How Are You

Investing in Yourself?

Ep. 90 with Lesley & Brad

“Take solace in being the person who asks questions.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Brad is officially in Cambodia and Lesley is working to find her new hobby! This recap episode is all about making time for yourself and how to actually go about that in this crazy busy world. It’s hard! Tune in for some tips to make time.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • LL & Brad’s story of finding Lin
  • The vulnerability of trying things you aren’t the best at yet
  • Sticking to the plans that you make
  • How are you investing in yourself?
  • Letting someone you know you are thinking of them

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Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:47
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the sweet and delightful convo I had with Wild Honey Band in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen to that one and join us back here. Listen to this one, then listen to that one. You’re gonna want to listen to all of them. Amanda and Brad listen to them three times. I mean, you know, it’s go… I really loved them.

Brad Crowell 1:12
They were fun. It was, I mean, they’re there… I love their story of why they started a band.

Lesley Logan 1:19
Oh my God, (Brad: And) also like, so I I just love that one girl didn’t even have an instrument she played. (Brad: Yeah, yeah) She’s like, “I’m gonna play the violin.”

Brad Crowell 1:29
Yeah. Actually, her story was also hilarious because she’s like, “I guess I’m gonna not be the mom who sits in the back, and I’m gonna join all the 10 year olds to play violin.” (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 1:41
I know. She did that. She did do that.

Brad Crowell 1:44
I think that’s funny.

Lesley Logan 1:44
I think it’s great. I think more, you know, there’s that whole like, thing about like Dance Moms. But this is like, she’s not being a dance mom. She’s like, “No, I’m just actually going to be in the class.” Like, “I’m just (Brad: Yeah) gonna do this. So …

Brad Crowell 1:54
She’s not living vicariously anymore. She’s just doing it. (Lesley: She’s just doing it.) Well, good for her, I think that’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 1:59
Yeah, they all were really amazing and I’m so grateful. And I also, I’m so excited that we had three people on. (Brad: Yeah, that was fun.) And you know, it was it was, I mean, they were gonna be in person together so that they could play a song for us live. But at any rate, we still got to do the song on the show, which is also super fun. So anyways, um, technically one this episode is out. It’s gonna sound like it’s happening now. But we’re recording it before Brad goes to Cambodia. (Brad: Oh, yeah.) And so as of right now, he’ll be in Cambodia.

Brad Crowell 2:30
I’m in Cambodia.

Lesley Logan 2:33
At least a few days by now. (Brad laughs)

Brad Crowell 2:35
I will be in Cambodia. (Lesley: Mm-hmm) So yes.

Lesley Logan 2:38
So Clare Solly, who was on episode 19 17 15. (Brad: I’m have to look.) She was in the teens. She is going to do some recaps with me, which is really going to be a lot of fun. You’ll have to let us know.

Brad Crowell 2:52
Yeah, 19 good memory.

Lesley Logan 2:53
Dude, I’m like … (Brad: I’m impressed.) Anyways, thank you. So so you’re gonna hear another voice on the show for some of the recaps coming up because the show must go on whether Brad’s in Cambodia or not. And it’s 14 hours difference. And I’m not about to do a recording when we have the very rare overlap of daylight hours.

Brad Crowell 3:15
Yeah, the well, I’ll be gone for almost three weeks (Lesley: Yeah) with travel time. And so during those days, during those weeks, you know, you’ll probably do a few episodes with Clare.

Lesley Logan 3:29
Maybe a few episodes with Clare, that’s gonna be a lot of fun. (Brad: Yeah) I’m probably not recording videos. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to record classes while you’re gone. And I’m pretty sure the camera will always be crooked. (Brad laughs) Because if you look at my rails, everyone, I am aware that it’s crooked. It looks straight when I set it up, and then you look back and it’s crooked. And I’m like, “You know what, we’re just gonna wait till he gets back. It’s just not gonna happen.” So, you know, you don’t have to be perfect. But anyways, I’m very excited that you’re in Cambodia and you’re fixing of our house with my dad.

Brad Crowell 3:58
Yeah, your dad’s gonna come with and we’re gonna get to go see our, you know, the people there that we call family. Our tour guide, Trey Peach and her husband Rotta and, and then Rotta’s parents. And and then also we are excited if you haven’t heard us talk about this already. We have actually now begun sending our pseudo adopted girl (Lesley: Yeah) not adopted in any way. But (Lesley: Yeah) but in our minds, she’s adopted girl, her name is Lin. And she’s 13 and she’s wicked smart.

Lesley Logan 4:39
She’s wicked, smart. (Brad: And …) I can’t say … for Boston. She’s so smart, y’all. And (Brad: Yeah and we decided to send her to school.) We met her real briefly, we met her in 2018. She had no idea that she like had us these two people going on a hunt to find her. (Brad: Yeah) (Brad laughs) We had to find her again because she knew five languages and she was nine years old and she could flip through them so quickly and I can’t even flip through, I can’t even talk to the housekeeper that quickly. I have to like, think about it. And she flipped through five languages and the average, the average Cambodian child only goes to school until sixth grade. (Brad: Yeah) And, and that’s, you know, where stray Lin lives, she actually lives in a in a village, very close to the temples. And so those kids actually they can, they do go to school, but they often also work and they have to sell, because it’s the only way their family can make money as if everyone’s working.

Brad Crowell 5:29
Yeah, even if they go to school. Maybe they go to school like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or they go like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday kind of thing. And they’re really only there for like, a couple of hours, like two, three hours max, you know, and, and so they are getting some education, but it’s not like going to school, the way that I grew up going to school five days a week, and I like, whatever, 9 10 months of the year and 9 10 months of the year. You know, that’s definitely not how it happens over there. And we were able to enroll her in a school that is five days a week.

Lesley Logan 6:02
Anyways, back to stray Lin (Brad laughs) our amazing adopted daughter, who’s not really at all adopted, but actually so we actually found her in 2020, outside of of …

Brad Crowell 6:14
First time we met her was 2018. (Lesley: Yeah) Then we were on a hunt to try to reconnect with her.

Lesley Logan 6:18
We couldn’t find her. We … (Brad: to two years) two years, two other retreat groups, we still didn’t find her. The third retreat group that we had after we met her was the March of 2020. And we were using a rest stop a little bathroom stop that we never used before. I’ve read of all the tours we’ve done. And Brad saw her.

Brad Crowell 6:34
Yeah, we got the bus and I and there was like, there was all these people like, “Hey, come by my shirts, (Lesley: Cuz we are also …) I got all this stuff. ” And there’s like a dozen, a dozen vendors yelling at us. And we got everyone coming off our tour bus to use the bathroom. And …

Lesley Logan 6:48
We were the only retreaters, (Brad: Yeah) only tourists in the country. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 6:52
Yeah, there was like nobody else but us to talk to. So everyone was like jumping on us, like, “Buy my stuff.” Right? And I got off the bus and the group went ahead of me and I turned and I saw her and I was like, “Lin?” And I pointed at her and all of the vendors were like, “What the eerr?” Right. (Lesley: Yeah) They like, like, it was like everybody stopped yelling, and they like looked at me like, “How, how do you know? What?” And Lin looked at me like, “Who the hell are you? Why do you know my name?” Right? And I was like, “Is your name Lin?”. And she she came up to me and we started to talk, I said “We met you two years ago.” But at the temple, which is like a quarter mile up the road. So she wasn’t far from where she apparently normally works and hangs out her stuff. And then Lesley was coming back from the bathroom. And I said, “I have someone to, to introduce to you.” And and so Lin got a look like a little bit like, I … (Lesley: She’s like …) only vaguely remember these people if there’s anyting.

Lesley Logan 7:52
… no way she remembers us. (Brad: Yeah) And it’s fine, because she sees thousands of tourists a year or even a month. And …

Brad Crowell 7:58
Yeah, I mean, there’s four (Lesley: But we …) and a half million people that go through Cambodian temples every year. (Lesley: Yeah) Now granted, it was March 2021 we … No actually, so it had been full tourism (Lesley: Yeah) for the two years, like almost two years since we had met her for the first time. So there’s a there’s a very real chance that like 8 million people had gone through the temples since (Lesley: Yeah) we saw her last.

Lesley Logan 8:21
And so we’re like (Brad laughs) and so and we are like coming on hot. Like we’re like, “We’ve been looking for you.” (Brad: Right) Just poor girl like, “Oh my God, what are these Americans (Brad: Yeah, yeah) gonna do to me?” And …

Brad Crowell 8:31
But we connected her to our tour guide who like I said, we call her family Trey Peach. And we said, “Peach, can you please, you know, find out where she lives, like connect with her family, connect with her parents. We want to send her to school.” And so you know, she they start speaking Khmer and all the things and Peach is like, “Okay, I know where she lives and I will go and introduce myself to the family. And we can figure it out.” And we got all excited and then COVID (Lesley: The road is shut down.) Yeah, COVID shut all the schools down.

Lesley Logan 9:00
So all the schools down, shut everything down. And so we basically have just been waiting for the schools to open up. But in the meantime, Trey Peach was talking with her, talk with her family, we found out she actually doesn’t have parents.

Brad Crowell 9:13
Yeah, we don’t actually know the story behind that yet.

Lesley Logan 9:15
No, but Brad gets to meet her (Brad: Yeah) and with my dad. And there’s … a new year while they’re there. So I think you guys are gonna have so much fun. And I’m …

Brad Crowell 9:24
I’m a little worried, I need to brush up on my Khmer … (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 9:27
Well, you know what, maybe we can get stray Lin on the phone. And actually, we could teach her English, she can teach us Khmer. (Brad: Yeah, yeah) (Lesley laughs) Because also, I think for them as well not having tourists for two years, all of their language skills, everyone’s language skills dropped. (Brad: I know.) So (Brad: crazy) including here, people are just only able to text, they cannot look people in the eye. (Brad laughs) So at any rate, I’m excited you’re there. I am very sad that I don’t get to hang out with her. But they’ll be more time for that.

Brad Crowell 9:52
Well, we’ll be going back later this year, (Lesley: Yeah) you know, to actually go on it on a retreat. (Lesley: Yes) And y’all are welcome to come with us. It …

Lesley Logan 9:59
You better come with us. It’s not a retreat if we go by ourselves. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 10:01
Yeah, obviously, but it’ll probab… the dates, the exact dates have not been chosen yet. But we’re looking at like November. (Lesley: Yeah) And we would love to have you join us. If you want to get on the waitlist for that. You can do that at (Lesley: Yeah, so do that. All right …) I think it’s singular, retreat. Anyway,

Lesley Logan 10:22
Yeah, go to the show notes and just click it.

Brad Crowell 10:24
Yeah. Do that. (Lesley: It will be credit down there.) It will be in the show notes.

Lesley Logan 10:26
That’s what Amanda does …

Brad Crowell 10:28
Yes. Amanda is our epic producer. (Lesley: Mm-hmm)

Lesley Logan 10:32
Okay, so do we have a question?

Brad Crowell 10:35
Yeah. So this week, we have a question that is re… very relevant to (Lesley: my stories) your your Instagram stories. So this morning, you posted some green popcorn.

Lesley Logan 10:47
I did. Okay. So first of all, I think I need to buy gloves and now that, now that like about me …

Brad Crowell 10:55
The challenge is out. (Lesley: Yeah) Chopsticks. (Lesley: Chopsticks.)

Lesley Logan 10:58
Okay. That’s what he said, chopsticks. Okay. And also, that’s less trash. You know what I just gave my, the link and I’m gonna see if she can do a chopsticks that she can do a chopsticks and I know it’s possible …

Brad Crowell 11:09
… this is like a thing. People eat chips with chopsticks out of the bag, so they reach into the bag with chopsticks. Oh, this is a whole thing.

Lesley Logan 11:16
Okay, okay, well, anyways. (Brad: Don’t you worry.) So here’s the deal, one of our friends, she loves to create a menu whenever we go and so we were there at her house for New Year’s eve. We’re at Sue and Stevens … house hunt for New Year’s eve, and she created spirulina popcorn. And she just started this fun like appetizer and I freakin shutdown. (Brad: Hmm) And I was like, “I know you’ve got muscles. I know you have like, some incredible like seven courses. And I like …”

Brad Crowell 11:43
A muscles like from the ocean muscles. (Lesley: Yeah, yeah) Not like Brad’s got muscles.

Lesley Logan 11:47
Right. But I ate the popcorn. Like I ate it all. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 11:51
Yeah, it was it was it was fantastic.

Lesley Logan 11:53
My fingers were so green. But I ate it all. And I was like, “I need the recipe.” And so we got the recipe and then we had people over in January …

Brad Crowell 12:00
Y’all, it’s like it’s a combination. So if you’ve never heard of spirulina, it is algae. Right? And it actually is healthy for your gut. And it has … (Lesley: … protein in it.) This spirulina has protein. Yeah. And then it has some type of yeast, which I’m drawing a blank on (Lesley: nutritional yeast) nutritional yeast. There’s a (Lesley: garlic sauce) garlic powder. (Lesley: Oh, garlic powder.) There’s onion powder. There’s (Lesley: salt) salt and then and then a little bit of oil in there and you kind of mix it all up. And then it coats the popcorn. (Lesley: Yeah …) And I realized, when I was making it last night, I was like it because of the oil and the yeast, it kind of like becomes like a big clump. And you have to like, really mix it in. So I was like, (Lesley: Oh, little cayenne) I felt like I was (Lesley: a little cayenne) Oh, lol that’s right. There’s a little bit of cayenne in there. So I was really, really like mixing this popcorn through the, the, the, the, the coating of the spirulina mixture that I made. And I realized that like I was treating the popcorn all delicate and then by the end of it, I was just like beating the popcorn to try to get it into the spirulina mix. (Brad laughs) And yeah, (Lesley: Anyways) it’s it’s got life.

Lesley Logan 13:09
It’s go… it’s so good. (Brad: It’s amazing.) And like if you have a really good containers, you can make, you can make a big batch and then like …

Brad Crowell 13:16
Yeah put them in like an airtight container. (Lesley: Mm-hmm) And it actually stores (Lesley: Oh my God) well for like days.

Lesley Logan 13:22
I ate a whole bowl today. I took a picture and put it on Instagram. And now everybody wants that. So that’s the recipe. Do it up. And you know what? It’s like healthy popcorn. Like (Brad: Yeah, yeah) I remember putting those like shaker things on your like those little (Brad: Yeah, the fake cheese.) the fake cheese or the kettle corn or whatever … (Brad: or a ranch, whatever) This is like your, it’s so healthy. (Brad: Yes, way better than that.) It’s so healthy. So anyways, (Brad: Yeah) okay. Thanks for that question. I’m glad you liked my stories. Keep, please send your questions in because we love answering them. They’re so fun for us. Oh … and also,

Brad Crowell 13:56
This is my shout out to Emily’s Garden Show.

Lesley Logan 13:59
For those of you on the YouTube. You’ll see Brad like not even quietly trying (Brad laughs) to get you to ask him to ask questions about his cactus.

Brad Crowell 14:08
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Lesley Logan 14:09
Okay. All right. Let’s talk about, let’s talk about our guests. Huh?

Brad Crowell 14:12
Yeah, let’s talk about the Wild Honey Band. Three amazing women, Laura, Jessica and Shelby, who gave a purpose to their gatherings and in the process created an amazing band called Wild Honey. They’re moms, musicians and professionals who have stopped apologizing for taking time for themselves and encouraging other women to do the same. And we met them in real life when we were in Calgary for Pilates Fest North. And at the end of the weekend, the band was there to perform for us. And one of them actually, I think she’s a Pilates instructor. And so that’s how the connection all came together. And it was a, it was so much fun to listen to them. They have been a band now for 10 years. And it was … (Lesley: I know that was shocking to me.) It really, really impressive.

Lesley Logan 15:01
I guess I didn’t realize that what I asked them to be on. I think I don’t know what I was thinking. So, but I, we heard them in Calgary when we were there. And (Brad: Yeah) I was like, “Listen, like all these women sounds so sweet, like, they make me think of like, the bands I listened to when I was a child in the 90s.” And, you know, like, The Chicks, you know, and, and then they sto… their story, and I was like, “Their frickin be it till you see it, like, all the way like, all the way.” So anyways, I am so glad that they took the time how we got three three moms of many children, if you heard like all daughters …

Brad Crowell 15:36
They have eight daughters between the three of them. (Lesley: Yeah and …) No sons apparently.

Lesley Logan 15:41
I know but syskey has all the fathers, like all the husbands were like all boys. So I think that was just the universe, you know, keeping things in check. Here’s the deal, our script didn’t update on my end. So I’m just going to go off with my memory. I …

Brad Crowell 15:54
Oh, you’re taking time for yourself? (Lesley: Thank you. Find hobbies) Yeah and … (Lesley: … purposeful) Hobbies? (Lesley: wonderful) Yeah, nailed it. (Lesley: nailed it) Nailed it.

Lesley Logan 16:02
So okay, when they talked about, you have to take time for yourself as a mom. Obviously, I’m not a mom and I’m so sorry, whether your mom or not every lady listening, we have to take time for ourselves and not feel guilty about it. And so, you know, they brought up how like, men have all these hobbies and like they watch football together. And like, I have girlfriends who are like when it’s football season. They’re like, yeah, my… you know, he’s watching the game. So we’re watching the game. And I’m like, “What, why why are you watching? Like, why aren’t we doing whatever we want to do?” And so anyways, they they created their own hobbies be unapologetic about it, but I have been trying to find hobbies. I think I had them before the pandemic, or at least some things I like to do. But then, with the pandemic, with our move with the change of our companies. I have been struggling to figure out like, “What do I like to do for me?”

Brad Crowell 16:53
Yeah. (Lesley: And …) Well, what did you do for you before?

Lesley Logan 16:57
So I really liked going to, I mean, I had girlfriends that I would hang out with we workout together, which is not a hobby, but we would work out together at that one gym, and then we would go and have backyard bowls and sit and they walk. We walk the bluffs, you know, things like that. I did a I used to, I used to read a lot. I used to have go to dinners. I know none of those things are hobbies. But like I did things with people on a consistent basis that made me feel like my cup was full. Here’s a hobby, not a hobby. But this is what I did. I went to the Korean spa every month when I was home. (Brad: That’s true. You did.) And I spent too much time there. I hiked, we used to hike all the time but I …

Brad Crowell 17:40
We used to hike, we used to do full moon hikes. That was actually tons of fun.

Lesley Logan 17:43
Those were tons of fun. (Brad: Yeah) And so I just had all these little things, though. None of them were like necessarily weekly, but they were consistent. And they were like when I need it was time to fill my cup. That’s what was happening. And so I’m currently unapologetically taking a lot of time for myself to figure out things I like to do. (Brad: Yeah) And we’re, the jury’s still out but we’re working on it. We’re working on it. I did a layer class. I’m apparently a natural. Of course. (Brad: Yeah) And I’m going to take a pole fitness class, like pole dancing but for fitness. (Brad: Put that out there.) I’m putting out… It’s not you don’t wear shoes. So I feel good about that.

Brad Crowell 18:18
The … so we’re taking a course right now called The Artist’s Way. Well, the book is The Artist’s Way, the course is about the book. (Lesley: Mm-hmm) And one of the things that you are supposed to do is do an artist date. And it’s a solo thing. You do it by all by yourself. And I think that it’s so funny, because I don’t remember the last time. I mean, we’ve been married now for six, seven, almost … ( Lesley: I know) six and a half years.

Lesley Logan 18:51
I know someone else asked how long we were married, and we were like, “ah.” He was like, “Really?” And I was like, “I know.” (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 18:55
Yeah, six and a half years. And you know, the truth is, you get to get into this habit of doing things together, which isn’t a bad thing. But you very infrequently, like I used to just do stuff by myself before when I was trying to go meet people or try to go do something or my friend’s band would play and I would just go. Right? And I don’t know, you just kind of stopped doing that stuff when when you’re with someone.

Lesley Logan 19:19
No, I think honestly … Brad, I think it’s that with the pandemic. We didn’t leave the house. (Brad: Well …) And so (Brad: you know) you just got used to do and we also moved. And so then we were like our only friends in our city. (Brad: That’s true. We did move.) And we are afraid of getting the COVID.

Brad Crowell 19:34
Yeah, I mean, you you you right when we were in LA we were intentional about getting together with our friends. You had your girlfriends you would get together literally once a week. (Lesley: Yeah and …) And you know, and I would I, when you did that I would go to the Thai place and get dinner by myself… (Brad laughs) (Lesely: Yeah, yeah) So there was still some of that (Lesley: I think …) but you know, (Lesley: I think it’s just out of the habit of it) Yeah, but also to it wasn’t like, new stuff. It wasn’t like, “Oh, I think I’ll go to the Getty Museum.” No it was like, it’s like we were in a routine, it was the same routine was always the same stuff. And it was awesome and fun and it did fill our cup. But this course that we’re taking has been very encouraging (Lesley: Yeah) with with trying, like intentionally getting out there and doing stuff that you, you maybe would have done once and you’ve just haven’t done in a long time. Like …

Lesley Logan 20:18
I’m going, I’m going to a craft store, tonight. (Brad: Yeah. Cool. Love it.) Yeah. But you know what, also we don’t I don’t know where that anything is. So I have to like, look it up. And then I’m like, “Well, is this the best one?” So then, (Lesley laughs) anyways, so I just really love that they talked about that. I think more women need to talk about that. And the more of us that are doing that, the more of our friends who you might feel like you’re letting down by saying, “I’m working on this hobby, the more.” They’ll be like, “Oh, I should go do that, too.” So at any rate, let’s set the domino effect of more women having purposeful time and hobbies that they’re unapologetic about. Great. (Brad: I love that.) What are you loved?

Brad Crowell 20:52
Okay, so the girls said, well, Laura was talking about letting yourself be vulnerable, when trying to do things you might not be good at yet. Right. And specifically with her, she was telling that really funny story about how she decided to start playing the violin, and how she had never played the violin before. And then almost immediately thereafter, the band started and she was like, “I’m gonna play the violin in the band in the band.” Right. And, and she was like, that was there’s a, there was a she had, I think, her first moment of ego that she had to get over was being in class with her daughter, and not being with the rest of the moms setting along the back wall and being like, “No, I’m pulling my chair forward and I’m going to take take lessons too.” And, and she talked about, like, “I was a little uncomfortable there,” you know, now she’s like, in class with 10 year olds, and also the other moms are looking at her like, “What are you doing?” Right? And, you know, I said ego because, you know, we think of ego as like egotistical, and like arrogance, but that fear is also ego, “What are they gonna think of me?” That’s also ego. And I was listening to a podcast series recently, that is, is performed by professional actors. It’s a scripted podcast series by Marvel, and they have …

Lesley Logan 22:20
… I’m like, “What podcast series? We listen to all the same ones?” Nope, no.

Brad Crowell 22:24
No, no, (Lesley: not this one) I have a whole dozen that you don’t even know. (Lesley: whooho) It’s called Marvel’s Wastelanders. And they did a whole thing on Black Widow. And it’s, uh, I’m not going to get into all the specifics. But at the end, they had a couple of interviews with the team who was doing it. Right. And the one guy said as an actor, as a stage actor, or a film actor, you know, they have all these tools that they can use to convey the experience to the audience. And that’s almost always visual. Of course, there’s sound and talking and audio and all the things but like, if someone’s going to, like, punch you in the gut, you can go, “oh,” but you’re also like, you’re visually like, your face is getting and you’re, you’re tensing up all this stuff. And they said, you know, they’re like, “We’re just doing audio only. So we had to really make it ridiculous.” And he’s like, “That was like, that was hard. That was really embarrassing.” And he said, “What the…” (Lesley: That’s ego.) That’s ego, totally. Is like that was that, you know, but there needed to be a sense of vulnerability that they were getting to, you know, through. And he said, what they did was they went and they pulled up, Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, because there’s a video on YouTube apparently, of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. And when he was doing, I don’t know if it was an animated series or whatever he was doing. And Hugh Jackman is apparently doing all the the punches and the grunts and groans and the ah and like Hugh Jackman looks like an idiot. Right? Like, but that’s what the job called for. And he does he does it anyway, because it’s about the audio. So they were like, “Wow, like, okay, if he can be vulnerable and he’s super famous, then I can be vulnerable. And I can do this podcast series.” And …

Lesley Logan 24:13
And I would love to know what Hugh Jackman thought because he probably thought like, “Oh my God, I have to be so ridiculously over the top to make this done. This is like not as easy. I can just make the movie and be easier.” Like, I’m sure like, it’s kind of we never know what the other person is thinking. But like, you know, Amy Ledin and I think we even both talked about this on one of our episodes. Like, I had this ego of like, “Oh my God, does she want to work with me? Like, what you want to do this?” And like, and she had the same feeling, “I don’t know if this girl’s gonna work with me.” Like, just so you know, whatever you’re like little like sirens in your head or like, “I don’t know if I should do this and so embarrassing.” Everyone else (Brad: Right) is thinking the exact opposite in the same way. (Brad: Yeah) You’re like, “Oh, I wish I could …” I bet you those moms were like, “Oh, I wish my daughter would let me take class with her.” You know, so anways.

Brad Crowell 24:56
Yeah. Yeah, I always take solace in being the person who asks the questions for the group because I know I’m not alone. And so I’m willing to that that’s what allows me in my head. That’s the story, I tell myself to be raising my hand in a group setting and ask the question, because I know that there are other people thinking the same thing. You know?

Yeah, that’s great. I love, I love the word solace. (Brad: Yes) Let’s take solace in that. (Brad laughs) Okay. (Brad: All right) BE IT action items.

Okay. Finally…

Lesley Logan 25:22
They have so many good stuff, though.

Brad Crowell 25:24
Let’s talk about the BE IT action items. What both, executable, intrinsic or targeted actions, can we take away from your convo with the Wild Honey Honey Band. So they said something, which I thought was really, it connected with me a lot. They said, “Show up to the plans you have made and believe in them.” (Lesley: I love this.) And I think what they were specifically talking about was, you you had asked, “How does how does your family and friends, how do your family and friends respect your rehearsal time?” Because did it seem ridiculous where you were like, “Sorry, Mom’s got a band practice now,” you know, and like, the kids or whatever, the husbands or whatever, like work life, all the things. How did band practice become a serious thing? Right. And they they said, they said basically, they had to make the decision that this was serious. This was a real thing. And they were going to take it seriously, they were going to treat it as a real thing. And that posture, that belief in what they were doing, would then …

Lesley Logan 26:40
… 100% being it till they see it, by the way.

Brad Crowell 26:43
Oh, yeah. Being it till they see it. And that would permeate into other people’s understanding that this is not a joke, you know, and, and so, you know, but the the second thing is, they said, “You got to show up to the plans that you made.” So they pick Thursday nights, and Thursdays were rehearsal night at whatever time and, and they made a decision that they were gonna be there for each other. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, they still said they have fun, they drink a glass of wine, this, but that there’s very much a decision to be there. And that they were going to take this seriously and go, you know, be in a band.

Lesley Logan 27:21
Yeah, I so this is the same thing of like, if you put that you want to go to the gym in your schedule a certain time. I don’t care how busy your day was, if the gym isn’t on fire, and you can still drive to the gym, like every the freeway is open, everything is allowing you to go there except for your mind. You need to stick to the plans that you made and believe in it because you have that’s how our confidence comes from. Confidence comes from showing up to the things you committed to. And those little things, those little things that you said you were gonna do, every time you flake on yourself for those little plans. So it’s like seemingly little plans. You are actually under… under… (Brad: undermining) undermining, eroding … (Brad: Yeah, eroding) (Lesley laughs) (Brad: under routing) under route, you’re under routing. Your confidence in yourself to show up for yourself. And so …

Brad Crowell 28:11
You’re undermining your belief.

Lesley Logan 28:12
Yes. I cannot love this BE IT action enough. It is one of the best ones I think we’ve ever had. You know, and I it’s not like, it’s easy for us to like, Brad, sign us up for this Artist’s Way thing. And I swear I thought he was gonna flake out on it. And then I could just like out too, because I’m like, “Oh, I I am a recovering overachiever and perfectionist. And so I have to show up for the things I signed up for.” But I was like, “Oh, he’s a rebel. If he doesn’t do it, then like full permission.” You know? And then like, I, but it’s working. And we’re showing up for it. And we’re believing it. But like another thing, I sometimes you have to put your money there like, (Brad: Yeah) like the investment of it. You know, one of our retreaters said to me on the phone the other day, she’s like, “Lesley, if your retreat hadn’t been as expensive as it was, I wouldn’t have shown up. I would have just let it go.” (Brad: Yeah) So you may if you’re someone who like consistently, like flakes out on things, and you want to change that, put some money that you like, don’t want to throw away or behind it, and you’ll show up for it.

Brad Crowell 29:07
Oh, you you know you will because that was like painful to make that decision. And that will change your reaction to. I mean, that’s exactly why when we are getting coaching for our businesses. Man, it’s sometimes it’s really hard to make that decision because you’re looking at like, a couple 10s of 1000s of dollars for coaching. And you bet your ass that we’re gonna show up for it. Right? So because that does not like that that’s a scary number. Right? And that’s but that’s also on purpose, right? Of course the person that we’ve hired to be our coach, you know, we’re paying them and they’re, you know, but they’re bringing value to the table that and we know that they’re bringing value to table but it’s more than that. It’s also what is it going to take to get my ass into gear and go show up for it and really take it seriously. A lot of times it comes down to a price tag.

Well and some and also like, there are some things that like we may be like, “Ah, we’re this is really busy, let’s just push this one to the next month.” But it’s like, “No, we actually paid for this advice. We have to …” Like, it kind of forces us to do things that scare the living daylights out of us. (Brad: Yeah, a little bit.) So my big BE IT item that I love is text someone you love to let them know you’re thinking about them. You know what, text, someone that you’re thinking about that you’re thinking about them. You have to love them yet, but (Brad: Right) like for those of you who are like feel like you don’t have enough, like maybe you’re lighting new friends. Well, text the person you’re thinking you might want to be your friend, “Hey, did you see the moon tonight? It looks so amazing.” (Brad: Yeah) Like, it doesn’t have to be a question. You don’t have to ask them how they are?

No, I actually do this all the time is something I’ve been doing …

Lesley Logan 30:45
Tell us how you do it, because I do this really well with the people that I do it with all the time. But …

Brad Crowell 30:49
Oh, no, I do this with everybody … Anybody that I think have ever. If I’m thinking of somebody, I reach out to them. And I literally just say, “Hey, I was just thinking about you. I hope everything’s amazing.” Sent. (Lesley: Yeah) That’s it. Like it’s not …

Lesley Logan 31:06
You can even, you can even copy that you’ll from the show notes and put it in your notes and just copy and paste that anytime (Lesley laughs) you think of someone.

Brad Crowell 31:12
Yeah. But I do it all the time. And I and often I don’t hear back from people and that’s okay. But like, I it’s something that I started doing when I was in college. And I started doing it with my high school friends. We all had gotten cell phones at the time. And then we all went off to college. Right. And the whole point was basically that the the we’re now no longer together, we’ve been together our whole lives, and then suddenly, we’re gone. You know, I like grew up with these kids. And then you know, and then and then what we’re supposed to forget about all that. So I started texting everyone like, “Hey, hope you’re doing well. Hey, I hope college is awesome. I hope all this stuff.” And it became something that I’ve maintained over the years.

And you know what? Also send those to the people you think are the strongest. (Brad: Yeah) If you with some… if you think that somebody is like, “Oh my gosh, like, they’re so strong.” I will say like, during the pandemic, a lot of friends reached out to a lot of people and then like I reached out, and they’re like, you know, they said, “Oh Lesley I’m so sorry, I haven’t reached out to you. I just know that you’re so resilient.” And I’m like, “Yep, I’m over here resilient, all alone.” (Brad: Yeah, yeah) I would be really nice … (Lesley laughs) being resilient. So I just say like …

And if you don’t have their phone number, you know, you can … (Lesley: DM on Instagram) Yeah, send them a DM on Instagram or (Lesley: email them) or, or message them on Facebook or something you know and and and the same thing goes with family. You know, we got cousins, aunts and uncles that we only talk to occasionally but it there’s something really incredible about opening up your text and getting a text with someone that’s just like, “Hey, I hope your day is amazing.”

Lesley Logan 32:44
Well, what also people just want to feel seen. So maybe you (Brad: Yeah) hear a song and you just send them a song. Like yesterday, I sent you and your sister (Brad: Yeah) a song. And I totally I mean, obviously I talk to them all the time. But we talked about work. We don’t actually just like send something funny or whatever. And and so I sent them a (Lesley laughs) terrible song.

No, it’s a great song. Are you kidding? It’s an inside joke song. (Lesley: It’s an inside joke song.) It’s incredible.

I just texted the two of them. No, no explanations. And then and then they listened to it and it made them laugh (Brad: Oh yeah) and it brigthen their day. So like, so anyways, that is my BE IT action item for you from these amazing women. (Brad: Yeah) Thank you to the Wild Honey Band. (Brad: Yes) Ladies, you are just an inspiration. And you you know, not just in the music that you do, but in the way you built your lives and the way you do it. And I I, their daughters are the luckiest daughters ever.

Brad Crowell 33:31
Pretty cool. What an awesome example.

Lesley Logan 33:32
Yeah. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 33:34
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 33:35
Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful you’re here. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending a DM, tag the @be_it_pod with a takeaway with the BE IT action item that you’re implementing this week. And also tag the tag the Wild Honey Band or whoever if maybe you’re listening to a different episode. And you remember this, that’s fine. But please let us know because it let’s, it let’s people know like what helped, what helped you in their life and it gives them a little like, making making them feel like you are thought of them.

Brad Crowell 34:02
Yeah, why don’t you go … Why don’t you go DM the Wild Honey Band and say, “Hey, I just heard you, you know on the BE IT pod. Thanks for sharing your story.”

Lesley Logan 34:11
Yeah, that’s it. Just text that, that’s DM that. That’s all you have to do. (Brad: Yep.) So anyways,

Brad Crowell 34:15
They’re out of Canada, out of Calgary. (Lesley: Yeah) So there are a few Wild Honey Bands, I want to say it’s, well we’ll put the link to their IG. (Lesley: They’re Wild Honey Band Three) Three. Yeah, we’ll put the their Instagram link in the show notes. (Lesley: Yeah. So do that) So give them some love. Tell them “thanks.”

Lesley Logan 34:30
And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 34:31
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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