Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Others Better

Ep. 371 with Lesley & Brad

“Understand something so well that you can effectively put yourself in the shoes of someone else.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

In this revealing episode, Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell delve into the profound insights of Tracy O’Malley, a renowned performance coach and Enneagram expert. Tracy’s unique application of the Enneagram in personal growth and professional environments opens up transformative perspectives on understanding and enhancing human behavior. Tune in to discover how the Enneagram can revolutionize self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, and learn which test can help you uncover your true Enneagram number.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How Lesley discovered her true Enneagram number through Tracy’s.
  • Power of Enneagram to foster deeper communication and understanding.
  • Importance of acknowledging behaviors before planning future actions.
  • The sectioned journaling approach for understanding weakness and strengths.

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Lesley Logan: If you were two-seven-eight you are caring, innovative and protective. You want to be helpful, loving, and straightforward. You are assertive, funny, and outgoing. You like to use your charming and sunny disposition to create an upbeat, positive, and action-packed environment. You are also very nurturing to those in your circle of care. I mean, does that not sound exactly like me?


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the empathetic convo I had with Tracy O’Malley in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that one make sure you go back and listen to that one and then come back and listen to this one or you can listen to this one because I got some really great stuff. I have permission to talk about me and what I learned and you can go listen to Tracy to figure out why I trusted her to talk about me.

Brad Crowell 1:27
I would just say don’t skip it.

Lesley Logan 1:29
Don’t skip it.

Brad Crowell 1:30
The interview was really awesome. She’s definitely a strong personality but she has amazing things to say.

Lesley Logan 1:38
She’s an eight. And also, even if you think you know the Enneagram, I’m just going to tell you right now, she knows the Enneagram. And I did a little binge on her podcast on our flight home from Nashville. I think I listened to eight episodes. And I still, I don’t even think I understand like the E of the Enneagram at all. So she is just such a wealth of knowledge and you are going to if you like the Enneagram if you really like learning about yourself, you can actually learn about it. It’s even better when you actually trust the Enneagram and use the Enneagram for others. That’s her biggest thing. So I also just want to point out if you’re watching this on YouTube, Brad made a funny facial expression when I said the word empathetic. I think he was impressed that I didn’t screw up the cadence of that sentence. I’m just going to call it out for the people at home who are not watching. So today is May 23rd 2024 and it is World Turtle and Tortoise Day. About this day, turtles and tortoises are common sightings in parable stories and pop culture and we celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23rd to honor these resilient animals. Turtles and tortoises are associated with wisdom and perseverance. They are reptiles that are found in many environments all around the world, including Las Vegas, I’ll tell you about that. These creatures play an important role in their respective ecosystems. They dig holes that are inhabited by other creatures and keep our breaches or

Brad Crowell 2:55
Keep those breaches clean.

Lesley Logan 2:56
They keep our beaches clean by feeding on dead fish that wash up on the shores. They maintain an ecological balance and therefore it’s important to conserve these gentle animals. Our neighborhood has several tortoises and one of our neighbors has three and they’ve had them for 30 years. And like when they got them they were like the size of like a quarter or something like that. And they’re huge. And when our dogs are on a walk on the occasion that they spot them it is, our dogs are like what is that creature? What is happening? Our neighbors just let their tortoise like walk around their

Brad Crowell 3:28
They have a fence in their front yard and they let it walk around in the front yard.

Lesley Logan 3:33
Yes. And then occasionally, especially during the pandemic, it was really fun in my Facebook group like there’s a tortoise in my backyard is this anyone’s? And like check so and so they tag so, nope, not mine.

Brad Crowell 3:43
Is this the O’Malley’s?

Lesley Logan 3:45
Oh, it’s like so, it’s so funny. Nope, nope, got my, well now it’s on. I mean, this turtle like or tortoise moved quickly like it got from backyard to backyard. So at any rate, go celebrate a tortoise or turtle today. All right, we are getting super close, super close to the OPC summer camp. It is June first and second. It is not too late to buy tickets. So you want to get your tickets and join us live. But if you can’t join us live you can join, you can get the replay for life. It is really cool.

Brad Crowell 4:14
Earlybird is literally closing in like two days.

Lesley Logan 4:16
Two days. So if you are listening to this three days after first of all, you should listen to it when it comes up. Just saying. I’m just gonna call you out right now.

Brad Crowell 4:23
Go to opc.me/events that’s plural, opc.me/events and pick up your summer camp tickets. To be quite honest, the day pass is where it’s at. You’re gonna save up to 56%. We have a day pass for each day. So pick up both.

Lesley Logan 4:40
We have incredible like we have Katie Donnelly, who’s doing a pre/postnatal workshop. So if you are a Pilates lover who’s going to get pregnant or wants to get pregnant, it’s a great one. If you’re a Pilates teacher who teaches anyone who does, who’s going to get pregnant like it’s a really great informative course on how the Pilates practice can be supportive for the pre/postnatal and specifically birthing and then we also have a pelvic floor mat class. And that is so cool. I’m so excited to have Erin Donohue doing that. We have a breast cancer mat class. We have a Tower of Power Happy Hour with Lisa.

Brad Crowell 5:12
We have one for hypermobility.

Lesley Logan 5:13
We (inaudible) we’re going to nerd out on The Long Stretch with Rachel. We’re doing Happy Hips with Yasmine. I just have to say Brad, you probably missed it. But like Heather’s promotion, Heather Ingram who’s doing the breast cancer and powermat, she was like, “Got hips? Take this class. Got knees? Take this workshop.” I died laughing. Anyways, you guys there’s something for everyone. And yours truly is teaching a ladder barrel workout. Yep, you can do 50-minute workout on the ladder barrel. Want to find out how? Because I’m doing it. Join me. So that’s opc.me/events plural. And then we are actually, probably when this comes out have already probably announced the actual stops for the Summer Tour. I’m gonna be honest, we are already pretty much locked in for Summer Tour, but it’s around the corner. And so if you want to make sure you hear about our summer tour, there is a waitlist that we send out to but Brad knows that link and I don’t. At any rate, we are going to do the Midwest. So and

Brad Crowell 6:08
It’s actually, opc.me/event, singular. Events, plural takes you to the summer camp page. Event, singular, takes you to the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 6:08
May I just suggest like opc.me/tour.

Brad Crowell 6:22
Yeah, we’re gonna do that.

Lesley Logan 6:23
Yeah, we should just change that right now. That doesn’t make any sense. At any rate. We’re going to the Midwest, and I heard some people say, Oh, I don’t know, the summer in Milwaukee people go to the shore, guess what, I’m coming to Milwaukee in the summer. I’m not coming in the winter, you can guess why. So you know, plan accordingly. And then lastly, we are about to open up the applications for eLevate, my mentorship program. I can only take 12 people in that group. And if you want to be one of those 12 then you want to go to lesleylogan.co/elevate. I think that’s ew for the waitlist.

Brad Crowell 6:58
Oh, E-W for the waitlist, you’re right.

Lesley Logan 7:00
But you can go to eLevate as well. You can read up on it. But E-W is the waitlist and the people on the waitlist are the ones who get the information on how to apply. So you know, do that. Okay, before we get into Tracy’s epicness What is today’s audience question?

Brad Crowell 7:13
All right, we got elkicam90 on Instagram says hey, how to learn cueing skills. So she’s clearly talking about Pilates teaching y’all.

Lesley Logan 7:25
Yes. So if you’re a Pilates teacher, this is for you. There’s this like app like I don’t know, there’s obsession with the word cueing? Like, what’s the cue for that? How do you best cue for that? How do you best do this? And I just want to actually say to you, very few percentage of the population are auditory learners. So doesn’t matter how amazing your cue is. They can hear it, they can understand the words coming out of your mouth, but applying it into their body is going to be challenging. And so what I actually teach in eLevate is not cueing skills, but seeing-with-your-eyes skills, so that you can see what’s going on in a body, you can ask them to do something for you. And so Joseph Pilates would actually not cue you, that wasn’t I think he did, he would tell you what to do, I would call it a direction, he would give you a direction of what to do, right? And so he would tell you what to do, he would never tell you what not to do. That’s not a cue, either. He would tell you what to do. And so if you can’t do it, if I were to say, like, you know, reach your arms on your back, I don’t know, that’s what we’re talking about, let’s just say I would say that, your shoulders and your ears, and I would ask you to put your shoulders on your back. If you didn’t do it. If you didn’t hear me, I don’t need to repeat myself. I can even use my hands to put my hands on your back to tell you what I want. That’s gonna be a good for a kinesthetic learner. If you can’t do that, it’s not a cue you need. It’s an exercise you need to correct what is missing from your body. And so that’s really important to me, because I think a lot of teachers are literally going crazy bananas, trying to figure all these cues. People are really buying cues from people, like here’s all my cues for the long stretch shares, and they’re selling them. You know, I’m all about making money. So do it. You do you if you want to sell them, but for those you who would be buying them, let me just tell you, zip your lips, use your eyes, and ask yourself what do they need? And whatever they need is the exercise you’re going to give them and they’re going to think you’re a fucking genius.

Brad Crowell 9:22
I mean, have you ever asked someone you pointed out somebody’s muscle and said, turn this on? Right? And they, they can’t, right? That’s often what cueing is like, because they don’t know how to connect to it. Yeah, so like (inaudible) teacher. They’re like, hey, I get what you’re saying. But it’s still not doing it.

Lesley Logan 9:46
Yeah, because Brad is a client, right? Brad does Pilates as a client, he does yoga as a client. He’s been to many yoga class where they’re cueing. If you want to do this, you can do this. You want to do this. You can do this. And he’s hearing it, can’t apply it and then he’s distracted, because he’s trying to figure out what the hell you said. But then he moved on to something else anyways.

Brad Crowell 10:06
Well, that’s, there’s that too. I mean, if the accused gets too complicated, then you’re like, “What do you say?” You know and then that we’ve already moved through it. But I often laugh, because, you know, there were moments where I turned to my teacher, after like years of being in the practice, and I was like, “Dude, how come you’ve never said that before? And he’s like, I say it every week. What are you talking about? It was the first time that I was able to turn on the thing, or connect the dots in my own body, feel it, and then associate that feeling with what he was saying. Right? So it was the first time that I actually heard him saying it because I actually felt it in my body. So I think that like what, you know, you can have all the cues that you want, but if they’re not actually doing it, the cue is just gonna wash over them.

Lesley Logan 10:48
And also, that isn’t going to retain a client well. I’m just going to tell you right now, if they hear you, but can’t do it, they’re gonna feel like they’re not good enough. And they’re not going to come back.

Brad Crowell 10:57
But I think what’s cool about Pilates, and it’s actually a lot, there are some similarities for yoga, like, like, what my teacher would do is put me over a block, and then help me or maybe we were using a chair, or maybe we’re using the wall or some kind of a thing. In Pilates, it’s so cool. Because if they can’t figure it out on the mat, or they can’t figure it on the reformer, guess what you can do? You could take them over to the chair, or the Cadillac or the thing, but how do you know what to take them to? For which thing they need to turn on? You should do eLevate. That’s a big help.

Lesley Logan 11:31
(Inaudible) Well, Brad, I’m so impressed your understanding of what they should do. Yeah. So anyways, elkicam90, this is, I hope this helps you understand. I hope this frees you from having to come up with a really incredible way of saying put your feet in a strap. Like the thing about SNL that pissed me the fuck off. Like I, every single person in our life has sent me the SNL clip. Some people just sent to me yesterday. And I’m like, you know, I already have seen it 17 times. I actually didn’t think it was funny. I was horrified by it. Because once SNL comes like, thinks something is funny enough to share with the general public, it means the general public has enough knowledge that they can laugh at this. And

Brad Crowell 12:18
That means they probably experienced like, SNL takes the thing and they exaggerate it to the extreme and make it ridiculous. But there’s a route to it that people can still connect. Yeah. And so yeah, they’re, they’re actually like, that means that people have this pretty sad misconception of Pilates out there.

Lesley Logan 12:39
Yeah. And that it’s like put your hands down, straps on your feet, straps into the thing and that I believe Pilates is for everybody. And the only way we’re going to have everyone feel like Pilates is accessible for them is that we actually have to teach the body that’s in front of us with what they’re capable of doing. So ditch the cues, look at their body, tell them what to do. End of rant. Next day.

Brad Crowell 13:03
Stick around. All right, now let’s talk about Tracy O’Malley. Tracy O’Malley is a master performance coach, coach highly sought after by Fortune 500 companies, she expertly integrates the Enneagram into various aspects of life, leveraging her deep insights into human behavior to help individuals and teams enhance their relationships and decision-making skills. Her approach not only promotes a harmonious environment at work and home, but also empowers her clients to overcome the beliefs that restrict their growth. I love that summary of what Tracy does. And I was really touched by her personal story about how she began to apply the Enneagram in her relationships, and how it really helped her shift the way she thought about herself, too. I thought it was really awesome.

Lesley Logan 13:56
I know it shifted how she’s parenting her children. It shifted how she, how she led teams that she helped make people make tons of money based on like, what their Enneagram style is, right? And that’s so cool. Because again, that’s going back to the cueing, right? Like how she’s directing a team. She can’t go, “This is your script.” Everyone uses script. Which is generally what, like some network marketing things could do. Right? Like, they’re like, hey, hon, and then they like have a script.

Brad Crowell 14:24
Or a teacher training program.

Lesley Logan 14:26
Yeah. Yeah.

Brad Crowell 14:27
You know, like in Pilates like it’s, and the way I see it is it’s a, it’s a fantastic place to start, but then you have to adjust it and make it yours.

Lesley Logan 14:37
And so but instead of you having to adjust it, she used it as a leader to help you adjust it to you and I so I could go on and on about like the things that I loved that she said like every day is a new day for clean slate and there’s some really great stuff in there. I’m gonna actually just like tell you what I learned by working with Tracy because I actually think that that’s a better use of my time in this recap.

Brad Crowell 14:58
Explain that a little bit more. So you, after your interview, what happened?

Lesley Logan 15:01
Okay, so after the interview, like when we stopped hitting record, we were talking about I said, yeah, I know I’m a seven like with an eight wing. And she said, I don’t think so. And you have to understand Tracy and I have already done a couple of calls and some emails back and forth. Just calls like she, she, Jake Helfer was the person who suggested she should be on the show, email back and forth, and we got on a call, it was supposed to be 15 minutes, it took 45 minutes. So like, we did have like, a conversation so where she, (inaudible) whereas she’s so clearly good at this, she could like evaluate a lot of the ways that I was expressing things and, and telling her like how we work and all this stuff. Anyways, then we did the interview. And she said, I see the seven and eight, but I don’t think that that’s your primary number.

Brad Crowell 15:46

Lesley Logan 15:46
So I actually did her blueprint, which we have the link for you to use in the show notes. If you want to click our link, and then you’ll want to use Be It in the coupon code area. So you can get a discount on her blueprint.

Brad Crowell 15:59
Yeah, so click a link in the show notes to let her know that we sent you, and then use the coupon during checkout to actually apply the discount. What this, it explains what a seven means. And an eight means.

Lesley Logan 16:09
Yes, but also, I’m not.

Brad Crowell 16:11
Well, that’s not my point. My point is if you’re listening to this, and you’re like, what the fuck are they talking about? A seven or an eight on, the Enneagram is like an evaluation tool that allows you to.

Lesley Logan 16:22
She sent me a 76-page evaluation. So let me tell you like you. And it explains a lot of other numbers. I got to read stuff about you. And I got to share stuff about you when I was on it, but also explains things about me and different things. And I literally emailed her, I was like, I don’t like this sentence.

Brad Crowell 16:41
I don’t like the 37th line on page 83.

Lesley Logan 16:46
No, like a two would do. I’m like, I don’t like this. I don’t like this. But here’s the thing I did, I do have seven, eight in me. So but two is my primary number.

Brad Crowell 16:58

Lesley Logan 16:58
So here is the thing. So she, I’m a self-preservation two. So an SP2 is how that would be put. If you’re listening to our podcast, you’ll hear like SP I’m sure there’s other stuff. I don’t know enough about that yet. But I am a self-preservation two and it presents a little different than some of the stereotype stuff of two’s. So I’m a little bit more covert in my over-giving and over-involving. But if I get to a breaking point, then I get a little spicier than the average two. So like that’s where like I can have that eight, that Tracy spice that you guys all got to experience. And then there’s a couple other things but she said my tri type, which I’d never even heard of a tritype, but this is where that seven and eight comes from. It’s just like your tritype is the 278 otherwise known as the free spirit, which apparently some of our best friends are the same tritypes. Of course, we’re attracted to each other. But here’s what she wrote. I mean, like you guys, 76 pages and then this information. Innovative and direct two, this is the most independent, assertive and outgoing two. This two needs freedom and can appear to be a seven or eight needs to be on the go and to do for others. Eight-ish two especially if self-preserving like a jam, self-preserving, which you are, if you are 2-7-8, you are caring, innovative and protective. You want to be helpful, loving and straightforward. You are assertive, funny and outgoing. You like to use your charming and sunny disposition to create an upbeat, positive and action-packed environment. You are also very nurturing to those in your circle of care. I mean, like does that not sound exactly like me? Exactly like me. So anyways, and then like, there was some other stuff, which is like when I get overwhelmed, I get spicy. You have experienced, my schedule gets out of whack. I’m like, oh, I like, I like in rage. But I also get pissed off at people when they take advantage of my people. And I’m like, Mother Bear. I got a little mad on the drive home yesterday. I was like you email that person right now and you tell them I think they’re taking advantage of my people. So anyways, she.

Brad Crowell 19:03
That happened, you all.

Lesley Logan 19:05
Yeah, so she also emailed me some episodes, I can listen to her on her podcast.

Brad Crowell 19:10
Oh, cool.

Lesley Logan 19:11
Because she’s an amazing podcast. If you do know your number, and you’re pretty sure I’d say you can actually go in and learn. But if you also know the numbers of people in your family, you can go listen to our podcasts and learn more about them. Or you can work with Tracy and she’ll tell you how to parent or work with your partner. Based on that, she was talking about I think it was on a podcast or either outside the podcast. I can’t remember at this point. But we’re talking about her partner has a different number than her. And based on her knowing his style, she’s able to not take things personally. It’s just great. I just loved it anyways, you can talk about what you liked.

Brad Crowell 19:40
I love it. All right. Well, she said the Enneagram is also a language because when we understand each other, well you understand everything and I was kind of already hinting at this after I did the intro, but I loved listening to her tell her rebel, like, don’t-put-me-in-a-box mentality when she first was introduced to the Enneagram, when she submitted herself to rehab, which is pretty extreme. Right? And she, when she was sitting there with this person. And she said, I find her, she’s clearly very analytical. The reason I say that is because she tests people, she tested her, shrinks when she was going through them, right, she would show them one side of her and not another, and then basically see if they figured it out. She started pushing back on this person when she went into rehab. And the person in rehab basically called her out in a very kind way, and said, the way you’ve been thinking and the way you’ve been doing it, brought you here, so let’s make a change. Right? And when she dove headfirst into this, what I thought was really amazing was her willingness to embrace it, because she was in rehab for only 30 days, y’all. And that changed her life. Right? That’s kind of amazing that you could go into a place. And in that time, learn a tool, a language that would allow her to come out, not only being self-reflective, but being understanding enough to use that information when engaging with others. So that was really impressive to me. But the way that she uses a language was, she came home. And she realized that basically, her children, she was definitely trying to educate them, guide them, teach them, parent them in the way that she is only the way that she is and it was her way or the highway. And when she came with, you know, back with this, equipped with this tool, the Enneagram tool, it gave her this different perspective of what would connect best with my child, if I can understand how they can think then I can understand what to say, or put in front of them, that is going to empower them to do the thing that I’m trying to teach them to do. And so she made this dramatic shift. And that’s how the Enneagram became a language for her. I think that’s amazing. She said, when we understand each other, we build credibility and trust. And we build a culture that is bulletproof. And obviously in that case, she’s talking about executives leading a team. But what in that same vein, she also, lead by example, right? Because she started a network marketing, she started in network marketing, she built a team of over 100,000 people, seven of those people or six of those people are making over seven figures, right? And she said, they’re all different Enneagram types. So if she just went in like a power, you know, move and said, This is the only way to do it right, then probably none of like, maybe one of those people would have been able to pull it off to connect with her in the way that she was laying down. This is how it has to be. But that’s not how she leads, she led in a way that allowed her to understand what would empower that person, because she could understand the language that they are speaking. And then consequently, she was able to build this powerhouse team. So she passes that off now to, you know, businesses and people who run teams, which is I just think it’s so cool. I love that. I love the fact that you could understand something so well that you can effectively, you know, put yourself in the shoes of someone else. There’s a lot of empathy in that.

Lesley Logan 23:31
Yeah, I think it’s really cool. And we love the string finders and things like that. And we’ve done a lot of research on that. But as we discussed in the last Enneagram episode, like Strength Finders is like what you do. And like Enneagram is kind of like why you do it that way. Why that’s it is. And I think the why just like in life, like why you do anything is more important than what you do. The what can change, or the how can change. So I think this is really fascinating. I don’t really, I like kind of want this to be a hobby. Maybe this is a hobby, you know, I’m hobby hunting guys. So we’ll see I’m gonna I’m gonna binge down on the episodes Tracy sent me about me, of course, and then maybe I’ll figure out you.

Brad Crowell 24:11
Alright, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Tracy O’Malley? She said most of us go to awareness. Like how do we fix this? How do I make this thing stop. And she’s talking about behaviors, right? And we go from awareness to action, but we skipped the most important step right? So I was trying to think of an example and nothing was coming to me right there, y’all. So sorry about that. But the idea is this, we come in with this idea of what we need to fix. So then we go we learn about the thing that we need to fix, right? And then we just try to go fix it. And what she’s saying is that we’re missing the most important step, which is acknowledgment. And I thought this was really powerful. She said this is, the acknowledgement phase is where we connect the dots. And the Enneagram can help them connect those dots faster. But we need to be able to reverse engineer how we got here. And the behaviors that we have to work out, right? And she was talking about her 50 years. And when she first started looking at this was 10 years ago, so 40 years of her, you know, in herself, like doing it the way that she was doing it, before she decided that there was some kind of change that need to happen. But instead of just going and implementing that change, she was reflective. And that, I think, is that acknowledgement. So when you find the answer, it’s great to go and execute that answer. And we’re all about taking messy action. And we definitely agree with that. But what Tracy is arguing here is, how did you get to where you are, now that you understand what you need to go do? Acknowledge that you are where you are today? And there is some reflection, that will be beneficial.

Lesley Logan 25:58
Yeah, yeah. So okay, you know, do you guys plan on this, but we actually tell people about their Be It Action Items, like what they can suggest and what they can’t suggest. And we actually say, like, if you’re going to tell them to journal, you have to tell them what to journal. And Tracy went above and beyond on that. So here’s what you’re gonna do. I know my Be It listeners, you guys all have a bunch of journals that you bought, because they’re pretty and they’re sitting there, and you’ve written nothing in them. So you’re going to take one of them. And she wants you to divide it in three sections based on age. So like, you can literally, don’t do three pages, like literally put a bookmark or somehow identify three sections. And she wants the first section to be age zero to seven. The second section is age eight to 13. And the third section is 14 and up. And then she says like, go on a five-minute technology free walk every day as time for you to develop an inner dialogue, internal dialogue with your inner child. And so then when you come back from your walk, you can actually start to unpack your timeline. And so as you have memories, from having an internal dialogue, you can go put them in the sections, and kind of get them on paper. And she says this will help you acknowledge and understand different patterns, and transform potential weaknesses and strengths. And she emphasized that the inner work is never truly done and should be an ongoing effort. So I thought that was a really unique way to think about journaling. And to, like, get those thoughts to just like stick around in our heads swirling around and like kind of get them somewhere where you can actually like see them and start to see and recognize the behaviors that are coming up through your life and how they keep coming up. And, and so that’s the only way to do the inner work. You know, like, I love when I hear people. I’m like, I’m like the hills or whatever some sort of pie has, like I’ve done my inner work. I’ve worked on my inner child, and I’m good now it’s like, ah, red flag. You’re not done. All right, who is going to go do their Enneagram blueprint? I want to know.

Brad Crowell 28:01
Raise your hand.

Lesley Logan 28:02
Raise your hand.

Brad Crowell 28:02
No, tell it the pod. DM us. DM us. Leave a comment on YouTube.

Lesley Logan 28:08
Yeah, tell us what you came up with. And like I just, it was it’s super thorough. And I really found this to be really fascinating because not just about me, it’s about how I can work with the team. So now I like want to know everybody who I’ve dealt with on the team’s information. So I can like, you know, understand how to motivate them better and how to get them to do the thing that they want to do better. Anyways, that might take me a couple, it might take me years because obviously it’s a lot of information. But until then, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 28:32
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 28:33
Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Go check out Tracy O’Malley’s podcast check out her Enneagram. Use the Be It Pod.

Brad Crowell 28:42
Or click the link below in the pod notes and then use Be It Pod during checkout.

Lesley Logan 28:47
Yeah. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 28:50
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at Disenyo.co.

Brad Crowell
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Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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