How to Hone Your Intuition Muscle

Ep. 302 with Lesley & Brad

“(Intuition) is something, if you practice on a consistent basis, then you are way more aware of it.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Revisit the intriguing conversation with Rachel White, host of the Skeptical Shaman podcast and creator of the Totem Tarot deck. This recap episode with Lesley and Brad takes listeners on a fascinating voyage into the world of tarot, intuition, and personal development, dispelling everything from the cult mentality to the myth of a steady profession.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The changing landscape of careers and the diminishing value of traditional job security
  • How to rely on oneself and develop versatile skills
  • Constant learning, growth, and making impactful decisions.
  • The philosophy of learning from failure and applying it to both personal and professional aspects of life
  • Why disconnecting from digital devices enhances mental clarity and creativity.

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Brad Crowell: You know being the head of innovation one of the main things that everyone talks about in that is fail small and fail often so that means you’re trying a new thing and then you’re testing a new thing and you’re seeing is it being received well and if it isn’t, then you change and you try and different new thing and then if it is received well, okay, how can we make it better?

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 1:02
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my cohost in life Brad and I dig into the woo intriguing convo that I had with Rachel White in our last episode. If you haven’t listened to the interview, feel free to pause this now and go back and listen to that one and you’ll find it’s not a woo-woo.

Lesley Logan 1:16
It’s just a one.

Lesley Logan 1:17
It’s a one.

Brad Crowell 1:17
It’s a one woo interview.

Lesley Logan 1:18
One woo interview that’s, you know what, Be It Till You See It. It’s a one-woo interview. Never (inaudible) the name of this.

Brad Crowell 1:19
No, we can’t name the pod that but I love that as a potential name, one-woo interview.

Lesley Logan 1:31
It’s a tagline. We are, we are one-woo interview. Anyways, she’s fucking badass.

Brad Crowell 1:37
Yeah, plus, you married a Brad. Hell, yeah.

Lesley Logan 1:40
You guys, it’s December 14. And if you’re listening to this in real time, and if you’re not, hi, it’s December 14, 2023. This week people talking about back then. I just was listening to

Brad Crowell 1:50
Back then?

Lesley Logan 1:51
Yeah, well, you never know. So like this session. I listen to podcasts, you guys. I fucking love her. I think we’re all friends. Anyways, she read someone’s testimonial, kind of a thing a question. And the girl had listened to every single podcast like four plus years of podcasts in a few months. And she’s like, I just want to celebrate all the highlights you guys have had. So just in case anyone is going back in time. This is what was exciting back then. So it is December 14 of 2023. And that is More Good Today Day.

Brad Crowell 2:26
That’s right. It’s more good today.

Lesley Logan 2:28
I didn’t even know, is that even correct English?

Brad Crowell 2:32
It’s the Day of More Good Today.

Lesley Logan 2:35
Yeah. So the holiday aims to encourage more people to practice kindness and generosity. Jesus Christ, we have to fucking encourage people to be kind and generous. What is the world?

Brad Crowell 2:45
I think it’s a universal, like, you know, call to action is what it really is.

Lesley Logan 2:50
I just It doesn’t it piss you off that we have to have a universal call to action. Can’t we all just first of all, anyone listening to this is already overly kind and overly generous to others and not to yourself. So first of all, more good today you day, like you need to be more good to you today.

Brad Crowell 3:08
For what? I didn’t follow any of that. Honestly not. I’m very shocked that this is the response of the day that I picked. I did not expect this.

Lesley Logan 3:17
Ah I guess I’m just disappointed in human beings that we have to have a holiday that says, hey, aim to aim to

Brad Crowell 3:25
It’s not a holiday. It’s a day that we celebrate a specific thing. Well, it’s from the holiday website.

Brad Crowell 3:33
It’s from the National Day today.

Lesley Logan 3:35
Yeah. And it says the holiday aims to encourage more people to practice kindness and generousity. I guess it’s, technically they are, it’s like pizza at National Pizza Day is a holiday.

Brad Crowell 3:45
But here’s the thing you can create a holiday up on this website.

Lesley Logan 3:48
You know what? We, okay, everyone

Brad Crowell 3:51
Maybe we should create a holiday.

Lesley Logan 3:52
Yeah, first of all, there’s going to be an LL Day. I’m just saying.

Brad Crowell 3:55
There’s gotta already be a Lesley Day spelled E-Y.

Lesley Logan 4:00
Book it up? Let’s find out. Let’s find out. But at any rate, if you are listening to this episode, if you listen this podcast, I promise you we’re already kind of generous. You are. I know our listeners. They are already kind of generous to others. So may you take this as a sign as a holiday to be more in kind and generous to yourself. Okay, thank you. I’m sorry, Brad, if I disappointed you or at least shocked you maybe you know what, we’ve been married eight years. It’s important that we have a little surprise in this life. So you guys, we are somewhere.

Brad Crowell 4:36
So there is a day for a Leslie

Lesley Logan 4:40
but it’s not

Brad Crowell 4:41
happens to be Leslie Gore. Leslie Gore.

Lesley Logan 4:44
Who is that?

Brad Crowell 4:45
I’m pretty sure she’s the it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to singer.

Lesley Logan 4:51
There is a Leslie who sang that song. I didn’t know. Okay, yeah.

Brad Crowell 4:55
It’s my party. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Lesley Logan 5:03
Well, is she alive? We should talk to her. Have her on the pod.

Brad Crowell 5:07
That’d be amazing. I don’t know if she’s alive.

Lesley Logan 5:10
Yeah. Do you see how kind and generous she has been to herself? Because it’s her party and she’ll do it the fuck she wants.

Brad Crowell 5:15
Yeah she’ll do what she wants. I’ll do what I want.

Lesley Logan 5:19
So. Okay, today is

Brad Crowell 5:21
Nope. She died.

Lesley Logan 5:26
I guess we can’t have her on the pod. And that means there is room for a Lesley holiday. So let’s do it because they cannot say there’s already a Lesley holiday because there’s not she’s dead. Anyway. Hi, listener, if you’re still listening to the show. Here’s what’s happening.

Brad Crowell 5:42
My name is Brad.

Lesley Logan 5:43
I’m Lesley Logan. You probably got that already. Um, we are somewhere. We are probably past Cleveland. And on our way to New York. Today.

Brad Crowell 5:54
Today. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 5:55
Today. It felt when I said

Brad Crowell 5:57
Actually, you know what? 13th and 14th. We’re in the Midwest. We haven’t hit Cleveland yet.

Lesley Logan 6:00
I know that on the 13th we are in the middle. Because I just made I just booked a call. And I was like, yeah, CST. Sounds good.

Brad Crowell 6:08
Yeah, actually, we have a day off the 14th. Tomorrow, Cleveland. There’s still tickets, guaranteed.

Lesley Logan 6:14
Well, no, we’re not guaranteeing that.

Brad Crowell 6:17
But there might be tickets.

Lesley Logan 6:18
We’re recording this early.

Brad Crowell 6:18
There might also be tickets and upstate New York, Boston (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 6:24
There could be tickets for the rest of this month we don’t know because we’re recording this early. And a lot of tickets have been sold, selling out. So, is the point of this sentence. It’s to get your winter tickets, just so you know, some people are driving five hours to come to class.

Brad Crowell 6:40
Five hours to come hang out.

Lesley Logan 6:40
So I’m not I haven’t actually talked to the team about this yet. But if I find out who the farthest person is who drove, drove to a thing, if you happened to fly for being there, it’s like lucky, but if you drove you got in the car, and you went out of your way to come on (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 6:41
You chased the van.

Lesley Logan 6:56
You chased the van, I’m gonna get you a fucking sweatshirt make it happen. So hold me to it. You got to make sure you let me know where you’re driving from. But if I find out you flew,

Brad Crowell 7:04
You have to let us know where you’re driving from.

Lesley Logan 7:06
If I found out your your seeing your family already, and it just happened, no, they’ve gotta

Brad Crowell 7:10
be to let us know.

Lesley Logan 7:14
Yeah. Yeah. So also we come back from the tour. I actually go on a little mini vacay with my girlfriends. Shout out to Karina Kelly. They’ve been on the pod and then we kick off elevate. So if you are listening to this now, and at this point, there’s already people who are about to snag some spots. But if you’re listening to this now, and you were a teacher who is exhausted, burnt out and like wishing you were more confident and had time for your own practice, and actually knew the why behind the what eLevate is for you. So you’re gonna go to And you just sign up because I only do one a year. One. And I tell people in that’s it. Don’t beg me in March to join. It’s over. You have to wait for 2025. Period. End of story. Boom. All right. Also. Also, in January, we are opening the doors up to Cambodia.

Brad Crowell 8:06
We are this is like my favorite thing in the world.

Lesley Logan 8:09
If you are on the waitlist you are actually going to be, the doors are opening for you first. So if you’re not on the waitlist, we’re not opening up to you until the waitlist gets their turn. And the waitlist gets the best prize.

Brad Crowell 8:19
Yeah, so actually, you’re gonna get a get a legit hookup like, absolutely worth being on a waitlist.

Lesley Logan 8:26
It’s like $600 off.

Brad Crowell 8:27
It’s like 600 bucks off a ticket. Yep. Yeah. And here’s the deal, y’all. We have a maximum room for 20 people and four spots are already taken. How did that happen?

Lesley Logan 8:39
Well, people asked, like, here’s the deal. If you’re like, I’m going off the grid for January. Get me the fuck on the Cambodia thing, you can get on.

Brad Crowell 8:50
Yeah, just reach out.

Lesley Logan 8:53
If you ask, it’s shocking what you can get. It’s, it’s the most amazing. I didn’t know this. My parents didn’t tell me that if you just ask for things you might get them. No offense. My mom and dad are probably listening. Hi, guys. I’m just gonna say you didn’t ask. You didn’t tell me to ask. You just told me to like get A’s you didn’t tell me to ask and asking is the best policy.

Brad Crowell 9:13
I like it. I like it. Well, seriously, though. It’s, as you all have heard me speak about it 50 times if you’ve heard me talk about it once. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do. And I you know, there’s nothing more.

Lesley Logan 9:29
We’re doing (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 9:31
Yeah, this will be the first time that we’re taking groups on two on one new adventure for sure. We explored a new one and the last one that was a hit. We’re gonna going to include that now on the norm. And Lesley and I went off the grid last time, and we tried out a new experience.

Lesley Logan 9:53
Also it’s an actual water village. I’m just gonna say like the other ones that we’ve been on. There was some floating houses, but it was also it got a little bit touristy. And I don’t like that because it feels like grifting. So I like to actually give back to the people. I like to get back to the actual community. And I think that’s a really important first of all you are, you’re in their household, you are in their land. So it’s okay to learn, but also like we there should be a give back and the grift just didn’t feel like the money was going to the people. So we actually found a new village where there are no tourists. It’s true. It’s true float.

Brad Crowell 9:57
There are no tourist.

Lesley Logan 10:29
Zero. It’s true float. And there’s this incredible shop that we can take you to where you can actually buy what the locals there make so they actually get to work remote. You all, people been working in the water villages remotely for their entire lives. The U.S. and Western countries like we’re working remote. It’s like it’s new. Yeah, these ladies are kicking ass, they have been working remote in their floating houses built like creating water hyacinth products. And we have always brought them to our attendees to see but now we can actually take you to where it’s happening. It’s super, super cool. So we can actually support the actual community in a really big way, which is (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 11:13
Plus we get to see how they live.

Lesley Logan 11:15
You get to see how they live, and, and like, do y’all know that the cats are also on the floating houses?

Brad Crowell 11:21
They have gardens on floating, on the boats.

Lesley Logan 11:23
Well, here’s the thing where do cats and dogs go in the bathroom? This is my big question. I’m just wondering, at any rate, they are there, there was kittens this last time and we went into an over 100-year-old temple. You cannot drive to it. You can only float to it. Yeah. So anyways.

Brad Crowell 11:40
Come join us.

Lesley Logan 11:43
Four spots are done. That’s 1/5.

Brad Crowell 11:46 with a S on the end to get on the waitlist and get the info about that hookup in January.

Lesley Logan 11:53
In January. My birthday. It’s for my birthday. It’s my gift to you. More gifts for you today. Apparently, on the LL Day. Let’s do it. Okay, let’s make my birthday the LL Day.

Brad Crowell 12:04
The LL Day.

Lesley Logan 12:05
Yeah. Um, before we go into our interview with the amazing Rachel, the skeptical shaman. Skeptical. Skeptical. How do you say it?

Brad Crowell 12:13
You got it.

Lesley Logan 12:14
Skeptical? Sounds like it’s missing a syllable, Shaman. Um, we are going to answer an audience question.

Brad Crowell 12:21
We are, it’s going to be a good one. All right, Lesley, what Pilates exercise are you currently working on?

Lesley Logan 12:30
Oh, I love this. So we got tagged because this amazing human was working on their big twist teaser off the window chair on the window chairs not off of it, you should stay on, important. And they were like your videos of helping me. And I was like, Oh, my God. That’s amazing. And I say what Pilates exercise are you working on? And I was like, Oh, that’s so fascinating. And I think it’s important you hear a whole answer, which is a little long and short. I oftentimes stop working, I stopped doing an exercise I’m working on to work on it. So for example, my my answer to your question was, this particular week, I am actually incorporating more headstands and handstands in my practice. So there are some headstands on the reformer. And there’s a hands down the ladder barrel. And I haven’t, I took the whole summer off of those exercises, to do other things in the Pilates repertoire, to ready my body for them. So this is something I go over with eLevators and OPC members all the time is that practicing an exercise you can’t do over and over again is just gonna make you pissed off. It just is like it’s if you’re not good at something, doing it over and over again isn’t gonna make you go up slain, it’s gonna make you feel like shit. So what I do is actually take a break from an exercise that I’ve been really trying to find a new connection to. And I look at all the exercises that could be in that exercise. And then I do those, and then I come back to it. So I’m proud to say that this week at the time of recording, I’m slaying my headstands and my handstands because I took the summer off from them and I did exercises that would build that strength and stamina up.

Brad Crowell 14:17
This is my philosophy too, y’all, take some time off.

Lesley Logan 14:20
Brad’s been taking his so much time off to ready his entire Pilates practice.

Brad Crowell 14:25
I usually take off nine months at a time. I’m gonna come back, I’m gonna baby come back for one week. I’m like, amazing.

Lesley Logan 14:33
Have this Pilates baby over here. So anyways, too, so that was what I was working on. At this moment. Now that we are on tour, I only have access to my mat and my reformer and my winter chair, which is still a lot compared to most, but it’s inconsistent. And so what I’m actually focusing on is I have a tendency for my pelvis to be a little bit unstable because I have a hypermobile back especially my lower back, and something that’s been pissing me off my yoga practice is I still can’t do a handstand 15 fucking years later. So, but also one of the headstands in Pilates is I’m not doing well because my pelvis is unstable. So I am working on I hate saying stabilizing my pelvis because that’s a terrible cue, so don’t use it. What I am working on is strengthening my center so that it stabilizes my pelvis because your pelvis should move people. It’s just that it should move because you moved it and not on its own. So anyways, to answer your question, every day is a different day. And it really depends on what I’m doing. But I tend to avoid the exercise I’m working on and instead, work around it and then check back in.

Brad Crowell 15:49

Lesley Logan 15:49
You should do that too.

Brad Crowell 15:50
That’s a great way to do it. I dig it.

Lesley Logan 15:53
If you have questions you want a weird answer to I’m really good at it. You should write them into the Be It Pod. We like to be honest and direct at the same time.

Brad Crowell 16:02
We’re really good at that. Okay, now let’s talk about Rachel White. From hosting the Skeptical Shaman podcast to creating the Totem Tarot Deck, Rachel offers a grounded perspective on spiritual exploration and how to use your intuition muscle.

Lesley Logan 16:20
Yeah, so guys, I was she had me at Skeptical, skeptical. Can I not say this? Am I saying it wrong?

Brad Crowell 16:28
You’re saying it correct. But you’re second guessing yourself. It’s not like skeptacular. It’s skeptical. You got this.

Lesley Logan 16:34
Skeptical Shaman. You guys I maybe there’s like my second grade self, which was like send a speech therapy is like traumatically coming back. The Skeptical Shaman. She had me at that because I was like, okay, hold on a minute. Also, like, I have a hard time when anyone calls himself a shaman. Like, yeah, I’m like, are you like, but anyways, we don’t get into it. Um, so I read her stuff. And I was like, oh, fuck, yeah, I’m in. Right. And she’s also I love her. She’s direct. And she’s honest. And she doesn’t smoke her own shit. She like is like literally like,

Brad Crowell 17:10
She’s corporate AF. Like, she sat down. I saw her sitting there. And I was like, I think I’m in a board meeting before the pod started. And then I listened to her talk. And I’ve I’ve

Lesley Logan 17:22
You were not in a board meeting.

Brad Crowell 17:23
No, it wasn’t meeting after listening to her. And I but I but what I I was laughing because that’s she clearly has both sides of the coin. Right? And so we jokingly refer to it as one woo. You know, we’re not woo-woo, we’re just one woo. And so I really appreciated her approach because her her skepticism

Lesley Logan 17:47
That’s a great word. I’m gonna use that one.

Brad Crowell 17:51
Wow. All right. We’re just learning new vocab words over here. Her skepticism. I appreciated it. A lot. You know, listening to her. Talk about control. Listen to her talk about using How do you use? What are tarot cards? How do you use them? How do they impact your life? Like listen to her talk about okay, not knowing the answer. I was like, fuck yeah, this is amazing.

Lesley Logan 18:18
I love that you say tarot like we’re renting a car from someone. They’re tarot cards.

Brad Crowell 18:23
Tarot, tarot cards. What did I say?

Lesley Logan 18:26
You said tarot, which is like how you rent a car from someone. Yes, you did. Oh, replay this back. Anyways, um, I so okay. One of my favorite things we talked about was like, I think we brought up like, I was like, the cult thing got in there. She’s like, if anyone tells you this is the only way it’s like, run the fight. I was like, I’m in, already loving you. But I do love that she has had a whole life and career. Yeah, in the non-woo world. Because I think it actually allows her to take her intuition. And then also work with people who live in that world. Like, not everyone gets to, like, you know, do tarot cards all day.

Brad Crowell 19:12
Well, she talked about at the beginning, she said, I always consider myself open-minded. So that mean meant I had to be willing to learn about something that I wasn’t familiar with. And so I think that was kind of the beginning of what took her down the path that she’s in today. Yeah. And I agree.

Lesley Logan 19:28
Yeah. So anyways, so many thanks.

Brad Crowell 19:31
Great things.

Lesley Logan 19:32
There’s you guys go just go to the full episode. Especially like if you’re like I’m not into tarot, you guys, you don’t have to be in a taro. We’re not. But I draw card all the time.

Brad Crowell 19:41
Yeah, we got our deck, right.

Lesley Logan 19:42
Yeah, we totally got our deck.

Brad Crowell 19:43
Yeah it’s super cool.

Lesley Logan 19:44
I actually really love it because it’s simple and easy. Yeah, you draw the card. I just draw a card today. Like I’m like, What is the thing like she said in the podcast, like just draw a card and then like, see how the day happens and then you can, it kind of goes into honing that muscle of like you pick up on things because it goes back to The reticulating activating RAS, RAC, our reticular activating system, where your, your brain picks up on evidence for which you wish to be true. And so it’s so fun is I have her deck and I have another deck that I love. And I’ve been alternating between the two. And it’s so fun. I don’t

Brad Crowell 20:20
or it’s cool because it’s got the book, a little booklet and the booklet explains what the card means, you know,

Lesley Logan 20:25
And she’s working on another deck

Brad Crowell 20:29
For me, you know, not really understanding tarot cards

Lesley Logan 20:34

Brad Crowell 20:37
The, you know, using these cards, it’s interesting, because it’s kind of like a, it’s an inflection reflection on the day. You know, like, because we’ve done it at the in the evening. It’s been cool. It’d be like, hot, you know, how did that play out for me today?

Lesley Logan 20:53
I actually pulled them in the morning sometimes, and I put them on the phone charger, that doesn’t work. And I just set them there so I can see them. And I love to pull them when

Brad Crowell 21:01
It does work, y’all, she just doesn’t know how to use it.

Lesley Logan 21:05
I also can’t say skeptical, but it’s fine. Um, so So anyways, I pulled I look at them because sometimes I don’t have all the time in the world to journal in the morning. And have drawing a card allows me to contemplate on things and think about it. So when I see it, it’s kind of like I’m in air quotes journaling in my mind all day on like on the thing. So it was her cards are great, you gotta get them. But let’s go back to what she said. Yeah. Okay. So she said this is so this like, made my life. She said, what she does now is more a steady career. So she was talking about the myth of the steady, reliable, safe job is not safe anymore. She is correct you all so this is why I really enjoy this podcast. It’s for everybody. But what she does now meaning she works for herself, she works for herself. And whether or not you think her reading Tarot cards to people is safe or not. Let me just tell you, we talked about this in the episode. For sure Brad and I on any given day, I can rally and depend on ourselves more than I could depend on the stock market more than I can depend on the people I voted in office. More than I can depend on my loved ones. We

Brad Crowell 22:15
Yeah, we can depend on my job that I used to have.

Lesley Logan 22:18
They you used to have, yeah, I was in retail, I was making the store in 2008. When I became a plies instructor, you should know that in 2007, when I took over a store tour of our counter, I should just say was a counter. I transferred from the store that I was doing 1.3 million in sales to a countertop, which was had never broken a million ever. And in the start of the recession, it broke a million dollars. And even then my job wasn’t safe. And guess what had I stuck around through 2010 By the end of 2010, I would have been fired. So because it doesn’t act didn’t matter that was a fucking badass salesperson, boss, manager, retail person that I had a Rolodex of clients who would just spend money when I asked like, Hey, here’s these new things. I didn’t work for me and I didn’t make the business’s decisions. And I did not make the decision on where the store is going to be or what sales we’re going to do like none of that. And today, I feel like we are more safe than we’ve we’ve ever been. Yeah, so. So I really love that she brought that up because whether or not you want to learn about Tarot or shamanism, that is a great takeaway. So I really love that. She also said, listening to your intuition is a really smart move, but you have to develop the muscle first.

Brad Crowell 23:35
Yeah, this is interesting to me, because I feel like just using the word intuition has, like, it’s a double Whoo. But if you just tear That’s fucking terrible. Wait for it. If you just switch to the word gut, it’s a one. Well, it’s the same fucking thing. But it’s just the it’s like the way that we perceive it. You know what I mean? We’re honestly, you know, to understand

Lesley Logan 23:58
Who I want to know, who made us think that intuition is bad and gut is okay. Just feels like I know, you know? Well, your your intuition is fucking badass. But you do have to develop listening to it. Yeah. And you also have to, it’s a it’s a muscle. And she actually gave a great example, because her husband is a chef. Yeah. And she said, if her husband doesn’t work on his knife skills regularly, he loses his knife skills, right. So the same goes with your intuition and your gut. And I totally agree with this. Because I’ll think back sometimes, like, in April of 2020, our intuition, my gut was like, Buck. Yeah, this is what we’re doing. Yeah, to the point where like, even you never doubted me. But you’re like, we can’t do this. I’m like, we’re doing it. Like it was like, this is the line. And we’re doing it because my intuition is so on point. And, thankfully, you humor me, but it was true, but like sometimes, like what happened to that gut instinct. It’s like, oh, I stopped listening to it. I stopped doing my gut. checks throughout the day. And so she gave us some really good tips on honing that skill and developing that muscle because it’s possible that you just got too busy and you stop checking in with it.

Brad Crowell 25:12
Yeah. And, you know, I think that it’s interesting to know when to be tuned in, you know, honestly, it’s something if you practice on a consistent basis, then you are way more aware of it. Right. But if you’re under stress, you’re feeling a lot going on in your body. Like all that, like, like, in a in a certain moment, right? It actually might just cause fear instead of like, like, awareness.

Lesley Logan 25:43
Competence, or like direction.

Brad Crowell 25:45
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I just remember, I remember the day being at my job, my corporate job, where I realized, like, something is wrong here, you know, and, and, and that didn’t, you know, that didn’t sit well with me. But it was like, I didn’t pay attention to it. And it wasn’t until like, the fucking place was basically burning down, metaphorically, that it was like, I gotta get out.

Lesley Logan 26:09
You know, what’s interesting, we did that one thing on mindset a couple weeks ago, we’re gonna have the person on the show. Might have to ask him, I’m sure he’ll say yes. But he was talking with the feather, and the brick, and the truck. And like, when you had that, oh, something’s wrong here. And that was a feather. It was like a little feather touch. Yeah. So is your intuition going? High. But sometimes we don’t listen. And then you have to get hit by a brick. Yep. And then some people don’t like to listen to bricks, and they wait for the truck to hit them. But anyways, you waited, you listened. So you know it, but it’s a muscle and it’s can be scary to listen to it. Because it can be unknown. Typically, it is like, yeah, so Anyways, you guys have to listen. It was so good.

Brad Crowell 26:55
Yeah. So I really loved when she talks about, you know, like this, like, how do you listen to your intuition, and then allowing that to be like, in both your personal and professional aspects of your life? Like I’ve mentioned this before, but my ex was very empathetic. Right? And it was a she had empathy was her strength, oh, empathetic, empathetic, right. So she had this intuition that she was connected to other people, in a weird way, when they would come into the room, she could pick up on things that they were emoting, even if they weren’t saying it, right. And we would leave a meeting or whatever, and she says, something is wrong here, or I really trust this person or stuff like that. And, and I, you know, throughout the time that we were together, I began to realize this is powerful, like she actually is tuned in to this really, really well. Right. And so it was something that I began to, to pay attention to. And I think that we can also do that, you know, to ourselves with our ourselves. I mean, one thing that Rachel said that like shifting away from following your gut, she talked about her corporate job, she was the head of innovation at a company. And she said, one thing that she found really fascinating is that you can’t, it’s not always if something happens in a way that is successful, it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to be able to reproduce that success. Right?

Brad Crowell 28:38
She said, a lot of success can just never be recreated. And, and what I what I thought was interesting about that is, I don’t know, I feel like, the idea is you have to be constantly learning. And in the same way, when you’re checking your gut, you need to be constantly learning and staying tuned in, right? Because from from a company perspective, to me, this is like, obvious, because we have tried, we’ve had major success with some things, and then we try to go do it again. And then bam, it doesn’t work. And you’re like, what the hell it worked last time. Why didn’t it work this time? Right. And so we have to constantly be changing, shifting and growing learning from it. And I think that’s, if you can apply that same concept to, you know, your friend group, the people that you hang out with all the time, you know, you know, like taking a step back and looking at it objectively, your family members, even the relationships, like your relationship, you know, is it still healthy, all this kind of stuff? It’s, you know, we need to keep learning. We need to keep assessing and learning just to move things on. But one thing I really loved was she she talked about, Rachel talks about trusting her gut with this flower business that this flower essence business.

Lesley Logan 29:55
I love it. Also that word essence can get to wounds but you know what?

Brad Crowell 29:58
Yeah, no, it’s like an oil, essence. Like it’s a

Lesley Logan 30:02
And there’s science around it.

Brad Crowell 30:03
Yeah, yes. 100% I don’t think there’s anything about like essence, right. But the, you know, she began to grow flowers because she needed to get outside during COVID. And then she had this moment of like, oh, that, you know, I’m getting great feedback from what I just did as a hobby. And I should move forward with this, I should go with this, even though she had pushback from people in her life, who were like, What are you doing? Why are you doing this? You have this amazing job over here, you know, and she decided to keep going with it anyway. And, you know, it was a good thing that she did, you know, as it turned into a full blown business.

Lesley Logan 30:41
I love that. And there’s some things that like, I like, I look back at my life, and like the decisions I’ve made that I’m like, wow, that was hugely impactful. Like, that was one of the that like, change the trajectory of like, my life when I made that decision. And every single time there was people give me pushback, and doubting. When I was moving to LA, I had a ton of people, I think do when I was going to teach Pilates. Like it’s a recession. And I’m like, I’m busy. On to say, like, right, I have to quit my job because I can’t do both. When I left my ex people like, Are you short, like, sure house all these things? And what I’ve decided is that anytime that the like, it’s not my when my there’s a few people whose opinions that matter that I like when they give me pushback, I’m like, I pause before I hit go. But if it’s not those people that hear me push back, I’m like, It’s a fucking green light. Thank you so much for helping me get my thank you for letting me know this idea of ever done. Because people are just making decisions or making comments based on their fears and their own their own filtration system. It’s not with you in mind, and it’s not personal. It’s not harsh. So I love that she got pushed back, but also went through it anyways, because it is a sign that she like, was like there’s something here here like she like it’s hitting her gut, but it’s also hitting her mind. And like it’s talking to her. And it turned out to be a really great decision for her.

Brad Crowell 32:05
Yeah. And also, I don’t think it was like a huge buy in, you know, when she first was getting started. And because she talked about, you know, being the head of innovation, the one of the main things that everyone talks about in that is fail, fail small and fail often. So that means you’re trying a new thing, and then you’re testing your new thing. And you’re seeing is it being received well, and if it isn’t, then you change, and you try and different new thing and then if it is received well, okay, how can we make it better?

Lesley Logan 32:30
You know, hold on, just repeat that

Brad Crowell 32:33
Fail small and fail often? Yep.

Lesley Logan 32:38
Rachel, if you’re listening, you need a shirt. That’s great. That should be a tarot card.

Brad Crowell 32:43
Yeah. She actually said fail small, fail early and fail often. Yeah, that’s what she said.

Lesley Logan 32:51
That’s three fails. That’s great. I love a threesome.

Brad Crowell 33:01
We’re just gonna leave it at that. All right, so finally, let’s talk about those be it action items what bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items. Can we take away from your convo with Rachel White?

Lesley Logan 33:11
I’m jumping in first. Yes, you are strict, full digital. Digital. Wow, I need to go back to speech therapy. Strict fold digital detox. She is taking a very strict digital detox one day a week from everything that I gotta be honest. I do hours on an every day. Also Brad knows because he’ll call and like, just doesn’t come through. So I hours every day but I don’t have never done I’ve never had a full day when we’re not on a plane and then I’m still watching the TV so like this is a challenge for me. I am taking on and 2024 I’m not gonna say it’s one day a week but I’m going to try first because you guys to habits you start small. So I’m going to start with small fail early fail often. So I’m going to start with a small I’ve already done full a few hours nail that. I’m going to go for half a day and I’m not going to

Brad Crowell 34:08
you also have at one point had an A night routine where the phone was in the other room.

Lesley Logan 34:12
Yeah, well you know you want I’m just gonna blame it on fucking Gaia. Love her. Love you. I can’t help you. You don’t wake up when she barks. So I have the phone back in the room. But I want to I want to get back to all mornings all night. That is a goal. But in the meantime since like I I love her and I’m not wishing her death come early. I am going to try to get you a half a day like why can’t Saturday be a good portion of the day without the phone like after I come back from the gym. I’m at home so anyways, I’m gonna try. That’s a that’s a dedication. So about a few hours to get to celebrate that then I’ll add on because that’s a habit to me. I think it’s genius.

Brad Crowell 34:54
Well, here’s one thing I appreciate about digital detox is that you’re actually giving your brain time to think, you know, and I started to notice this about two or three years ago, when I got really involved in podcasts and news and you know, all things, I was never really a huge TV junkie, I enjoy a good movie, I enjoy TV show, but I’m not sitting there just watching TV all day. But I listen to podcasts like it’s my job. Right and, or books even. And so, at any given moment, I’ve got my headphones in, and I’m listening to something like if I, if I have to get up and go let the dog in, I’m listening to something, I’ll turn it on. If I have to go, I’m gonna go make lunch, I’m going to turn it on. If I’m like, There’s no moment where I’ve given myself that reprieve. And what I realized is, after the after years of doing this, is that I never have creative time anymore, because I don’t give my brain anytime for like mulling things over. It’s always input input input.

Lesley Logan 36:00
Yeah, which by the way, integration? No, sorry. information without integration is constipation.

Brad Crowell 36:06
Yes. Yes. It is. Well, yeah, so I think that’s a that’s probably a good habit to, to, you know, begin to explore. My biggest takeaway was really interesting. She said, listen, when you saying yes to everything all the time, you’re inadvertently also saying no, to things that you’re not even thinking about? Again, it goes back to not giving your time, your brain space to innovate, to be that creative person, but you know, you are, you’re always actually saying no to things when you’re tight when you’re saying yes to something else. You know, and you don’t even know what you’re saying no to. And so because we all have, you know, we don’t have infinite time. You have to prioritize, right? Yeah, one thing that always intrigued me about Google was the 8020 approach, where four days of the week, they are like, here’s the here’s your job that we hired you to do, and you need to do that job. But that fifth day of the week, is your time to explore and play and be creative. And out of that fifth day of the week came amazing tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, like all these massive tools that are now like the staple of how we think about Google came from the free time. So but you know, what comes you know, what can come from allowing yourself that space? And, you know, same thing like over committing yourself, you’re saying no to everything else. So yeah, just thought it was great. I think it’s a great reminder and sit down and just talk talk talk with Rachel forever.

Lesley Logan 37:51
I know, Rachel, hi. We hope to see you in a couple weeks. But also, I just, I think that a lot of times you hear like a shaman or a tarot reader or something like that. And you just like, immediately think, oh, my gosh, they live on a white cloud in a white room. And they just, you know, speak some things. She has lived a regular full life, and she is translating things that you actually have access to that cost no money costs $0 to gut check yourself. So you don’t even have to get a tarot card to do that. Like you can just, you can practice with that. And I thought it was really cool. So listen to her episode, because she does explain how that goes. And I’m so grateful for you. Yeah. Thank you so much for being here. 302 Wow. Oh, my gosh, how did that happen? Anyways, you are amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening and how are you going to use these tips in your life where you want to know tag Rachel, tag the Be It Pod. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 38:50
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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