The Good, Bad, and Ugly

in the Name of Health

Ep. 96 with Lesley & Clare

“Stop working out as punishment.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Let’s welcome Clare Solly to the Be It Pod as a guest co-host while Brad is away. As best friends, Clare and LL giggle their way through dieting, journaling, and reiterating the importance of changing the conversation around health.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The ESSENTIAL, must have travel items
  • The line between health and obsession
  • It comes down to control
  • We have to change how we feel to change the conversation
  • How you start journaling

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Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:46
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host is my best friend, Clare Solly. And hi, we’re gonna dig into the robust conversation I had with Jenny Schatzle in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, feel free to do whatever you want to take in the information. I’m going to be honest, you got to listen to it, you should listen to all the guests. But like, there’s something so fire about her that we all need to listen to. And then you can come back and join us or you can do it backwards, you know, like CliffNotes. So anyways, really quick, this we are coming up on like, like two weeks away from 100 episodes. So everyone, first all… (Clare: one hundred) one hundred. So first of all, thank you so much. Oh my God, we couldn’t do 100 episodes without you because I would just be talking to myself. Second, so there’s going to be a giveaway so be watching the Instagram, because you can win a really awesome basket of all these goodies and some money. So check that out. And then this Saturday, if you’re listening to real time. One of our OPC teachers is teaching her first workout and workshop at She’s doing a Jump Board Workout. And then she’s doing a Jump Board Workshop. You don’t have to be a teacher to join. It’s just going to be a lot of fun. And then you’re going to learn all the things you can nerd out for your own practice or for other people’s practice. And that’s all on Okay, Clare, normally I asked Brad, if we have an audience question, but I felt like maybe since you’re our guests, you should get to ask whatever you want.

Clare Solly 2:19
Since I’m I’m stealing the co host seat from Brad while he’s away. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah. So Lesley, I know that you and Brad travel a lot. And I want to know, because I know a lot about you. But I want to know what is like the one travel thing whether it’s an actual tangible thing or something you do to prepare. What is the one travel thing you can’t live without? (Lesley: Oh) I know it’s a good one. Right?

Lesley Logan 2:52
This is really good. Okay. I need to pick one? Hmm hmm. So …

Clare Solly 2:59
I’ll give you two if you want. (Lesley: Yeah) You can have two.

Lesley Logan 3:01
Okay, here’s what I, first of all like pre pandemic, I was a woman who like knew how to pack in 17 minutes. And, also because Brad and I would trade wearing the same hat because like I would have clean hair on the way there and then (Lesley laughs) I have the dirty hair on the way back so I would wear his hat. And it said like Yogi something Jerome’s Little Yogi and it’s bright yellow hat. And so honestly, if it was pre pandemic, I would say that that is like our we can’t live without hat. It comes with everywhere so much still that Global Entry just recognized us because who comes through the yellow hat every other week? Oh, that’s, that’s us. (Lesley laughs) Anyways, um, no, what I’ll say is I really really love a good moisturizer, a good ChapStick and a comfortable outfit because everything else you can figure out by Google all the things. But if you are not comfortable in the outfit that you’re flying in, and you’re skin is not moisturized your lips or not moisturized, you’re going to be uncomfortable. (Clare: I agree with that.) It doesn’t really matter. So that’s my thing. Also, if I’m doing long flights because my food sensitivities, I do pack oatmeal. I packed oatmeal packets, just like the, you know this the tear-away one.

Clare Solly 4:17
Oh yeah cuz the, the air, the flight attendants give you hot water …

Lesley Logan 4:21
They gave you hot water. Yeah, and I pack peanut butter packets, and then I pack a collagen packet. Well multiple because I packed those for my coffee. So when I fly to Southeast Asia, all the stuff it’s like a 12 hour flight there’s only like three meals. Sometimes I can’t have any of them. Sometimes I can have one of them. So I just am like alright, we got carbs, we got fat, we got protein, boom, like, and it’s this, it’s a meal in a cup and I just make it and so that helps me when I, like when I’m on a long flight that I’m like I’m gonna need to eat something because I don’t I don’t like eating the powerbar. I am no longer 21 that isn’t real food. I think given the episode we’re talking about Jenny would agree. (Lesley laughs) No, no, she’s like, we need to stop something was bad or good but we also can say what’s real. (Lesley laughs) I can’t, I can’t with it, I can’t, I’m too, I need, I need to chew my food, it needs to, I need a utensil of some kind. So

Clare Solly 5:15
I love this. I love this because it’s like, and I was ready for you to ask it for me back. And like, I love how like you want tangible things to make yourself comfortable. And I’m like, I need to download a meditation because I don’t sleep on airplanes. (Lesley: Oh that’s cool.) So, I download the meditation and I like and whether it’s just sounds or something like that, and I just listened to the meditation and I can put it on repeat and kind of just zen out and it’s almost as good as sleeping.

Lesley Logan 5:40
You are reminding me because I also cannot sleep on plane because I can’t sleep unless I’m laying down and mama (Clare: Yeah) ain’t rich enough for first class yet, but we’re gonna be it till we see it. And so

Clare Solly 5:52
Medicine manifest that.

Lesley Logan 5:54
Manifesting. So what I used to have the calm app since I no longer travel, I deleted that membership, because I would just use it to play Mat Mcconaughey nighttime story. His bedtime story, oh my gosh, when I flew to Brazil, I listened to it five times in a row. And so I’d wake up every time he’d stop talking. I put it back on and I just sleep. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 6:19
Oh my gosh. Well … (Lesley: Like a baby.) since your podcast girl, LeVar Burton reads stories on his, like on his podcast and …

Lesley Logan 6:27
I should just download that. Then I don’t have to get a new app. Genius. Clare, thank you so much. So you, so that’s your essential one thing, you have to have (Clare: Yeah) the meditation.

Clare Solly 6:35
I mean, I need snacks and gum and moisturizer too. But like the meditation app is like the one that I’m like, (Lesley: Yeah) I don’t like to travel more than like an hour flight or two.

Lesley Logan 6:45
You know what? I also find and this is actually I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts it’s all women, they’re talking about rom-coms or something like that, or mo… like oh, no that to me like movie airplane appropriate movies. And like the it was not my favorite female one but it’s in the same companies podcast is called Love It or Leave It. And, and people were like, “Look, you should not be watching your Oscar winning movies on an airplane. You should be watching 90s rom-coms and watching how poorly they age but they put you to sleep and that’s what you should be watching.” (Lesley and Clare laughs) And I’m like, “I do that. I do that actually. I put on the Breakfast Club, Pretty Woman.” It just them like, (Clare: Yeah) “Okay.” (Lesley laughs) Anyways, I do miss it, Brad and my dad, you know, when I talked to them in Singapore, which is like four flights later. I said, “Oh, Singapore Airport has a movie theater.” They’re like, “We’ve seen them all. We’ve seen all the movies.” (Lesley laughs) All right. Well, let’s talk about Jenny Schatzle.

Clare Solly 7:45
Yes, Jenny Schatzle. A woman on fire for changing the conversation around food, body image, the definition of health. Jenny Schatzle decided to change the structure of her gym, got rid of weight, weigh ins, restrictive diets, and instead equipped women to live intentionally and move their bodies with confidence. This conversation was so inspiring for me Lesley, I hope it was ins… as inspiring for you to talk to her as (Lesley: I love her) it was for me to listen to it …

Lesley Logan 8:14
I’m so glad. But I’m so glad you said that because like, you know it can be like not everybody wants to have this conversation. And not everyone’s wants to hear, me to have this conversation with everyone but I do I wanted to bring her on because I really do believe in her mission and her message and when I said on the podcast like when I met her I was like, “This woman is on fire.” She’s like we seen her bio and more people need to hear what she’s doing and she has been she has been some like sometimes my saving grace, her lives make me like her like little lives make me crack up. So, I’m glad you liked it.

Clare Solly 8:49
Yeah, it was so good. Do you have one thing that you loved about talking with her?(Lesley: Yeah) One thing that you brought away from it.

Lesley Logan 8:57
Yeah. I mean there’s so many things we could talk about. Also like please everyone like I did say this in the podcast but scroll back through her like her lives and her reels because when her daughters are playing in their bedroom quietly and she thinks that they are like just being quiet little amazingness girls and she goes in and they use marker all over their faces. And it’s picture day like I kid you not I cry, cry, cry. So anyways, I because I can just like I know that would have been my sister and I so like I know. But aside from all the comedy entertainment and but in the way she’s really just being honest with all of us. I love when she talked about the line between health and obsession and I think this is a fine line. (Clare: Yeah) And I know for myself, just because of the the family I’ve had in my life and because I was picked up … y’all who talked about like the people getting picked up to be a model from a mall. That was me. I was one of those people. And here I was …

Clare Solly 9:57
More than once. Right? (Lesley: More than once.) I feel like … (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 9:58
Yeah. Happen… I know and then I and then I did get picked up at the gym and I did model and, and also all every single one of those times, no matter how much self development I did, every single one of them sent me down a place that wasn’t really, that took health from to obsession, because here I was at 13 being told I needed to lose weight. And then in high school, it happened again. And then actually like after college in my early 30s and I was too skinny for commercial, my commercial agent was like, “You’re too skinny.” And my modeling agents like, “You’re not skinny enough.” And I’m like, “Well, no one’s booking me. So I’m not really sure which way to go.” And so you know, and then because my stomach issues, some things, I thought I was doing the name of health. And then there’s also the, you know, I got all the compliments in the world when I was 25 pounds lighter. And I look at those pictures. And that is not I mean, I’m sure I was pretty, it’s great. It’s fun, it was not though, you can see I’m tired, you can see, like, I am not sleeping, like just all these things. And so I I do feel like I struggled a lot through my 20s and to my mid 30s on health versus obsession. And now somebody asked me yesterday, I was getting a new tattoo everyone. And the woman was like, “How healthy are you?” And I said, “I don’t, I don’t know understand?” She’s like, “Do you drink?” And I said, “Oh, yeah, I drink.” So it was that the line? (Lesley and Clare laughs) But I think it’s like, you know, everyone is wondering what that is? And I think it’s different. I think, I don’t know, I feel like the diff… the definition is what works for you. Like, is it keeping you from going on a trip? Like, can you travel? Can you have a meeting with people at work? Do you have to always bring your own food? You know, I don’t know.

Clare Solly 11:41
Yeah, and I mean, it’s, it’s interesting, too, because she mentioned about how your weight or control of your food was, was a control thing. And, you know, when we’re feeling out of control, we go to our diet and our exercise and try to control that, because that’s something that gets quick results (Lesley: Yeah) that, you know, we can cut something out, or we can add reps in or whatever. And we can, can get control over something like that. And it’s, it’s interesting to watch friends who are on diets or who are working out or in, you know, new workout routines, and you start to lose like that first 10 pounds, that first 20 pounds. And then they just keep going and they go overboard. Like (Lesley: Yeah) like, and it’s, it’s just like, you’re gorgeous, like stop, or, you know, (Lesley: Yeah) like if you don’t feel good, stop.

Lesley Logan 12:32
Well, and there’s so, so many factors to that there is the affirmations that come around with that, there is the maybe you’re not getting results anywhere else in your life, and you’re getting results there. So you just keep going. I think it’s, you know, I think this is where having a, we’ll talk about a little bit later, but having some sort of like journaling practice or having open conversations with friends, and really exploring because the more I got curious about like, why like there be… I remember I remember distinctly going, “Am I, am I still trying to get healthy with my stomach? Or am I, did I switch the goal to the goal switch me,” you know, and so that really required a lot of thought. And then when this guy actually figured what was wrong with my stomach altogether. And I met another holistic doctor, and they were helping me and I was gaining weight, then I had to like actually have like, literally like almost like changing the chair conversation myself where I sat in one chair. And then I sat in another chair. And I sat in another chair because it was really hard for me to know that the weight I was gaining was actually really healthy and assigned that like I am in good health. Like I’m a, I’m doing good versus like the obsession of like keeping the compliments coming, you know, so it’s different. And also, like for sure, as a person in the fitness world, like gaining weight is like something that can be really, that you start to tell yourself a lot of stories. So this is it’s it’s a complicated talking point. And wherever you are on the journey, it’s not something that’s not good or bad. That’s what I think that Jenny was trying to say here, but I really do… well, have you explore like, is it really for the health or did you switch and it can happen in an instant. It’s (Clare: Yeah) not like, you know, so anyways, what is one thing that you love that she said?

Clare Solly 14:25
I loved that she said, and I’m gonna quote her we say things… because I had to rewind and like, it’s like a hit me in the chest. And so I rewind, and I typed it out, like I hope this is exact. We say things because we think others are thinking it and we say it because we want them to know that we know and she was talking about how she had the client who called herself big. And this, oh, I felt a little teary right there. This hit home for me, because like Lesley you know we’ve met we’ve been in (Lesley: Yeah) person so many times. I am six feet tall and I am 282 pounds. If you look at me like from a distance if you look at pictures of me, I don’t look like I weighed almost 300 pounds. I am very well proportioned. I am tall. I am beautiful. I’m I’m a frickin beauty queen. Like I …

Lesley Logan 15:20
I know you are. Did you… she does pageants. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 15:23
I do pageants. I am out in the world and being beautiful. But it took me a long time to get to the point where I, I didn’t relate my size, with big and with my size with being fat because I’m a size 18. (Lesley: Yeah) And on me, it’s it looks different than most people who are of size 18. And I’m not saying anything negative about anybody of any size, because I don’t care what size you are. You’re beautiful. (Lesley: Yeah) Like if you think you’re beautiful, then you are. But this hit me so hard, because I was the person I used to make a joke. And I’d be like, “Yeah, I’m just fat.” And people will be like, “What are you talking about? Like, (Lesley: Yeah) you’re not fat.” Like you’ve said it to me 100 times probably. (Lesley: Yeah) And I had to reform the way I said it because yeah, I was calling it out. I was being like, I was the elephant in the room. And I was saying, “Yeah, here I am.” Um …

Lesley Logan 16:20
Right. So that no one else could like think it and like like, yeah, so like you could just call it out. So then it was like done and then then … Yeah

Clare Solly 16:27
Yeah, or worry about me because I was the bigger one in the room. Like, okay, like, I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable because they think I might be uncomfortable.

Lesley Logan 16:36
Yeah. And but also you saying that as a joke. Part of that maybe it’s because you, I don’t know. Like I don’t put words in my mouth. But I also know so many women I have I have people in my pol… on OPC who do call themselves fat. And I think like, they they are reframing the word. And may we all you know, and I do think it really this is something that’s like really important for all of us to understand, like I have had, I brought Amy Ledin and I brought on some other coaches and Jenny Schatzle at first, I was like, “No good or bad foods or just food.” (Clare: Yeah) And then also like, this is it’s the interesting thing that the media put in, like, how come we knew every models weight, and height and size, right, when they were like modeling, (Clare: Yeah) because you’re six feet tall, there is a size six feet has to be, like (Clare: Yeah) you just like you’ll fall over. And, and so I think like whether or not you feel comfortable, like owning the word right now that fat is fine. Like there’s nothing wrong with that. It is all about us, like really recognizing that we have to change the conversation of how we feel about our bodies, because it is affecting everything we do. And it is affecting the next generation. And so I’m not an expert at this, but I really do want to keep learning it because I my grandmother was over 300 pounds. So I only knew people were on diets. I just thought all women were on diets (Clare: Yeah) my whole life, you know.

Clare Solly 18:06
I mean, that’s sort of our mother’s generation, too. Like our (Lesley: Yeah) mothers and our grandmothers were always on diets. And I think the I think you too said this in this this podcast, like a diet isn’t something, it’s not meant to be a long term. Like it’s, it’s not meant to be …

Lesley Logan 18:21
Yeah. Well, technically a diet is how you eat. (Clare: Yeah) So we’re all on diet of some kind, because it’s like the way you eat. That’s just like the definition that I could recall because I remember I said that I was on gluten free diet to my grandfather and he goes “You’re too skinny to be on a diet” because he only … and like, “No, it just means I can’t have the gluten. That’s just the diet label.” And you know, I think I just remember I don’t recall who said but there’s a book rethinking thin and I when I discovered where the history of the of the female body came from, which is a cartoon character, it really stuck with me. And it also stuck with me when they did these like these studies like on which is kind of diet is better or the you know, what was the one where everyone’s having bacon this before keto was the atkins. (Clare: atkins) Yeah, atkins. Y’all, I know my, I know my diets. I know what my grandma did. And, and, versus just moderation. And I just remember thinking, wow, if they’ve done all this, study all this stuff, and it’s not changing based on the food you’re eating, then there has to be something different. And I really do think it’s how we feel about ourselves, and the conversation we have around what we’re eating, and we have to stop working out as punishment for what we ate too (Clare: Yeah) everyone working (Clare: Yeah) out is it’s own thing. It’s not com… brought in on the food.

Clare Solly 19:41
Yeah, well Jenny even said it’s not the donut. It’s the guilt around the donut. (Lesley: Yeah) So have the donut but don’t feel guilty …

Lesley Logan 19:48
Right? It isn’t so much more freeing. I can’t wait to go have a doughnut… (Clare: Yeah) I don’t have one. Ok whew.

Clare Solly 19:53
Yeah. Well and you know, I gave myself permission a while ago to just eat something like just eat it. If I want it like, I know that I’m not going to go crazy and eat a whole bag of chips, but if that’s what I’m craving, and that’s what my body wants, I’m going to eat a whole bag of chips right now and then I’ll be fine …

Lesley Logan 20:14
… truffle one and also nothing wrong with the chips, right? The chips aren’t good or bad. It’s what you think around them and, and why you’re, you know, like, it’s just information like, why are you grabbing the whole bag? Brad bought some truffle chips, everyone. And I was like, “Oh, I’ll just have one. I just need one.” And I like had I was like, “You better hide the bag, because no one needs as much truffles about …” (Lesley laughs) I was like, “Oh, this is so good, I’m gonna ruin my dinner.”

Clare Solly 20:41
Oh, I love a good truffle. (Lesley: I know) Speaking of Brad, I feel like I should say the thing that Brad usually says at this point. (Lesley: Yeah, here you go.) So let’s talk about the BE IT action items. So what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items (I practice that y’all) can we take away from your conversation with Jenny Schatzle?

Lesley Logan 21:03
Well, why don’t you jump on in. That’s what Brad does.

Clare Solly 21:05
Oh yeah. (Lesley and Clare laughs) We love you Brad. Mine was write it out. I loved how the two of you talked about journaling. And as a longtime listener of this pod. I wanted to jump in and give my thoughts on journalising, journalising.

Lesley Logan 21:25
Journaling. Journalising? Journaling. Oh, that’s a has its own word already. Okay. (Lesley laughs) I thought, I thought we’re like making up a new word, which I love to do and Brad hates. But … (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 21:41
Okay, journaling. Because, you know, you’ve been talking about, how you’ve been doing The Artist’s Way. I did The Artist’s Way, a long, long, long time ago, I’ve been a big fan of journaling forever. And I love that you talked about journaling on this pod so much. But I always want to like shout it to the pod people or to the podcasters, the pod people, I’m making more words. It’s my mudslides that I’m drinking …

Lesley Logan 21:58
Or it’s poddies, right. Like, listen to you and a shout out to all the poddies. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 22:07
All the poddies. You got some poddies on this cast. (Lesley: Yeah) Um, that like, everybody’s like, “What, how do I start journaling?” Or like, the big question when I’m journaling is how do I start? And like, I just remember when I did The Artist’s Way, like, the big thing you do is just keep writing. Like, even if you write the three pages. I hate journaling. Journaling is stupid. I hate journaling. I mean, you don’t want to be negative. But if that’s all you’re writing, just just keep writing it and just … (Lesley: Well, that’s be it it you see it).

Lesley Logan 22:35
That’s be it till you see it. You’re like, “I hate this. I’m doing it because I know I want to write.” (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 22:41
And eventually ideas will start coming. And like I started doing that. And I wrote for two years and ended up writing a novel. So you never know what’s going to come out of it. And again, that’s a very BE IT moment. Right? So just write, who cares what you’re writing. You could write your name over and over and just keep journaling. Anyway, that’s mine …

Lesley Logan 23:01
I love it. I love that one. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone, (Clare: Yeah) my dogs, I’ve got two of four in this room. And for whatever reason, ear flapping and no one likes the way the bed is set up. So … (Clare: That’s okay, you’re single mom this week. It’s fine.) I’m single dog mom this week. It’s real. Everything you’re hearing is real. Yes. And thank you for for explaining that again because I think people really need to hear that. They have to because I was that person whose therapist was like, “You should journal.” And I said, “Okay, no problem. I got a journal.” And then week later, I’m like, “So this journaling thing. What do you do? How do you journal?” And she’s like, (Clare: Yeah. I’m not hater.) “Okay, you are too much of a perfectionist here. You just need to put a pen to the paper.” So like she… shout out to her for calling me out on my stuff. All right, my favorite thing. Okay, this kind of come from the The Artist’s Way stuff that I’ve been doing. But when she said, “Where did you learn that in your body, that your body wasn’t good enough?” (Clare: Oh, yeah) This is a BE IT action item that she said at the end. And you all need to listen to this. And I need to rethink this. And we and maybe you ask yourself that a couple times. And if you’ve already like you’re already like owning the body you’re in like, “Hey, way to go. Sorry that we sound like we’re behind the times. We are working on it. We are works in progress.” And and I love this because whether or not you can just insert it so that you can also insert like where did you learn that you can’t be an entrepreneur? Where did you learn that you can’t be a good mom? Where did you learn that you can’t be a good wife? Where did you learn that you can’t be this? Asking that question of yourself is really going to actually get to the root of the problem because I have found that a lot of the things that I believe, the limiting beliefs I believe are other people’s voices.

Clare Solly 24:41
Yeah. Yeah. Isn’t that crazy? (Lesley: Yeah) Crazy?

Lesley Logan 24:45
Yeah. Yeah. So it’s crazy. And also like, duh, of course that’s where we all are. Everyone is just trying to do their best and sometimes harming others. And so anyways, I feel like please write that question down. She had so many BE IT action items though and Clare and I could probably go on forever because we we did before we hit record. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 25:07
Yeah, we forgot to give people the warning that they should probably turn their speed down to 1, 1.0 for this one. (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 25:13
You know, what? Did you hear that on the Helaine episode, ladies this coming up and gentlemen, I’m sure that if you’re good and listening. My my upcoming guests after the 100th episode, she’s like, “I’m gonna really try to talk slow. So if I sound abnormally slow, I’m going to try to talk slow.” And I said, “Oh, I’m not a good helper for you. I talk fast.” So she’s like, she’s like, “We should probably set a episode. It’s already a set .1 .25. So just adjust accordingly. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 25:13
I mean, I think Brad said it in the recap that y’all did of my of my podcast … Clare laughs) They was like, no, they actually talked about that.

Lesley Logan 25:29
Yeah, yeah, we do. She’s and by the way, everyone we didn’t have the star of the show. We probably should have. Clare Solly, we actually talked about on the episode that came out at the time that we’re recording this, which was … (Clare: 19) Yeah, so you’re episode 19. And we talked about you several times. But especially on the Wild Honey episode, which number I can’t remember, but it has just (Clare: Okay) come out the week of April the fourth. So yeah, okay. How are you going to use these tips in your life my love is like, tell us how you’re gonna do it? Here’s how you do that. You actually screenshot this episode, you tag me, you tag Clare Solly. Clare, what is your Instagram handle? It’s in the show notes. But what it is …

Clare Solly 26:29
It is @youwontbesolly s o l l y. And that’s my Instagram handle. While you w o n t … b e s o l l y. Yeah and tag me. I would love it. Yeah, my challenge for you is to tag us.

Lesley Logan 26:42
Yeah, she just offered you a challenge. So you tag her, tag the @be_it_pod and tag Jenny Schatzle with your BE IT action and takeaway that you’re gonna keep after this episode. And also do like, share this with a friend who needs to hear it. If you have a friend who has been struggling with change in that conversation and how they feel about their body, how they feel about they eat, what they eat. Sometimes it’s hard for you to talk to them, but sometimes like, they’ll hear it from this episode. So share it, text it to them. It’s how this podcast grows. It’s also Jenny gets her message out to more people. So until next time, we’ll catch on the next episode Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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