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Ep. 362 with Lesley & Brad

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Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Explore the fundamentals of manifesting your desires in this engaging recap episode with Lesley and Brad. They revisit the most compelling advice from Clare Solly, including her approach to reading and the impact of the pandemic on her career priorities. This episode is filled with anecdotes and strategies that will inspire you to take bold steps toward your aspirations. Whether you’re a creative professional or looking to reinvent your career, this is your guide to implementing a Marie Kondo-like approach to your professional life.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The essential equipment for a functional Pilates home studio.
  • The community of people behind the niche #bookstagram.
  • The importance of leveraging and highlighting your unique creative strengths.
  • Solly‘s Marie Kondo-like approach to focus on what brings you the most joy.
  • Ways to implement Clare Solly’s BE IT methods to set achievable life goals.

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Brad Crowell: She said she took the Marie Kondo approach. She kind of took a step back and was like, Is this bringing me joy? Yeah, like, Is this really going where I wanted to go? And she said pandemic allowed her that reflection to identify what truly mattered to her. And then she said she stumbled upon the Bookstagram thing, kind of by accident. Yeah. And now it’s shifting to become a major part of our life.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the gratifying convo I had with Clare Solly in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now and go back and join that one. And then come back and join this one. You also can go to Episode 19 and 20 and really get to know Clare. And then we also had her on as a recap host because Brad got stuck in Cambodia.

Brad Crowell 1:32
I did. It’s true.

Lesley Logan 1:34
So Clare has been a fan favorite. Today is May 2nd and it’s World Password Day, Brad.

Brad Crowell 1:39
It is World Password Day. First off, I just wanted to say that this episode with Clare was super fun. And Clare, this is for you. I’m really impressed by your Be It Action Item. You’re amazing. Okay, today’s World Password Day, May 2nd. About this day, are you still using your cat’s name followed by an “&” for your 401(k) account password? Sorry, but that is not enough to protect your life savings in 2024. Here’s a term you need to know on World Password Day hashtag layer up. This refers to adding strong authentication to your important passwords to prevent identity theft, and other cyber crimes.

Intel created world password day. Thank you, Intel. The first Thursday of May, May 2nd, to address the critical need for solid passwords. It’s simple, really, ironically, most operating systems offer an easy way to create and store passwords, such as Apple’s Keychain Access, right? Safari uses that, all that kind of stuff. If you use cross device like cross manufacturer, so if you’ve got a Google phone and an Apple device, you can use other password storage platforms called, like we use one called LastPass. It’s really convenient if you

Lesley Logan 2:55
They don’t sponsor the show, guys.

Brad Crowell 2:57
They don’t sponsor the show. I wish they did. But yeah, it allows me to put the same password I have, I have the same password tool on both of my devices on my phone on my laptop. And if I sign up for something on my laptop, I can easily log into it on my phone. And it allows you to make like complex passwords like crazy complex passwords. And you never actually have to remember them because you’re only logging into one platform. And then your passwords are saved in there. And they’re super hardcore about, you know, security and stuff. So, good things. Good things. You should definitely not get hacked. It’s a real thing. Yeah. All right. Upcoming events and travel. It’s May.

Lesley Logan 3:40
It’s May. We’re doing a little bit of travel, but nothing that you can, you can join us on. Oh, I guess there’s Get Published Live, you could do? Yeah, that is

Brad Crowell 3:50
We’re gonna be speaking at an event down in Arizona Get Published Live with James Patrick. And you can, what is it,

Yes and use code Logan 20.

Yeah, Logan 20 to get 20% off if you want to join us down there. That’ll be super fun. It’s a, it’s an event about literally getting published. And there’s some panels we’re speaking on a panel. It’s gonna be great.

Lesley Logan 4:13
Yeah, you’ll be in front of all these people. That’s really great. Okay, then we come back and it’s OPC Summer Camp

Brad Crowell 4:18
In June. In June.

Lesley Logan 4:19
This is virtual. First weekend of June. And if you can’t join us live, you’ll want to still buy things on the early bird because you get the access to them for life and we will have seven classes and workshops a day for two days. That’s 14 events. And you’ll be able to buy ala cart or you’ll be able to buy a whole day pass which is really exciting. You want to go to to get on the waitlist for that because those on the waitlist will get the early bird. Now here’s the deal. We’re recording this a little bit early. And by now early bird should have happened. That being said, we’ll still email you but it might be just be the regular public early bird which is still a great price.

Brad Crowell 4:58
Well, the best, the best deal is the day pass. Hands down, there’s no question about it. So, pick up a day pass, you’ll get everything for the day. And that’s going to be I mean, that’s gonna be some great stuff. I’m really fired up. We’ve got a bunch of guest teachers, it’s going to be a lot of fun. And y’all, here’s the deal. We’re trying to make this a thing. We did it last summer. We met, we’re doing it this summer. And we’re going to do it again. Like for as long as we can plan ahead here where we’re thinking we’re gonna do a summer camp every year.

Lesley Logan 5:26
And there’s different teachers, different instructors, different topics. I’m really excited. Some of these topics include, we have pre/postnatal workouts, as a workshop, and I learned so much I didn’t even expect to learn it was so great. I’ve learned it because we already got to work with the instructor on it. I’m teaching a ladder barrel workout. It’s literally 15 minutes on your ladder barrel, get ready, gonna be great.

Brad Crowell 5:49
I’m teaching a REM cycles sleep class, not at all.

Lesley Logan 5:54
But all your OPC teachers are teaching something. And then we have guest teachers as well. So I’m really excited. So, to get more information on that, then the Summer Tour is around the corner, it’s going to be in August, we are locking in as Brad and I record this we’re locking in the cities for that and also sponsors for that. So if you know people who want to sponsor the tour, please reach out to us but I’m really, really, really excited that we’ll already have summer and winter tour cities picked in the

Brad Crowell 6:25
By the end of April.

Lesley Logan 6:26
Yeah, by the end of April (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 6:29
So like, a tentative potential route that we’re going to go on here for the summer tour is going to take us from Vegas up through like to the to the northern Midwest. So we’re trying to get up in through Iowa up into Minnesota, hopefully, and then over into Wisconsin and then down to Chicago. We think we’ll probably go as far east as like Ohio, but no, no further east for the Summer Tour then we’re going to scoot back around through the middle of the country and come along Route 70. So we’re pretty sure we’re going to be you know, like Indianapolis, then St. Louis, Kansas City, etc. on the way home, if you’re going to be anywhere within a couple hours drive, come hang out with us, the actual dates and all the things we’ll be releasing, you know, at this point, hopefully they’re released, to be honest so but then the Winter Tour we’re going to shift it here and we’re going to start in the south and we’re gonna go along through Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina and then we’re gonna go up the coast and then back down the coast and scoot back along Texas and stuff.

Lesley Logan 7:34
It’s gonna be the longest tour we have ever done.

Yeah, geez, the winter tour this year could turn into like 8000 miles.

So anyways, we’ll announce all those things soon but just be waiting for us on (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 7:45
Yeah, get on the waitlist, go to By the way, for all of you who are wondering what waitlist to get on we’re consolidating the waitlists here, trying to keep everybody’s life a little easier.

Lesley Logan 7:55
As we say that I’m going to change the waitlist up right now. So the Cambodia,

Brad Crowell 7:58
Yeah, we’re about to change this waitlist.

Lesley Logan 8:00
So the earlybird for Cambodia might still be going on when this comes out.

Brad Crowell 8:05
Yeah, actually, it’ll be

Lesley Logan 8:07
Right in the middle of it.

Brad Crowell 8:07
It’ll be closing the end of May. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 8:10
So if you go to you will be getting the Cambodia retreat earlybird that’s going on right now.

Brad Crowell 8:19
Only waitlist people will know about the dates so go to that’s plural.

Lesley Logan 8:26
And that one is only about Cambodia. You only hear updates about Cambodia. And then barrels, because we just got back from LA shooting the deck, we did a whole photo shoot for the deck.

Brad Crowell 8:36
It’s super awesome y’all.

Lesley Logan 8:38
Oh my God it was hence why I keep yawning, you guys, I did five hours of Pilates like nobody’s so tired but

Brad Crowell 8:44
Yeah, literally yesterday it was the day that we did the eclipse, too.

Lesley Logan 8:48
Yeah, we saw the eclipse then we discovered we didn’t have one of the pieces that we needed to have.

Brad Crowell 8:54

Lesley Logan 8:54
We had to Uber it.

Brad Crowell 8:55
Brad’s fired.

Lesley Logan 8:57
Brad is not getting hired for that job ever again and the next time he’s like yes Lesley I packed it I’m like well just remember we had Uber or something, so I’m gonna forever

Brad Crowell 9:06
She’s going to lord this over me.

Lesley Logan 9:08
Forever double check you at forever. But barrels flashcards. That presale is going to happen in the next few weeks. So you do need to be on the waitlist at

Brad Crowell 9:21 that’s singular.

Lesley Logan 9:24
Yeah, so both words because only the people on the waitlist are going to get the presale price.

Brad Crowell 9:30
And that is a big deal.

Lesley Logan 9:31
And we do have a couple of retailers in, we have someone in Australia and we have someone in Canada. Now here’s the deal, you guys. They basically take on the entire shipping cost so you have reasonable shipping, but they are not honoring presale prices.

Brad Crowell 9:46
Yeah, they, it’s just not really feasible.

Lesley Logan 9:48
It’s not feasible for them to do that and also cover all the shipping. So you can either pay a fuck ton of shipping on your own and get presale price or you can tell them that you want a deck from them. And so that’s gonna be Claire Harb of Pilates Down Under and the Melissa Nagay. Is B Pilates in Canada. Okay, before we get into Clare, we have an audience question.

Brad Crowell 10:11
We sure do. This is from Caroline. And she is asking, hello I’m looking for advice for the best home studio. Please keep in mind that it’s small and has low ceilings and I already have these things. I have one 80-inch reformer, one baby chair, one Wunda chair, one pedi pull, one foot corrector, two toe correctors, two small barrels, two spine correctors, and I want to buy a Cadillac next, I have space for one more piece of equipment. What would you choose from the following? A high chair, ceiling height is low, can stand on caddy, but not sure about the high chair. Would you choose the Wunda chair offer duets? Or would you choose a ladder barrel which, I think, it takes up a lot of room?

Lesley Logan 10:54
Girl I got two ladder barrels in one room.

Brad Crowell 10:57
She does.

Lesley Logan 10:57
So what I would say, first of all, this is a full studio as it is.

Brad Crowell 11:02
Yeah, I mean, if you have a small space. I’m impressed. You’re like playing Tetris here.

Lesley Logan 11:07
Yeah, well, probably using the wall like we do for the barrels and stuff. But, but I would just personally say like, get the Cadi. And if you do have room for something else, I would actually get the ladder barrel. Just because the high chair, there’s one exercise you can do it, there’s like literally two, it’s the press ups front and press ups back. So one exercise that you can’t do on a Wunda chair, everything else you could do on the Wunda chair. So to me, if you had more space and you already had a ladder barrel, then I would say get the high chair. But that’s not the case here. So I’m gonna say no on that, because you’ll have a Cadillac to do the pull up stuff that’s going to get you that shape that you’re looking for. And then, as far as getting another Wunda chair, I also wouldn’t because you have enough equipment here that you could have one person on a reformer and one person on a Cadillac, one person on the chair, you could have three or four people I’m just gonna say. But like, I don’t actually think that’s gonna be the best part of your worth your money, because the ladder barrel is actually quite unique. And as we mentioned, at the top of this, I’m doing a 50 minute workout on it. So there’s a lot you can do on it. And while it can take up all that space, it also can just be shoved in a corner like it really, there’s a lot of amazing tools that you can use or stretches you can do on it. There’s things that are great for beginners also people learning swan on a ladder barrel, it’s so much better than on a reformer. And so I would just say get the ladder barrel, and I don’t believe it takes that much room. So that is my vote. If you want to use my Contrology link for any of the things you’re buying, feel free to look up our perks page.

Brad Crowell 12:40
Go to Oh, yeah, great question (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 12:44
We’re adding more perks to that because I’ve just interviewed two companies who have great things. And I’ll be sharing with you on my socials what those are and we’ll add them to the perks but I am super excited. People are really excited to get me off my current collagen and onto their collagen. So that’s just a hint on one of those and then we got coffee coming.

Brad Crowell 13:04
Oh yeah, we got coffee coming, y’all. Yeah, I’m excited about that.

Lesley Logan 13:07
Stay tuned.

Brad Crowell 13:08
It tastes good. I’ve been drinking it. Okay, now let’s talk about Clare Solly. Claire is an executive assistant in New York City known for her work as an actress, producer, singer and founder of two theatre companies. She has gained more than 11,000 Bookstagram followers in the last six months and is a published author of three novels. What fills her cup aside from reading includes promoting books and authors and following people with similar interests. Clare is impressive.

Lesley Logan 13:39
I know. She’s so good at everything that she does. She’s like, really, really quite amazing at it. And I am so impressed with all the things that she’s able to balance at one time. But one of the things that I love to highlight about her is she said, I’m a storyteller first. That’s a gift that I give to myself in this in this world. I think it’s also the gift you give to other people, Clare, but you know, I think the world needs storytellers. And, you know, when we first had her on, she was like, helping people get their books published and things like that. But really, that turned into people just wanting help with the marketing. And it’s that’s not the side of it that she really enjoyed. And she ended up like just being a storyteller having this like, incredible, incredible following on a Bookstagram in such a short period of time.

Brad Crowell 14:25
So if you all don’t know, have any idea what Bookstagram is, like, I didn’t.

Lesley Logan 14:29
I know, we now know, we know two Bookstagramers.

Brad Crowell 14:31
Okay, so it’s Instagram. But there’s a hashtag Bookstagram. It’s like a niche of Instagram, right? So what this means it’s a cult following. It’s a community of people. It’s a great way to discover new books and whatnot. They’re very communicative, you know, in this channel, as it were.

Lesley Logan 14:49
It’s like it’s a hashtag that they all use and you can find the bookstagrammer that like kind of suits your needs if you’re in fiction or nonfiction we have do we do we already recapped Nick Hutchison or is he coming out? (Inaudible) So he’s a Bookstagramer as well but he’s a nonfiction one so like where and so just very fascinating so anyways, what I what I do love though is that like she has found something that is a lot of fun for her and she can monetize it she hasn’t yet but and you know it may be that she needs someone to tell her how to do that so she can stick in the part which is her creative strength which is telling the stories and highlighting the books and not doing the logistical about it.

Brad Crowell 15:33
Well, she has plus one follower from this guy right here as of today. You won’t be Solly. Heck yeah. I’m excited. I was looking because she was describing like, the wall and how people make it look so pretty. And all this stuff. I was like, what the hell is she talking about? So I had to go check it out.

Lesley Logan 15:57
Oh, they do incredible. Some of them have like, it’s kind of crazy what they, the efforts and the lengths they go through to highlight a book.

Brad Crowell 16:05
Yeah, it was definitely impressive. And I was, I was just like, flipping through her page. It was, it was fun. And also I’m like, I’m incredibly impressed at the amount that she reads. I can’t even understand how you can read these many books.

Lesley Logan 16:21
You just have to sit down and read, Brad.

Brad Crowell 16:23
Yeah. But this is another level of reading. I mean, we’re talking.

Lesley Logan 16:27
Well, but if you, if you read the book that Nick sent you, it would teach you how to read faster.

Brad Crowell 16:33
No, his book is on retention, not about reading faster.

Lesley Logan 16:36
That’s true, but also how to retain what you’re reading. But it does tell you that if you read for 15 minutes a day, you’ll read 20 books in a year.

Brad Crowell 16:42
Yeah, well, I read 20 books a year, but Clare reads like 10 times that.

Lesley Logan 16:48
She’s fast.

Brad Crowell 16:49
Yeah, it’s impressive.

Lesley Logan 16:50
You too, could be fast.

Brad Crowell 16:52
You too, could be fast. You could be a fast reader. Well, I’ll tell you what I loved that she was talking about. She believes that for her, the pandemic was a gift. And I know that for many it was not a gift. And I also know that being in New York City, it was a tough, tough thing to go through. Especially there, there was a ton of death and a lot of isolation. But she said it forced her to pause and reconsider her priorities. She said before that she was working 80 hours a week. I think that’s amazing. I think I remember doing that when I was, when I first moved to Los Angeles. Being in the creatives, you know, myself doing music, but I didn’t really consider it work, right. But if you step back and look at it, I would go, I would work at a restaurant from like, all day, you know, and then I would leave and I would go to rehearsal. And then from rehearsal I would go play a show or I would go out to a show to network, right? So even though I was having fun, I was still like intentionally trying to be there. And if you add all those things up, like she was working a full-time job, but then working in theater at night, still going on auditions, writing on the side, and all this kind of stuff. And it’s like, yeah, you add all these things up, and suddenly like, Whoa, I actually I never stopped, you know. And so she said, if you remember back from Episode 19, and 20, she was coaching people on how to publish a book. And she was coaching people on money mindset. And she, those were in addition to working and doing theater still. And so the pandemic really shifted all that for her. And she said she, she, you know, she, you actually asked her like, how did you let go of these things you started because she had started them well, you know, you start anything, you know, you want it to succeed. Right? So, you know, you asked her she said she took the Marie Kondo approach, she kind of took a step back and was like, Is this bringing me joy? Like, Is this really going where I want it to go? And she said, pandemic allowed her that reflection, to identify what truly mattered to her. And then she said she stumbled upon the Bookstagram thing, kind of by accident. And now it’s shifting to become a major part of her life.

Lesley Logan 19:06
Yeah, I mean, well, because she’s an author and she writes books and the reality is to get the deals and to get your, sell your books, you have to have an audience. So she kind of was like doing it for her own books. And now she’s like, because she’s like promoting all these other people’s books, now people are sending her books to do it. Like it’s a whole thing.

Brad Crowell 19:21
So and if you all like rom-coms, that’s her like jam. So that’s, that’s her genre. She really digs and she’s, so she’s constantly reviewing these kinds of books. And if that’s up your alley, then you should follow her on the IGs (inaudible) show but she ultimately said, you know, she took a look at what, at her life and what she was doing and you know, and was like, what, what’s making me smile? What’s making me happy? And she shifted because of that. So good for her. That’s cool.

Lesley Logan 19:49
Go Clare.

Brad Crowell 19:50
Go Clare. All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items, what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Clare Solly? This is where I was talking about Clare, I’m really impressed by you because I think very, I think you might be one of two guests who have brought four items, like one for each of the B, E, and I, and T.

Lesley Logan 20:16
There’s gotta be like, a mug for that.

Brad Crowell 20:19
We’re gonna, we’re gonna mail you a sticker. Yeah. This is really cool. So she said, hey, listen, this all flows together. So look at what you’re obsessed with. Right? Use your comparisons and judgments, then build your confidence and manifest the shit out of it. But let’s actually break this down. Let’s talk about this. Look at what you’re obsessed with. What things are reaching out to you, or what is calling to you, right? And spend your free time on that thing, right? For her it was reading, right? Use your comparisons and judgments, meaning use comparisons constructively. She said, like people’s posts or of other people’s lives, instead of going, oh my gosh, they’re just so much better than me, I’m never going to be as good as them, turn it around and look at it as what is possible. That’s amazing that it’s possible that this person has, you know, all these things going on in their life. And then see that as possibility for you then use that to build confidence, let your interest and let that encouragement point the way for you in direction. And then manifest the shit out of it. You know, so keep focusing on it. Love this.

Lesley Logan 21:32
She said your approach to manifesting has to be the right way. So she said recognize everything is energy. And so you have to get clear on your desires and visualize that desired outcome. But then you have to employ the tools for the focus of it. So like, if you want something but your energy around that is negative, you’re never going to have it you’re always going to repelling of it. So she said to get clear on those desires, visualize the outcome, and then employ the tools like journaling and meditation. But she also said be intentional and deep dive on the why. Why do you want this thing? Why do you want this to happen? What like, what is it about that makes and it doesn’t have to be like brilliant Mother Teresa why but like, you know, like, why do I want to do and I’ve always wanted one period, end of story. I want, I want it. I want, I want it. I want to be in really cool color, I want everyone to know it’s me. Like, that’s what I want. And I’ve wanted it for over 13 years now. So I still want it.

Brad Crowell 22:21
Why do I want a black cape? Because I’ve always wanted to be Darth Vader.

Lesley Logan 22:25
Yeah, so there you go. But then Brad, you have to journal and meditate on that cape, I hope you never have. Then you want to detail desires and get clear. She says do that go as many details of it as you can like really like you ABCD all the way through Z are just like however many come up. But then she says you need to use physical reminders. So place sticky notes or other reminders around to keep your goals in mind. Because if you want to manifest something to think about you have to be, and then thinking about is not like the secret like if once I thought it now it’s happening. No, you are when you keep it fresh top of mind, you start to use your RAS system to actually see opportunities for that to happen. The RAS system is particularly an activating system. So I basically (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 23:10
It totally is. I’m impressed. Reticular activating system. Yes.

Lesley Logan 23:14
What did I call it?

Brad Crowell 23:15
I don’t know. But yes, reticular activating system.

Lesley Logan 23:18
I made a new word. I think. Guys, I am so tired, love you. So get as clear as you can on what you want, like and distill things down until you can’t get down any further. And I love the idea of post-its because post-its can be mantra, they can be affirmations. They can be things you want. So I just think it’s great. All right, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 23:37
And I’m Brad Cromwell.

Lesley Logan 23:38
Thank you so much for being here. You are amazing. I just adore you. 362 episodes. Here we are.

Brad Crowell 23:45
Oh my gosh.

Lesley Logan 23:46
Because of you.

Brad Crowell 23:47

Lesley Logan 23:47
So, keep send your questions in. Thank you for all of your reviews. Thank you for sharing this podcast with someone who needs it. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 23:54
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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