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Ep. 190 with Lesley & Brad

“Take your mental resilience to the gym.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Recapping an unstoppable conversation with professional fighter and resilience coach Camee Adams, Brad Crowell and Lesley Logan pull out the tips to stand back up and the courage to keep going. Tune in to use and cultivate resilience in your own life.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Upcoming OPC news.
  • Can you get cheaper Pilates equipment?
  • The four forms of resilience.
  • Resiliency can look different for everyone.
  • The importance of evaluating your process of resiliency.
  • Create space and grace for yourself to show up in your season.

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 2:07
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the unstoppable convo I had with Camee Adams in our last episode. If you you haven’t yet listened to that episode, go back. Watch it, then come back, join us here or put it in your like, play next to this like back to back sandwich of Be It Till You See It. Enjoy. I really enjoyed talking with her. I think first of all, if you watch the YouTube version of that, you probably saw my eyes change and like my face just like changed when I realized that I think she’s younger than me but her during college. And I was like, well,

Brad Crowell 2:43
She’s younger than your other kids in college. Yeah. And she’s a fighter.

Lesley Logan 2:47
Yeah, she’s a fighter. She’s all these things. And it’s like, Well, what did you What did you do Lesley with your life? Yeah.

Brad Crowell 2:55
So in prep for this, I Googled her. I just looked her up. Yeah, she’s a badass. I mean, there’s some amazing pictures of her. Prepping for and then actually in the ring.

Lesley Logan 3:08
Yeah, no, I mean, totally. And then somebody tagged me in something recently. And she commented because she saw so we like have mutual friends. Yeah, it’s like, in Vegas, so we have to connect. (Brad: small world)I know. I love this world. So anyways, yeah, Googled her, check her out. But also, yes, did the math. Home girl was very efficient with her younger life. We’ll just say that. So before I end this interview, I do want to say, reminder, if you’re watching this in real time, first of all, thank you wait to be on it, like on the real time kind of person. And then also, if you just found us and you’re binging out, Hi, you’re late, but you can still get an information on what I’m about to say. So in a few days, the OPC, one day, event, special, workshop, roll up on the mat. I’m saying it like it’s a fight. Doo doo doo doo is happening. So on Sunday, this Sunday.

Brad Crowell 4:04
The virtual corner we welcome the OPC one day event workshop roll up on the mat. It’s pilates y’all, it’s pilates.

Lesley Logan 4:18
So the roll up is an exercise that most people really struggle with. Brad hates it. He does way better now, but if you haven’t chosen…

Brad Crowell 4:25
When I was first getting started it was…

Lesley Logan 4:28
You came up like a vampire, you came up like… (Brad: like a vampire?!). Like straight up out of the coffin. Your back did not bend. And then if you were a vampire, you were like a, like a mousetrap.

Brad Crowell 4:43
I was a mousetrap? like, like catching those…

Lesley Logan 4:48
Anyways, um, so it’s on Sunday. It’s two hours. There’ll be a short replay and we’re really excited about OPC teachers are joining me to help show you their tricks and steps and strategies for helping the roll up be more embodied in their bodies. And also, what’s really cool is once you nail the roll up, you can actually have access to rollovers and teasers and open like rockers and all these and this might also… (Brad: and vampires) and vampires. If this is all gibberish to you, essentially, like if you’d like to have a full body workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen your body and you don’t want to work out for an hour all the time. Be at this workshop, the role up is an essential exercise you need to have in your body. We won’t take much of your time, just a little bit and you will learn things that will help you no matter where you do Pilates (…)

Brad Crowell 5:36
Skip straight to it, go to opc.me/events

Lesley Logan 5:40
Yes, opc.me/events. Okay. And then, hello, OPC members, hello. Um, we have a little tease happening or teasing you right now, we’re telling you that there is something exciting that we can’t tell you. But if you were at the live class, we told you. So here’s the deal. LBC members, something very exciting is happening. It’s around the corner. And we will be telling you more about it next month. And we’re just like over here like little Pilates elves, working on things, working on things. And then finally, finally, finally, if you are a teacher who is like, Gosh, I really don’t want to burn out but I can’t teach (…) teach anymore, or you’re frustrated with like how to help your clients take pilates to the next level. Or maybe you have forgotten about your connection to the method. Hi, hello, I’m Lesley Logan, I am your elevate. Mentor. Elevate is my mentorship. It’s nine, it’s a nine month program. Our third round starts in May rounds one and two sold out. And there’s only three spots left. Well, I don’t know by the time this happens, there can be no spots left. But let’s just say there’s still the three from when we’re recording, I want you in it, I want to work with you. It’s my favorite thing that I get to do. It really truly is. I mean, the retreat is also a favorite thing. But like the mentorship is just really a lot of fun. We’ve spent a lot of time together really help you take to the next level. So go to lesleylogan.co/elevate lesleylogan.co/elevate. And yes, Brad added a fourth bullet. So But wait, there’s more… (Brad: there’s more) do not skip ahead, you’re gonna want to hear about this, the chairs flashcard deck has a has like the printing is in the works. And you can pre order over at the OPC website. You can also check out our other flashcards there and all that we have. But if you are like itching to make sure you get this when the deck is like hot off the actual presses, like literally that’s what happens and like can put into a box and then put into mail. You want to order now. Because otherwise, if we sell out, then you have to wait another eight to 10 weeks. That’s just how (…)

Brad Crowell 7:49
That’s hot off the actual presses.

Lesley Logan 7:52
Oh, if people have seen a press, that’s what it looks like. Yes, it’s really cool. There’s also you can also go over to the OBC site and on a blog, there’s actually a whole video on how these cards are made. It makes. It makes no sense to me how they keep them in order.

Brad Crowell 8:06
It’s pretty amazing.

Lesley Logan 8:07
I’m like, how is that an order though? How is that there? How is it out of order? It’s amazing. These are things I don’t need to know. It’s not my job. All I do is make cards over here. So now before we get into Camee Adams, can you please tell me if we have an audience question to get to?

Brad Crowell 8:24
We sure do. So I’m just going to read it off here. I know you love your equipment. But do you recommend a less expensive mat or reformer? And this is from sincerely IG user who uses your your flashcards.

Lesley Logan 8:40
I know, I really love this question. And trust me, since I don’t actually like make money off of a lot of the referrals I send to equipment. I wish that I could like have like a list of like, here if if you want to spend the top dollar and here’s middle dollar and here’s like less dollars. But the truth is, is what I cannot do is tell you to buy equipment that you’re going to want to replace later on. Like I’m just not good at that. So for this user hearing…

Brad Crowell 9:09
I think it’s okay that you’re not good at that.

Lesley Logan 9:10
I’m not good at that. And here’s the thing…

Brad Crowell 9:13
I literally heard your response to them this morning. And I was like okay, yeah, I agree.

Lesley Logan 9:19
So here full disclosure, I am an authorized demo center for Contrology equipment which is made by a Balanced Body, which means I am of course going to want to send you to Contrology or at the very least to Balance Body. I love them so much. And let’s just say let me just tell you why. My reformer needed a repair and the head of Balanced Body came to my hotel room and repaired my former reformer… (Brad: the owner?) the owner.

Brad Crowell 9:44
Yeah… (Lesley: this is a massive company) who has had the company for 40 years. He was like yeah, you know what, I’ll do a equipement call

Lesley Logan 9:50
And my my friend who is has Contrologi equipement in San Diego, one of the trade show guys from the company was like, Oh, you’re in San Diego. I’m going to be down there next month to I’m gonna stop by and check on your equipement, shouldn’t ask he was offered. So I really am biased to them for many reasons. And I so and yes, I can and am affiliate. So for all these reasons.

Brad Crowell 10:09
But not only that the Contrology line was co designed with balanced body by your teacher.

Lesley Logan 10:15
By my teacher. Yeah. So another a 14,003. The reason why I’m biased and will always send you there, there is for you can use like an eight to 10 millimeter mat to do Pilates on, it won’t have handles, it won’t… (Brad: like a travel or like a roll up mat). But it needs to be eight to 10 millimeters. And we used to sell them on our site, we don’t anymore, you guys products are a beast, and I can’t get to the post office on time. So. So we don’t do that anymore and Bounce Body does have one of those roll up mats on their site. That being said, that kind of mat is not able to make the mat, like in a piece of equipment. So I’m going to send you to the Contrologi mat, because it’s just the best, it’s got the handles got the strap, as far as performance go, the reformers range in all prices. But my favorite reformers that really help people have the most access and to me, you won’t be limited on exercises you can do because if you’re too close to the floor, that’s going to affect your practice. If you’re too if if if it is bungees not springs, that’s going to affect the the method in your body. So all the reformers that I happen to love and tell people to get are going to be about $4,000 Yes, that is a lot of money. It’s true it is. But I would I highly recommend, get a little big account, call it your equipment account and start throwing money in there. You’d be surprised with my affiliate link, you could probably get the mat. If you’re saving, you know, you’d probably get to that in under a year of savings and then reformer. Luckily, that’s what payment plans are for. But their write offs if you’re a teacher just saying. So anyways, I love my equipment, and I can’t recommend stuff that I don’t think you’ll love.

Brad Crowell 11:56
Yeah, and the link that we’ll put in the show notes will actually save you some money on your order.

Lesley Logan 12:01
And if you have any problems with that hit us up just like literally DM me say I’m having problems with your affiliate link and I will connect you to my lovely salesperson. She’s a badass, but try the link first.

Brad Crowell 12:26
Okay, now let’s talk about Camee Adams… (Lesley: Camee Adams) boo boo boo as a professional mixed martial artist, Cami Adams knows a thing or two about fighting. She’s learned to take a punch. And she works as a resilience coach and speaker to equip others with the tools that they need to pick themselves up and keep going. And she speaks from a whole lot of experience.

Lesley Logan 12:53
Yeah, I mean, I feel like you… (Brad: in and outside the ring) to be a fighter, you have to like literally have more resilience, because I’m gonna tell you right now, if I got hit in the face, like I need to run for cover, like please.

Brad Crowell 13:05
Why don’t think fighting, she, you know, she said that fighting wasn’t really like on her agenda of like, I want to go be a fighter. No, she just got into boxing and kickboxing, and then, you know, whatever tumbling like whatever was on the mat. And then all of a sudden, it was like she was just in a crew of people who were training to be fighters… (Lesley: Yeah). And they said, You’re good at this. Do you want to fight? And she’s like, Yeah, actually I do. And that’s how she got into it.

Lesley Logan 13:30
Yeah. It’s also like the when we work out with our trainer, like, I’m super glad that one of the people is like, like getting ready and like she’s ready or up to like, do actual challenges. And I’m like, Yes, you should be the person that gets pushed to that I have not. I said that. I’m like, I just, I don’t know, there’s some things that to get over my fear. And so clearly, Camee is a resilience coach for a reason and not me. So one of the things that I love that she said, so there’s actually four forms of resilience. And this makes a lot of sense because you can I think we’ve had other guests who’ve talked about like the there’s four like four areas where like you have competence in, right? so like, So resilience, you can have mental resilience, physical resilience, emotional resilience, and spiritual resilience. And I think I can attest that my mental resilience is pretty fucking great. My spiritual resilience is not bad. You know, my emotional state that’s it depends on the fucking day. And physical as long as you’re not asked me to fight I think I could slay there too. But what I love about thinking about their four areas, is that you can actually like about self about like I just did, and then if you want to increase your resilience in an area that it’s not necessarily as strong or if you’re going through something in your life, you’re like, Oh, well, I probably go into this because my mental resilience isn’t there. Then you can instead of just forcing yourself to get better the thing that you’re not doing great you can actually do some actual you’ll take your mental resilience to the gym, so to speak, and like work that muscle out.

Brad Crowell 14:58
Yeah, and and I mean I was thinking like, how, what’s it what’s a good way to kind of look at this and I came up with something that’s terrifying. But as a dramatic enough example, that I think… (Lesley: Thanks for the warning). You’re welcome. You’re welcome. I mean, I was thinking about POWs like prisoners of war. Oh my god, we’re clearly not gonna have the physical. Probably not the emotional or spiritual, but mental is where they live. They have to, if they’re going to survive that experience.

Lesley Logan 15:29
You might have all of those but mental resilience is key.

Brad Crowell 15:32
Well, I mean, if, you know the physical, they don’t, if you’re not able to move… (Lesley: yeah) or workout, like you’re going to lose, you’re going to atrophy. Right? So you can still, you can still maintain resilience, but in a different form of it. But let’s maybe pick something a little less tragic… (Lesley: Yeah). What about like, you know, being a parent, you know.

Lesley Logan 15:56
I yeah, I mean, Gosh, I think being a parent that is emotional and mental resilience muscle, you definitely need for sure. I was even thinking just like being a business owner. Like yeah, you know, you part of like, like, if you I feel like we’re pretty fucking resilient. But sometimes I’ve had to like lean listen to the mental resilience I have and actually go into the spiritual resilience because I’m like, if I have to tap my mental resilience one more time, I’m just be pissed that I even have this like, it’s, you know, I need a fight, look at this in a different way. So I don’t know, I think it it’s just a really fun way to like, look at yourself and just evaluate, like, where do you think you have natural resilience? And where do you think you need to like, ante up?

Brad Crowell 16:37
Well, that goes straight into what I really loved that Camee said, she talks about resilience looks different for everyone. She said, It’s a unique skill. And it’s it is refined through your own process, your own journey. And for her, you know, she, her life was dramatically changed when she got pregnant at a young age. Right.? And so she had to work through that, she also had a lot of, you know, as a young, she’s a young parent, right? Not able to do the careers that she wanted to do. And she’s a single parent, also. So and then she moved a couple times, you know, and then she got to fighting a training. She also was in the competitive belt body building… (Lesley: Yeah) world, right? which is like, incredibly strict and regimented in your lifestyle, because you have to, in order to be competitive… (Lesley: Yeah) so pretty intense, for sure. But, you know, she talked about if you think you don’t have any resiliency in your life, then that actually means you’re in the middle of a resilience process. So if, if, if like, things are crumbling around you, and you’re just like, What the hell? you know, you’re actually in the middle of building your resilience muscle.

Lesley Logan 18:07
I have an example of that. It’s like when I left my ex, and I was homeless, and then I (…) my car and the studio that I rented space from, was shut down all in the same week. And I was like…

Brad Crowell 18:19
Everything seems like incredibly like despair.

Lesley Logan 18:21
Yeah! I literally was like, Okay, what else you want to take? Just take it. I don’t want to move it with me. Like what? Take it all. So I can make sure that when I bought the apartment, I pick in the car I pick in a place I go is like, I don’t have to do this again. Like I don’t want to move twice. And so that was just I was building a muscle.

Brad Crowell 18:36
Yeah, totally. And so how do you go through the process of resiliency? You know, and how do you practice resiliency is actually a better way to ask that question. Like, what does resiliency look like? So because it’s a unique skill, and it also affects the four different areas of resilience, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, it can manifest itself in your life in different ways. Some of the ones that she listed as her examples in her life, she said, look at your coping skills, evaluate past ones and adding new ones. Right. So for her she uses yoga as a place to be alone with herself and to have some like moments of peace in her mind and body. She said she’s a journaler, so, writing and… but I also came up with a couple of other obvious ones what maybe you have someone you can speak to about a counselor or a therapist.

Lesley Logan 19:45
I think you’re right. I think that also having someone in your life who’s like, not like someone’s gonna activate, you know, anyway, so like, maybe… (Brad: could be your best friend) But yeah, but somebody who can go, can remind you like, Oh, hey, you actually are like you just did this. Like If you did this better than last time, or actually you, you know how long it’s been since this happened to you, like, I think having just anyone to like, reflect on just how far you’ve come is really important, you know, to like, just, it’s kind of like doing a year in business review, if you’d like, take at a high level, you’re like, oh, wow, okay, we actually did all these things, but it’s similar for yourself, like just reflecting back and having someone there to remind you that you’ve come a lot farther, you know, than than you think.

Brad Crowell 20:28
Yeah, totally. And she also had another example that I thought was an interesting way to practice resiliency, and that are the “I am” statements, right? So these are the things that you like, write in lipstick on your mirror, you know, I am confident, I am strong, I am, you know, making a million dollars, I am what blank, you fill that in. And that becomes part of your routine, your mantra, right? And that begins to help you fight through the, you know, whatever the thing might be that that you’re challenged, you’re being challenged with. So I thought, you know, those are some pretty practical tips. And also, you know, just some examples of how she practices resiliency, and then maybe how we can as well, yeah, so how do you practice resiliency? Maybe it’s a walk, you know, maybe you like for me, I know, when I was in the shit at my job, and like, I was so stressed out all the time, I would go find a really peaceful lunch spot. And I would be alone with the koi fish in the the what with the water fountain and in the Zen garden. I mean, I needed that. And for me, that was my that was me practicing. You know, maintaining sanity, basically. Yeah, sure.

Lesley Logan 21:44
I love it, we want to know… (Brad:yeah). Tag us in your resiliency moment. So we don’t (…)… (Brad: I love that).

Brad Crowell 21:56
All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It action items, what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items, can we take away from your combo with Camee Adams?

Lesley Logan 22:05
I’m gonna start… (Brad: do it!) Okay. Um, my biggest takeaway is: do what you can in your current season, space and grace to yourself. So I think like, I think a lot of times, we get really obsessed with what we can’t do in the current moment that we’re in, you know, I still like, some of our agency members, for example, like, I have been very selective because I’ve been busy doing these things. I’m like, Yes, it’s called implementation mode, you have nothing to apologize for you actually taking the things that you learned and you’re putting them into your business. And so you only should come in here to ask questions about that and not to be a sponge for more and more, more, more more, versus maybe you’re in a place where somebody reached out to me like, I don’t actually know what my goals are right now. Well, then maybe you’re in a season where you’re actually exploring opportunities, you are learning, you’re being curious. And like, what ends up happening is you’re you’re in the learning and curious mode, but you’re seeing that there’s all these people over there who like know what their goals are, and you’re not honoring that you’re in a different season than them. So I really love that as a Be It action, and I’m like, be in your season, and then have space and grace for yourself. Jeeze, Louise, my loves be fucking kind to yourself. You’re so hard on yourself. Do you want to if we’re being it until we see it, and I asked you in your future life, Are you hard on yourself? The answer is probably no. So you can’t actually be that right now.

Brad Crowell 23:27
Yeah. Well, I mean, I think also too, you know, I think there’s this fear of being, quote, unquote, behind whatever behind is right? And seeing, you know, the comparison to others, and all those kinds of things. So, you know, I think that (…) something that really was eye opening, for me was when I was in school, and there was like, it didn’t matter how hard I worked at music, there was always there were always people who were better than me. Right? And, but I still wanted to be better. You know, but that giving myself space and grace to acknowledge what I was doing, which was practicing my ass off, and realizing that it will just simply take time, these other musicians have obviously logged more hours than me, right? They have been doing it longer than I, whatever, whatever, you know, and I can get there, you know, I can get there. But I need to give myself the the space to practice and to achieve those kinds of things. So you know, that goes with what what in different seasons of your life, you know? Yeah, amazing.

Lesley Logan 24:36
Well, thanks for being here, everyone… (Brad: Yeah) how fucking resilient are you? Pretty darn resilient. I bet if you actually get yourself some credit. So how are you going to use these tips in your life? What were your takeaways from Camee Adams? Tag us the Be It pod, tag Camee. Let us know. And thank you so much for being one of our listeners. We truly truly appreciate you. We talk about you a lot. We spend a lot of times with other podcasters, we’re always talking about how fucking amazing you are. So Tell us more about yourself and let us know your questions or as we answer in the next recap and until next time, Be It Till You See It!

Brad Crowell 25:06
Bye for now!

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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