Um, are you just gonna start, what is the one thing that, um, love your patients there? What is the one thing, uh, that you’ve loved that they said, uh, to help us work out our brain?

Lesley Logan: So we’ve had Dr. Fe Dion on before, which is why I know this is a cool thing. Um, but I was just really excited to have him back because, There’s so much to know about the brain. I don’t even think scientists know everything about the brain yet. Like, and it’s just, it’s crazy. So, um, of course, you know, good sleep hygiene.

It’s been a thing that I’ve been wanting to work on and, um, I’ve been really frustrated because of this aura ring. And it tells me how little sleep I’m fucking getting, even though I was going to bed, but I was like waking up 17 times ago. You just felt the

Brad Crowell: best sleep in your life like a week ago. At the

Lesley Logan: time of interviewing them, it was shit.

And prior to that interview, my Aura Ring annual. Wrap up was like, uh, you averaged six hours of sleep, which is not what I, my goal was. My goal was seven hours of sleep, right? So obviously missed that by a big lot. And also like I wasn’t getting into deep sleep, which is what our brain needs to do. We, so we have to train our body and brain to sleep.

So I do have a nighttime routine. I have been cheating on it. However, do not work three to four hours before bed. Turn down the lights. As evening approaches, our friends have those like Google. Lights or their lights are on a Google situation and they just are on a timer end. Yeah. They just

Brad Crowell: start dimming.

They just start dimming.

Lesley Logan: It’s pretty cool. Do it. It doesn’t, it doesn’t seem to cost a lot, so you can like do it, but you have to think about it cuz all the things you can do to like not have to like remember to do it. It’s like, Amazing for decision fatigue. It also helps signal your body to start releasing melatonin.

Hello? For sleep. They said no caffeine. Eight hours before, you know Europeans, you do things differently. So like, basically like

Brad Crowell: if caffeine. Yeah, but I feel like science doesn’t lie. You know, like,

Lesley Logan: well, I’ve, I read a, I read a book on coffee and like, Some people can handle it after three o’clock and some people cannot.

And Huberman also scientists, he also said like, if you can, you can’t, if you can’t, you can’t. So just Fair enough, fair enough. You know, you, um, but, but definitely like probably eight hours before bed makes sense to me. Um, and they emphasize that you should get at least six to eight hours. I really, I feel good at seven hours.

Eight kind of thinks you feel

Brad Crowell: groggy. So that’s good. Yeah. I need to, I need, I definitely am at the six hour mark and I need to step that up. The seven.

Lesley Logan: Well also, cuz I don’t want you to die. Well,

Brad Crowell: yeah. And, and I mean, well, so here’s what’s in, he actually said, um, and this was an interesting way to think about sleep, because we kind of think of sleep like last.

It’s like the, it’s like, eh, you get when I’m dead. Well, there, I used to say that forever, but, but also like, you know, we’re like, oh, I have a big day tomorrow, so I should get some sleep. And the the, you know, he said, Hey, you know, sleep is actually, literally sleep is made for your brain, right? Like, sleep is made for your brain.

Okay, so when we say that, what that, what does that mean? Like you, you need to have the sleep so you can like power wash the brain, right? So that you can actually function and Yeah. And help your brain continue to be they actually communicating to itself

Lesley Logan: during sleep. You, there’s like all this fertilizer that’s happening to your brain, the csf, the cerebral spinal fluid.

Right. I don’t know that I like the thinking about fertilizer like shit for my brain, but like, it it, well cuz fertilizer has a bunch of manure in it or chemicals. Sure. Okay. So, but let’s just think about a holistic level, uh, according to the doctors and the scientists, um, when you sleep, you’re like literally giving your brain all the like, amazing gross shit that it needs.

Here it is. Gross shit. Gross shit. Yeah, it’s gross Shit. Sorry. It’s gross. Sorry, Douglas. Um, anyways, uh, it’s so, um, it’s so important. And then they also mentioned this is why it’s so important, if you listen to nothing, listen to this. There is links in science between dementia and sleep deprivation. Yeah. So y’all get your fucking sleep because you don’t want to be dementia.

Dementia. No. Have dementia. Yes. You don’t wanna have it. You know, you don’t wanna have it. And like we don’t, we, and there’s all these other things that are still trying to figure out why it’s happening, but like, do yourself a favor and like, at least if one of the causes is lack of sleep. Get yourself some sleep.


Brad Crowell: I think, and the, you know, like, to take it a level deeper, basically he’s talking about that CFS is cleaning your brain during those REM cycles of sleep. Uh, right. And he said, When you don’t get the sleep that you need, you’re not clearing the brain as much as you need to clear it, which ultimately could cause a breakdown of communication, and that that if that communication breaks down, now we’re talking diseases such as dementia.

Lesley Logan: Dementia. Well, it makes sense. I mean, if you think about drains, If you don’t clean them, there’s buildup and then eventually there’s blockages. Yeah. And. You know, in LA those things just become a burst pipe. So there’s like these things that happen. So that could happen to you.

Brad Crowell: It, it, it absolutely can. Yeah.

So get your sleep. So that could happen to you.

Lesley Logan: Uh, this is my for sleep. This is your brain on drugs.

Brad Crowell: Yeah. Right. Uh, I really was also gravitating towards the, um, The, the conversation about, uh, business owners, like entrepreneurs. He said that, uh, uh, business people move the conversation forward because, uh, especially, uh, Dr.

Dion was, you know, he’s in the, the, the health, wellness medical field. He’s a fucking brain doctor. Brain doctor. But he’s like, Hey, this is slow. Everything is slow in this field. But entrepreneurs get in there and they like, you know, Break stuff and they, they move a lot faster because, companies operating at peak performance are five times more efficient than companies that are not right.

And that’s a lot to do with the brain. So they were kind of going back and forth about this and, uh, basically it’s, you know, his opinion was that business people have amazing take on the brain, whether or not they realize it because. For them to operate with efficiency. What are they doing? They’re taking care of their body.

They’re taking care of their brain. They’re probably, you know, uh, uh, doing, uh, like maybe it’s, uh, supplements or sleep Oh, or some of these food that they’re eating, and they’re really intentional

Lesley Logan: about it. Some of these business owners that I’ve followed, they’re like, such biohackers and they’re bio.

Absolutely. They’re doing some crazy studies on themselves and they move fast. And you’re right, they break stuff and like, not that science is slower, there’s. You

Brad Crowell: need money? No. No money. It’s not the science, this law, it’s the, the medical field that’s, you know, moving the needle in like government stuff.

Like that’s, it’s

Lesley Logan: just slow. Well, that’s because people, yeah, whatever, but like, You need money to study things and I think business people will are willing to do it because they will invest in the products that will help. The thing meaning cuz I mean, I bought a thing that a business person made to help me sleep better, so I’m in.

Brad Crowell: Yeah. Um, and we’re really excited to start sharing about that new, uh, device. Uh, we’re working out a, a, a relationship with them. I

Lesley Logan: know. I’m so excited to tell you all about it tomorrow next. I dunno, I’ll, let me get

Brad Crowell: to my emails. So Douglas Map also had like a side comment about ai, which I thought was really interesting cuz that, that always like, um, I’m always interested in that stuff.

And, uh, he said actually he thinks that it’s not necessarily gonna benefit us as much as we think it is, um, in a couple of, you know, in a generation or two. Because historically what has happened over the past, like couple of decades, we don’t remember people’s phone numbers anymore because we don’t need to, because we have cell phones.

We don’t try to do, um, math anymore because we have computers and laptops and uh, and you know, phones that have calculators on ’em. We, you know, there’s a lot of like the, uh, normal processing trying to figure out of things that we just don’t need to do anymore because we can either outsource it or we have a machine do it for us.

And he said, so there’s most, like, historically there’s probably gonna be a similar effect on AI culturally. However, he said there’s a caveat to that. If we don’t train our brains to work beside it, then it will, it could potentially be negative. However, there’s a way for us to actually. Use this AI in a beneficial

Lesley Logan: way.

Absolutely. People who use calculators are still like rocking crazy amazing business things. They just know how to use a calculator to make their mo self most, most efficient. Yeah. And also John Oliver had this on his AI segment. He’s like, they’re gonna be people who are, uh, lawyers and then there’s gonna be lawyers who know use ai.

There are gonna people who are writers and there’ll gonna be people who have writers who use ai. Doctors. Same thing. Doctors. Yep. So it’s like you. You have to, you have to still use your con your contacts to help you remember phone numbers. You still have to use the thing, you have to learn how to use it.

And so either you’re gonna learn how to use it with you and like you’ll become on top of the place, or you won’t. But it’s not like it’s gonna calculate, doesn’t fucking take over everyone. Right.

Brad Crowell: Right. And that what, and the, the ai, you know, like he, he was talking about letting the AI think for us, well, can we do that?

Yeah, of course. But. We will use the AI that much more effectively if we are asking it the right questions. So there’s still a lot of like partnering with this AI tool to be the people who are asking the right questions of the AI are gonna get the best results from the ai. Yeah. And they’re gonna be even more

Lesley Logan: efficient.

I agree. I agree. Because my friend did one of those AI drawings of herself. Uh oh. That’s cool. You know, like she said, like, oh, draw me as like a superhero, whatever. There was a whole thing on on Instagram and there, and several of them were really good. And then a couple of ’em had three hands, a lot of three armed AI things.

Uh, I don’t know what the AI is giving everyone three arms, so that’s why you need to have a better person asking. And one of those hands was on her, like was like coming around to her boob, but like not, yeah, it was just like, she’s like, where is his hand coming from and whose hand is it? Anyways, that’s hilarious.

People who know how to use it, people who don’t. So keep your cognitions with you so you can be more analytical.

Brad Crowell: Yeah. And, and, uh, some, I’m just gonna share. Super quick story that has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was so fascinating. Um, my friend went to a, uh, a party and one of the things like, it was like a whole bunch of people, but they had a side room set up that was an AI voice activated ai.

Um, like painter as it were. And so there was a screen and what it was doing was listening for the conversation in the room, and then it would make an AI, digital artwork, piece of imagery based on what it hurt, right? So they were just throwing out phrases like, uh, one of ’em, literally someone said, Mount Everest, and then like, wait two seconds.

And it would. It would like just show ALF on Mount Everest, right? Like those images don’t exist. It wasn’t like there’s an episode of ALF where he’s on Mount Everest. So they were, it was so fascinating how you can interact and create these amazing things with these, this new AI technology. So I love it. I mean, I think, uh, I think

Lesley Logan: that people’s imaginations can go more wild.

Oh yeah, because the things that would hold a perfectionist back, like I can’t draw on Mount Everest. Right? It would

Brad Crowell: take me how long to draw Mount Mount Everest.

Lesley Logan: I don have time for this. I need to sleep.

Brad Crowell: Yeah, I got, I gotta get my REM cycle. I need seven hours. All right,

Lesley Logan: let’s talk about those being IT action items.

What? Bold, executable, intrinsic targeted action items can we take away from your combo? I stole it.

Brad Crowell: I did it. You totally stole it, but I’m gonna steal it back. Um, taking cold showers. In fact, uh, Dr. Philippe said taking free, he’s been taking freezing cold showers. Uh, which is a one up on me. I, I’ve been taking cold showers, I’m taking of cold showers.

Um, I, well, I, I always start them at like, warm enough for me to get in without feeling like someone slapped me across the face. No. And then I make it cold, so it definitely gets cold. It’s, it’s not like, uh, but that initial shock, I’m ch I think I’m cheating, so, uh, it’s not like I’m jumping in an ice cold pole that is, I’m not it.


Lesley Logan: can’t wait for us to have our cold plunge in the, in the annex. But, um, okay. So, We did this episode. Did I say it on the episode or did I figure it out afterwards? That’s, I’m not remembering, but like I had been wanting to take cold showers, but I also get up earlier

Brad Crowell: than you, you mentioned that I was starting to take cold showers, so I think this is just when we began

Lesley Logan: to do this.

So, so, okay, here’s what happened. This is like, thank goodness for divine appointments. Um, so I had this conversation with them and, uh, uh, y’all heard me fail my cognitive tests, but I do think that they were testing me. It’s strong, harder than other people. That’s what I think. But I did see my holistic doctor did get some stuff from my brain, my brain, and um, I had been wanting to do cold showers, but our master bath bathroom is obviously in the bedroom and I get up way earlier than Brad sometimes like, and two hours after he goes to bed.

So I didn’t wanna take the shower because it’s loud. It makes noise, it can do this whole thing. So then I was like, how am I supposed to do this cold shower? Because I don’t wanna take it after the walk because I’m already awake. That doesn’t work. That’s I, I’ve listened to these guys that we just interviewed, and I also have listened to Huberman on the sleep thing.

I have to take the cold shower in the morning, first thing in the morning. So then Huberman is like, Hey, here’s some more information about cold showers in the morning. I’m like, oh, I can take him in the guest bathroom. We have a whole bath. We have an extra shower. Yeah. So then, I said, okay, so this is how you create habits.

Everyone, first of all have, it can’t be take a 15 minute cold shower, two minute, well, it’s two minutes. That’s all you need. That’s what the study says. But I can’t take this two minute cold shower as a goal because I have to now go across the house and do something over on that side of the house. So I had to start like putting clothes over there for the morning to go on the walk so that I would sure get into the shower.

And then I started with like, well, how long can I stay in this cold shower? So the first week, I got to a minute. And then I got myself up. I worked my way up to two minutes. I have been doing it every day. Yeah, since a week after I interviewed these guys, which you guys was months ago. So, At any rate, it is amazing.

It does reduce inflammation. It does make me feel like I’m a badass and here’s an extra credit thing. Do not turn the shower water warm afterwards.

Brad Crowell: Oh, right. No, you, you, you stay cold and you exit the count, the shower cold.

Lesley Logan: Exit

Brad Crowell: cold, which by the way is, and then when you’re drying off, that’s like you’re warming yourself up with your towel

Lesley Logan: basically.

We’re gonna see how this goes cuz this is, uh, the first summer I’m doing this and the AC is on. When I’m getting outta the shower and it’s really mouth fun, but it increases the blood flow, like you said, and it’s just makes you alert. I, I

Brad Crowell: think it also like helps your metabolism and there’s a couple of other Oh yeah.

You know things, but, but, uh, you know, basically what it’s doing is, uh, it’s forcing the blood into your brain to protect your brain from the cold. Yes. Which is, Literally the best thing that your brain could get.

Lesley Logan: Also, another shut up for why you should use your guest bathroom. All my married couples is this.

I literal like, oh my God, it’s so cold. Oh god. So cold. Oh god. So it’s so cold. It’s so cold. Oh my god. It’s so, but it doesn’t wake him up because it doesn’t even turn on the water. I didn’t even notice water heater doing it. No, I’ve been doing, I’ve not this today, even in hotel rooms. I’ve done it. So Awesome.

I did it. What? Okay. Yeah. Nice

Brad Crowell: job. Well, what about you?

Lesley Logan: Okay. So I failed their cognitive assessment. Uh, and so my biggest takeaway is understand your cognitive abilities.

Brad Crowell: Um, understand, understand your cognitive abilities. Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Lesley Logan: Uhhuh. So find a cognitive assessment to identify those strengths and weaknesses.

Um, I think they have some stuff they

Brad Crowell: actually said if they, if you aret Sure. You can hit ’em up on Twitter and they’ll point you in the right direction. Yeah.

Lesley Logan: And then, um, uh, and then. He didn’t mention like meditation, exercise I’m reading, but like, I think those things help. But, um, he did say put your brain in a rigorous exercise, so you gotta challenge your brain without too much stress to help your brain grow.

And I think that’s really vague. So I definitely would tweet at them what those are. But I would also say like, try not to, like we Googled 90 songs. To like, kind of like remind ourselves like, what are our favorite 90 songs? Also, not because we didn’t know what they were, but like is it nineties? Is it eighties?

Is it early two thousands? That’s a little bit hard for me, but then just like, but it, yes, but you, yeah, but you missed a bunch of parts where like, I was like, there’s a, another band, there’s a, and I tried really hard to figure out what that band was before we Googled and I got as many parts of the thing.

I had the garden down, I had the, I had the rhythm down. So try to do things that challenge your brain. This is something that’s been really important to me. Many, many, many year, years ago I heard Seth Goden say parents’ jobs is not to like get their, like think that school’s teaching their kids. It’s still like actually teach their kids when their kids come home.

And you do that by asking ’em questions. They can’t Google. Mm. Or ask them questions, then don’t let them Google. And if they answer a question, not telling them what if it’s right or wrong, but ask ’em how they got to that answer because that is actually challenging the brain. So, you know what? Ask yourself a question.

Don’t let yourself Google. Try to come with an answer and then, you know, see what happens. I loved it. I, these guys are amazing. You could, it was super

Brad Crowell: fascinating. I really enjoyed that.

Lesley Logan: I, I, um, I’m on a mission to sleep more. As of this moment, my average hours are six and a half. I’m still working on that seven, however, We have this product that we can’t tell you about yet, but I, uh, got eight hours of sleep straight through.

Did not wake up once within the third day of using this thing. And I’m so freaking excited because as long as I’m in the bed for eight hours, I think I could get close to seven. Right. So I’m


Brad Crowell: Love it. Awesome.

Lesley Logan: Well, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell: And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan: Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful you’re here.

How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know. Tag the vie pod tag, the brain prophets, and. until next time be until you see it.

Brad Crowell: Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
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